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Please be at peace.  Great saints have begged to live in these times.  God chose you to walk through these special days.  You have been prepared from the moment of your birth for a purpose that only you can fill.  The path upon which you are embarking is blessed by God. 

Genesis 3:15, the "seed of the woman" is a Messianic prophecy which foretold the Messiah would be born of a virgin, since men are the ones who produce the seed. That was actually the first Messianic prophecy in all the Bible and can be taken literally.

"The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined."  Psalm 10:2

"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." I Peter 3:10

"And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth." Isaiah 2:19

"And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?"  Revelation 6:15-17

August  18 - September 19, 2021








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Aug 15 The Blessed Mother and the 2 Mysteries of the Assumption

Prophetic dreams: What do they mean and how to identify them

Cats Show Their Humans Who’s Boss in These Priceless Photos

Satan’s War on the Priesthood Exorcism that occurred in 1978: The unfortunate woman involved was possessed not only by evil spirits, but also by several damned souls in hell forced to do Satan’s bidding. One of these was a 17th century cleric from southern France  At one of the exorcism sessions he was forced, by the Will of God, to reveal to the exorcist not only the reasons for the loss of his own soul, but also the spiritual dangers especially threatening priests today, and how the devil tries to weaken and corrupt priestly vocations.
Aug 16

The Amsterdam Apparitions (judged not 'supernatural'): Where Are We Now?

Bible Code in Genesis hints at Gog and Magog war against Russia this Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles)

Federal Judge Orders Biden Admin to Bring Back Trump's Remain-in-Mexico Immigration Policy

Depopulation Agenda Exposed 12 Years Ago

Catholic Archbishop of Dublin says belief in Ireland has ‘vanished’

Mum-to-be spots ‘guardian angel’ in pregnancy scan after suffering three miscarriages

Brevard school bus driver says 'guardian angel' helped her save toddler found wandering outside alone

Mum finds 'guardian angel' who saved son after appeal

Readers: I wanted to include the above uplifting links about lovingly rescuing children after carrying the Michael Valva stories this weekend.


Aug 17

Chinese state media sends 'ominous' warning to Taiwan after U.S.'s Afghanistan exit

Another Great Holy Water Story

St. Anthony of Padua encouraged his followers to pray a Three Hail Mary Novena for their intentions

Exorcist Diary #151: A Witch's Power

Aug 18 Plague of word-wide wildfires part of Elijah's prophecy

PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL: US Embassy in Kabul Was Celebrating Pride Month as Taliban Launched Final Campaign to Retake Country

Why St. Thomas the Apostle is the patron saint of Afghanistan
Aug 19

The Taliban is killing people in Afghanistan they find with copies of the Bible on their mobile phones, a Christian non-profit denounced on Tuesday.  

Taliban demands U.S. withdraw all troops, gives a humiliating Sept. 11 deadline (20 years to the day!) Biden is the evil tool. But it's America's steadfast, obstinate refusal to heed the call and repent of abortion, abhorrent sexual perversions, porn, and witchcraft and turn to God that started 20 years ago. Taliban mocks us with this date. 

Nobody In This City of 30,000 Has Ever Been Divorced — Here’s Their Secret

Vexation, Obsession, & Possession: The Extraordinary Ways the Devil Attacks

Marian Apparitions — The Many Faces of Our Blessed Mother

This never before seen video reveals the miracle of life in the womb  3 min


Aug 20 She heard a name reverberating on a million lips down through the millennia.
What was the Dream of Pilate's Wife?

The mRNA vaccines are not working well. If you are vaccinated, no more shots. There are natural remedies available. Medicinal Plants urged by the Blessed Mother.

The messages from heaven about the vaccine. Link The Blessed Mother to Gisella Cardia on April 18, 2020: “Dear children, fight for your freedom: you are about to be enslaved by evil dictators. Beware of vaccines and all obligations, because they will not come from God, but from Satan who wants to govern your lives and minds.”

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria on April 25, 2020: “Beloved People of God, man is suffering terror in the antechamber of the continued mutations of the manufactured virus, until the evil that has created it is unmasked.”

Our Lord Jesus to Luz de Maria on Jan. 12, 2021: “Human beings are being cornered by global power, which sullies human dignity, leading people to great disorder... At this very difficult time for humanity, the attack of diseases created by misused science will continue to increase, preparing humanity so that it would voluntarily request the mark of the beast, not only in order not to become sick, but to be supplied with what will soon be materially lacking, forgetting spirituality due to a weak Faith. The time of the great famine is advancing like a shadow over humanity that is unexpectedly facing radical changes...”

Private anonymous vision via private correspondence Jan 2021: God, Our Father, has shared so much with me, I am still awestruck in shock. He designed and created our DNA. He does NOT want me to take the new vaccine, it alters our RNA, has something to do with our DNA. I saw a picture of it, kind of like revolving in a black background that looked like eternal space. I am not a chemist, or biology person. But it is very complex and He created it. He does not want it disturbed, that was very clear. He said there are natural alternatives to the vaccine that He has provided for us. They have already been discussed. He has provided the earth for us in abundance.

The Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla, January 14, 2015: Study, prepare yourselves, scrutinize and know that which you believe to be far away or impossible for man’s understanding. Nourish yourselves with knowledge; you are being poisoned slowly and without your awareness, not only by the things you eat, but also by means of vaccines prepared in laboratories with the only purpose of causing serious illnesses in the human organism in order to eliminate it

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on March 16th, 2021: My children, thank you for being here in prayer. Children, I come again to warn you and to help you not to make mistakes, avoiding what does not come from God; yet you look around in confusion without realizing the dead that there are, and that there will be on earth — all because of your obstinacy in only listening to human decisions. Many times I have told my children to be careful regarding vaccines, yet you do not listen.

Aug 21

Naval Academy expels 18 after online exam cheating probe. U.S. Naval Academy officials announced Friday that 18 midshipmen have been expelled and another 82 sanctioned after an investigation into cheating on an online physics exam in December. Don't you wish that our bishops, and seminaries had the character and probity demanded of our future Naval officers??  Would Pope Francis  criticize the Navy for being too 'rigid' and 'inflexible'?. Low standards of for future leaders have consequences: perversion, compromise, fraud, cover-up and corruption as the link below shows

Our chaotic Afghan exit: Last straw before God's judgment?

Shocking New Study Reveals Covid ‘Vaccines’ Do Permanent Damage to 62% of Recipients  Story carried on this website last month

I bring this up to point out there is power in prayer. Yet it's one of the things that we fail to take advantage of as often as we should


Aug 22

Get Down on Your Knees! Let St. Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church, teach you the power of prayer.

Mainstream Media Finally Gives A Platform To Scientists Speaking Out Against Biden’s Push For Booster Jabs At this point, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Biden Administration plan to provide COVID-19 booster shots before the FDA even has a chance to sign off isn’t actually based on any actual “science”. And some of the mainstream scientists are starting to speak up about it, opening themselves up to the possibility that their posts might be purged by Big Tech “misinformation” censors.

Hell and God's Mercy

The Miracle Worker of Ars

True prophecies
Every word counts
Operates on several levels of understanding
Simple but complex
Often biblical
Open to interpretation
Short (economy of language) so watch rambling
Dates described in terms of accompanying events. Avoids specific date setting

Aug 23

God's Choice 

Biden Administration supinely surrendered to a country out of which jihadi terrorists emerged to bring down the Twin Towers and hit the Pentagon. It is difficult to see how President Biden dares to show his face at Ground Zero on the 20th anniversary of that deadly attack in which 3000 Americans lost their lives. Link

Taliban fighters wearing US gear mock iconic WWII image of Marines raising American flag on Iwo Jima: 'The humiliation continues'

Exorcist Diary #152: The 70/30 Rule in an Exorcism

Aug 24

As Towers Fell, a Question Arose Ultimately, the mystery of evil is only answered, only overcome, by the even greater mystery of God.

We Have a Holy Queen on Our Side

Taliban going door-to-door executing Christians Frontier Alliance International, a global Christian missionary organization, released a statement last week stating that the Taliban in Afghanistan is going door-to-door, searching for Christians and executing them. The Taliban has a hit list of known Christians they are targeting to pursue and kill.

God's Miraculous Presence

Jovan Pulitzer Reveals It’s Not the ‘Watermarks’ on the Ballots – It’s Better

Aug 25

A text we read in the Liturgy of the Hours this week (from Isaiah Ch. 9) also reveals  God’s wrath as a hand pointing out our iniquity. 

Protestant wears his Miraculous Medal after running the story of Claude Newman

Claude Newman was actually a thief and murdererThe reporting priest greatly embellished the story. But Jesus' incredible Divine Mercy is true. Story was checked out when Newman was considered for sainthood.

Based upon several sources Biden has evacuated to the US Afghani who have refused to fight for their country before thousands of trapped American who have bleed and died there.  With Biden unless the press is closely watching, Americans are always last!   Link

The story of the German geologist  who identified Eichmann in Argentina.  A bishop actually contacted the Mossad 
Several spiritual issues may be at play here. Firstly, Only sovereign nations have the right to execute war criminals. Israel was being assailed in the UN in 1960 for its intentions regarding Eichmann. She was still not a sovereign nation but considered "undeveloped". It sat at the table of unrecognized powers in the UN. Golda Meir emphatically stated Israel had every right to adjudicate Eichmann, a man responsible for the murder of millions and no nations would deter her. Russia agreed and the Israeli delegation got up and moved to the table of recognized powers. This was in 1960 when Israel was 12 years old. Essentially, Israel Bar Mizvahed on that date, right on time, in accordance with God's promise to restore Israel.

Finally, when the plane carrying Eichmann landed, the world's most powerful EQ ever recorded struck in Chile as if to detonate monstrous evil. 

Aug 26

After 20 years, a stolen Bible finds its way home

Infant survives for days on top of dead mother’s body by gnawing on hand, grandmother says

He Raised His Hands to Heaven  Understanding that death is a physical, emotional and spiritual experience, and timing is everything.

Praying with Pencil in Hand

The Miracle That Woke Me Up to God

Infant survives for days on top of dead mother’s body by gnawing on hand, grandmother says

20 Skills Every Man Should Have

Aug 27

A must see (8 mins). Explains the numerous negative vaccine outcomes which the public perceives as vaccine failures. Note: vaccines do not cause autism

Alone in the sky, pilot and fiancee save 17 in Tenn. flood Nashville helicopter pilot Joel Boyers had prayed for God to show him his life had meaning just days before the phone call came

Gisella – Be Strong, Cling to Jesus

Aztec manuscript dating back 500 years details 12 earthquakes from the 15th and 16 centuries and is the first written evidence of seismic activity in the Americas 

Priceless must  see: Moment daughter who hadn't seen her mother in 18 months because she was trapped in Doha surprises her by dressing up as a WAITRESS and bringing her drinks at her local pub

Aug 28

A US Navy sailor survives off of Guadalcanal thanks to a life belt with a remarkable connection to home  

 Cupich Forbids Hail Mary, St Michael Prayers At The End of Mass

After a long debate, The Senate approved with 68–32 votes a budget of $250 billion to continue with the controversial creation of hybrid beings by mixing human and animal genetic material. Let's see how strong Ida gets for just retribution

OSHA drops BOMBSHELL: Employers who mandate covid vaccines may be held liable for “any adverse reaction”

Nobel Laureate Warns: COVID Vaccine is Creating Variants For more than a year, French virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier—recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)—has exposed the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines. He reveals that epidemiologists recognize but are “silent” about the phenomenon known as “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” that is currently driving the pandemic. Joining the handful of experts brave enough to speak up and share their professional knowledge, Montagnier refers to the massive vaccine campaign as an “unacceptable mistake.

After a long debate, The Senate approved with 68–32 votes a budget of $250 billion to continue with the controversial creation of hybrid beings by mixing human and animal genetic material. Let's see how strong Ida gets for just retribution

Aug 29

Should Laymen Defend the Church? Could They Criticize Priests & Bishops?

'I went to Heaven,' says 10-year-old after returning from 'death'

YouTube Cracks Down on Prayer: Videos Removed if People ‘Pray’ for Covid Healing in Place of Medical Treatment Google-owned YouTube has wandered into a whole new territory of censorial practice in its attempt to limit content that contradicts the global public health community’s guidance about COVID-19.

UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push This is an absolute game-changer. The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern: Less than a third of delta variant deaths are in the unvaccinated. Let me say that another way – two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbe

Aug 30 The heart of an exorcist. Must be like the heart of Christ because Satan hates loosing...so finds ways to make exorcists pay

Top Psychiatrist Slams Euthanasia: They Call it “Dying With Dignity” But It’s Killing Without Dignity

7 Examples That Show How Completely And Utterly Insane Our Society Has Become

Study: Previous COVID-19 infection prevents delta better than Pfizer shot. Largest real-world analysis finds natural immunity superior

Aug 31

Lesbian Satanist learned of aborted babies sacrificed in coven

90 retired US generals and admirals call for America's defence chiefs to resign immediately over disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal 

Is Hurricane Ida divine retribution for Biden’s treatment of Israel? For thus said the lord of Hosts—He who sent me after glory—concerning the nations that have taken you as spoil: “Whoever touches you touches the pupil of his own eye. Zechariah 2:12 In February 2020, Israel365 News predicted that any attempts by a White House administration to institute an “anti-covenant” policy that divided the land of Israel would inevitably result in a natural catastrophe of historic proportions. That prediction came true this week as Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with President Biden for the first time and as Bennett flew home, Hurricane Ida made landfall. This prediction was not the result of prescience or prophecy but is simply the latest in a compelling historical series.  Author calls this 'absolute proof'. Webmaster disagrees.

Biden falls asleep as Bennett reveals Isaiah's prophecy about the return of the Jews to Israel  

I minute video shows him dozing off

'The horror': Congressman outlines 3 options for Biden, all have him gone. 'He has shown the strength of a marshmallow and the intellectual capacity of a gnat'

Sept 1

St. Paisios – An Obligatory Mark (2012)

But it’s only been in the past year that one can see an actual infrastructure in place for such a system and how a “mark” like this could become the only means by which one will be able to “buy and sell”.  For example… in March 2020, during a discussion with my son on the mark of the beast, I suddenly “saw” in my mind’s eye a vaccine coming that will be integrated into an electronic “tatoo” of sorts that may be invisible. Such a thing had never crossed my mind nor did I consider that such a technology existed. The very next day, this news story was republished: 'People overseeing nationwide vaccination initiatives in developing countries, keeping track of who had which vaccination and when, can be a tough task. But researchers from MIT might have a solution: they’ve created an ink that can be safely embedded in the skin alongside the vaccine itself, and it’s only visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter'. —Mark Mallet

Above link a must read for the faithful

Two Top Virologists’ Frightening Warnings About COVID Injections: Ignored by Government and Big Media "...if different types of vaccine were used that provided sterilizing immunity i.e., that prevented immune escape and killed all viruses in those vaccinated, the situation would be entirely different.  Most people do not understand that the current experimental vaccines do not actually kill the virus; and that both the vaccinated and nonvaccinated shed the virus.  These vaccines do not stop viral transmission.  And all the contagion control measures simply to not work effectively enough to stop wide spread of the virus in its various forms". 

Sept 2

That Time a Demon Invaded the Confessional, and a Porn Addict was Release

Ted Bundy: Pornography Is The Root of Today’s Violence  A lot of women are moving into it also

The Importance of the Rosary  Homes can be transformed by starting the recitation of the daily Rosary. I remember a woman telling me that she cou

Crash survivor Kyla Roberts says she saw Jesus - I just remember I saw Jesus, and I was sitting on his lap, and he is very big,” Kyla said. He told me that he loves me and he's ready for me to come home, but not quite yet, and then I woke up here. ”She also told News 9 Jesus has a message for everyone. “That he’s real. God is real, and Heaven is real.”

A people who no longer recognize sin and evil, are not a people who will recognize tyranny and despotism either

Most outrageous Catholic misinformation carried by  Protestants, perhaps this pope (see next link)

 If you ever run into an apostate antipope who doesn’t understand that loving God means loving His law, and that He Himself is the law (the way, the truth, and the life), show him this… Link 

Sept 3 Angel on the road

Physician (Richard Gallagher) who helps with  exorcisms recalled the case of a "satanic high priestess" who could see people across the world in real time. Demons gave her this ability. Priest unable to help her because she did not want to leave the coven

As Vaccines Continue to Not Work as Promised – Ivermectin Continues to Work – This Secret is Getting Out

Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff said research showing that natural immunity offers exponentially more protection than vaccines means vaccine passports are both unscientific and discriminatory, since they disproportionately affect working class individuals

PCR tests can’t identify Delta Variant; it’s all fiction

Sept 4

Game changer stunning revelation of why people with the natural infection have superior immunity.  Once people are vaccinated, they cannot donate plasma. The mRNA vaccines ONLY produces spike antibodies, and for convalescent plasma, nucleocapsid (viral shells) antibodies are required.  Viral shells would require a lot more viral mRNAs in the vaccine. Right now only the spike protein is included.  See link where Fauci proposes a booster every 8 months

'Bloodthirsty Beings': CA Dept. of Ed. Sued for Woke Curriculum That Has Students Pray to Aztec Gods of Human Sacrifice

Sexual battery details brought against McCarrick early in his rampage

US to provide Afghan evacuees $2,275 each.  The evacuation started with the State Department charging Americans $2K for the the ride home while State deferred exits to disgraceful Afghans who refused to fight for their country.  This is worse than the failed attempt to rescue embassy hostages during the Carter years. Trump set up the Afghan evacuation with detailed plans for withdrawal years before. Biden refused to follow the plan (because it was Trump's?). You can see the results. Americans are always last with this president from the unborn to Americans enduring sacrifices for their country.


Sept 5 ‘Cardinal Keith O’Brien was like God to me. Then he tried to seduce me’

Diner refusing to serve Biden supporters gets so popular it runs out of food

At least 70K Christians are in horrifying prisons in NK  please pray that God be with them.
Sept 6

As Jesus says to St. Faustina in her Diary, "My child, know that the greatest obstacles to holiness are discouragement and an exaggerated anxiety" (1488).

This is What You Get When You Accept Unvetted “Refugees”: Afghan Slashes Berlin Woman’s Throat for Gardening A violent, quisquous religion devoted to the attributes of Satan. It has warred with Christianity of millennia.   

CDC: Teens Injected with COVID Shots have 7.5X More Deaths, 15X More Disabilities, 44X More Hospitalizations than All FDA Approved Vaccines in 2021 The CDC did another data dump into their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database today. As of August 27, 2021 there have been 13,911 deaths, 2,933,377 injury symptoms, 18,098 permanent disabilities, 76,160 ER visits, 56,912 hospitalizations, and 14,327 life threatening events recorded following experimental COVID-19 “vaccinations.”

Democrats to Close Down Jobs and Living in California for the Unvaccinated Via AB 455 

Sept 7

On 9/11 She Saw an Angel Escort a Young Fireman to Heaven

Was everything better under Trump?

Son of 9/11 victim warns 'killer-in-chief' Biden: Do not show your face at Ground Zero

La Salette Journey: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano: The Luciferian Great Reset

Sept 8

‘Taken into the arms of Mary’ — When Joseph Stalin’s daughter became Catholic...

Twitter Allows Ivermectin Fake News to Go Viral with Zero Fact Checks

Coalition for Canceled Priests to host ‘Reparation Rally’ after sacrilegious Communion in Chicago. The group is coming together in an effort to make amends for a scandal caused when Cardinal Blase Cupich allowed pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, non-Catholic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to receive Holy Communion under his watch. 

Joe Biden, From Comedy to Tragedy has been living on a multiplicity of lies for years. President James Buchanan is redeemed! He is no longer the worst president in American history  Link

An Open Letter to Women Who Say ‘My Body, My Choice’

Sept 9

Visions at the Hour of Death

Lost sheep? It's more the lost shepherd. Is Francis making Mary patroness of his warped, evil zeitgeist? ‘Mary in service to the common good of humanity and the planet, gives voice to the voiceless, to give birth to a new world’ A new world is not in the pope's job description or Mary's.  It is God's alone for onl a God can accomplish it.

he Difference Between a Psychopath and a Sociopath However, beyond mental health treatments for common comorbidities, such as addiction and depression, there is limited evidence to support any effective treatment for patients with antisocial personality disorders. There may be no ‘cure’ for psychopathy or sociopathy.

The psychopath: They reject God's grace and fall in love with evil

Greatest Sin of our Time

Sept 10

Eucharistic Miracle in Argentina: Diocesan Statement on Alleged Blood on Hosts

Cattle drug poses deadly new threat to Asia’s vultures Red how delicate the the biome is and why killing vultures is a serious public health risk.

Sept 11

Two decades after 9/11, Flight 93 hero Tom Burnett Jr.’s legacy lives on

Man who led the charge on Flight 93 had premonitions weeks before

Maryland Judge Kills Himself Moments Before Arrest for Child Sex Abuse

Fisherman Catches, Catches, Photographs, then Releases  Endangered Massive Sawfish in Southeastern Florida  Thank you!

The Exorcistic Effect of the Word of God

Sept 12

Airline pilot shares powerful story of how God spared him on 9/11

Americans say Biden has increased threat of another 9/11. And they say his administration unable to 'successfully' lead America

Whopping 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans would quit their job if vaccines are mandated

Message from Jesus to Jennifer (Message from 8/23/21)
My child, the world is soon to be inundated with water. It will not come from the rains but will be from the tears of My people when they see what has been done to My little ones; when the world begins to recognize that the blood of the innocent will not go unpunished. My child, the sins of man are many but when pride remains, they will devour themselves into the pit of misery. I am coming to remove the blindness that has covered this world. I am coming to extinguish the confusion, and in the blink of an eye, the world will come before the judgment seat while on this earth. The days of evil harboring in the hearts and minds of My people will no longer be. I speak in warning that those who fail to recognize the time of My visit and continue in their wickedness will drown themselves in the eternal pit of darkness. The time is approaching when all light will be extinguished except that of which I come with because I am Jesus, the light of the world. I am coming to shine the light into each and every soul on this earth—not one will be spared. This is a time of truth, and when the world begins to weep is when healing begins. This will be the greatest act of mercy bestowed upon humanity since My passion, death, and resurrection. I tell My children to repent today for the hour is upon you, for I am Jesus and my mercy and justice will prevail.

Sept 13

‘Jesus, I trust in you’: Stories of Divine Mercy

Legend of the Cross, courtesy of J.C.: Wood came from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden.  After Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden, the Tree kept spreading its root systems until a thick forest  grew from the original tree. When Noah needed wood to build the ark, God directed him to this wood.  The resulting wood was easily worked.  As Noah nailed the planks into a boat, the planks grew roots and branches, linking with the other planks and becoming a solid mass.

After the Ark settled, it put down roots where it landed and again, a large forest grew and developed.  When a survey team from Rome arrived, the men were amazed at the trees, which they had never seen before,  They decided to cut down a sample to take with them back to Rome.  They also took some of the nails they found in the dirt with the wood. 

When the survey team arrived in Jerusalem, they stored their samples in a room at Pilate's house.  The wood and nails were later appropriated by Roman soldiers to use in an unexpected and important execution of a carpenter. So the wood that was our downfall became our salvation.

How receiving Holy Communion can drive away demons

Sept 14

I know of more than one priest who left the ministry because of alleged sexual relationships with possessed or oppressed women. Is it an accident that these women had a connection to the dark world?

Dead Sea pool turns BLOOD RED  where the Bible says God sent angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah I will show him wondrous deeds As in the days when You sallied forth from the land of. Micah 7:15

“There Is Only One True Answer to the Depth and Evil that We Saw on 9-11. It is God.” President Trump Shares the Answer to All our Problems On September 11, President Trump encouraged Americans to pray for our country for the next 21 days.

Janet Yellen warns US treasury may run out of cash in October Letter comes as Biden administration worries about possibility of debt default

Why does Africa have such low rates of severe covid-19 infection and mortality? Ivermectin and artemisinin have revolutionized the quality of life for millions of people living in Africa. The Nobel committee  said artemisinin and ivermectin “treatment is so successful that these diseases are on the verge of eradication, which would be a major feat in the medical history of humankind.”  These drugs are derived from natural substances and microbes, purified but not man-made.   

Sept 15

Just How Does God’s ‘Perfect’ Mercy and Justice Work?

An Exorcist Describes Death, Judgment, and Our Everlasting Life

Miracles Wrought by the Rosary.. Obscure details about saving the priests Hiroshima. Priests praying Rosary in Nagasaki were also saved

Conquer the devil—pray the Rosary!

Sept 16

Do You Have 50/20 Spiritual Vision? It’s based on Genesis 50:20 when Joseph said to his brothers, after being abused by them, “You planned evil against me, but God meant it for good.”

Troubled boy became vengeful killer, found God’s grace in prison

Exorcist Tells What CNN Got Wrong in Story About Ghostly Encounters

Two Exorcists Weigh In On Ghosts and Haunted Houses

Experts Say Nipah Virus Has Potential To Be Another Pandemic — With A MUCH Higher Death Toll (¾ die)

Prophylaxis, treatment with probenecid (gout treatment) inhibits 'virus replication' in COVID-19, flu, RS.  Has broad antiviral activit...maybe the Nipah virus, above also.


Sept 17

Meet the Original Apostle of Divine Mercy

Woman Prompted to Drive With Windows Down On Cold Day Hears Kidnapped Baby’s Cries Coming From A Ditch

After his recovery, they took another x-ray of his head and found that the part of the brain that had spilled out into the field had grown back.+

Over 350,000 Ballots Disappeared in the California Recall Election on Tuesday Night – AP Blames the Incident on a Staff Error


Sept 18

Argentine “Mother Teresa” was a former model and actress who embraced the poor A NDE turned her around

Judge Refuses to Immediately Block Texas Heartbeat Ban as Most Abortions Come to Halt (Requested urgently by Biden)

Wrapping Cabins in Aluminum Foil  Wrap has been used on the base of the giant sequoias.  Many success stories but expensive and hard to apply.

Do you have a picture of Divine Mercy on your front door?   That's all you need. Seal The Doorposts!  Thx stjoe4u
Special grace granted by Jesus to protect our homes!

Sept 19

An entire Catholic Archdiocese in Canada, starting September 22, will completelyban all unvaccinated people from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

PRAY: Taliban Executing Groups of '30 to 40' at a Time Says Christian Missionary Helping Afghans

Deep State, Deep Trouble The unmitigated corruption in the leadership of the armed forces is a sign of deep cultural rot…

Americans turning backs on Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi "Because the more they see of President Biden, the weaker and more feeble-minded he looks. Even when they try to hide him, they are cutting off his mic, shutting off his video feeds, and he has a really light schedule where he can only read from a teleprompter and can’t take questions. Right now Kamala Harris's negatives are insurance against the 25th amendment. Sooner or later, the Democrats will invoke it."

















ARK of The Covenant Story 
Cutting A Covenant:  Looking More Closely 
Ritual performed on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) in ancient Israel
Omens to the Jews: Divine displeasure With The Rituals of the Old Covenant After the Death of Jesus
  Ark of the Covenant: The Most Important Archeological Find In History
  The Blood of Christ on the Mercy Seat. The Throne of Judgment Turned A Seat of Mercy
His Precious Blood showed Him to be extraordinary
World Net Daily interview with Ron Wyatt 5 days before he died
Collection of  wonderful You Tube videos on Spirit-Digest with Ron Wyatt discussing the Ark 
  God's glory but  so do the numbers and they can't lie! The astonishing pattern and prophecy of 153 by Judy Gassett The heavens declare God's glory but  so do the numbers and they can't lie! The astonishing pattern and prophecy of 153 
  Spiritual Patterns Found in Numbers Six and Thirteen  by Judy Gassett

The Menorah Design of the Coming Shemitah! Patterns Formed with Seven and Ten (and multiples there of) reveal the divine nature

On September 13, 2015 we start a new Jubilee year. The new Jubilee starts with a partial solar eclipse. It is of special note that this is 40th Jubilee Year since Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem. It is also the 70th Jubilee year since the first one was proclaimed by God.

This is turns out to be a Menorah pattern like the many seen in the life of  Christ. TheSavior is represented by  4th light  in a series of seven oil lamps on the ancient Menorah. The other lights were lit from the 4th light or the "servant lamp".  Judah is the 4th son of Jacob and Leah. Jesus is born of this tribe 4,000 years after Adam.  Christ says, "as long as I am in the world I am the light of the world".  The day he died, the light in the servant lamp, or the 4th oil lamp went out and has never been relit to this day. Now we have of the 70 jubliees Jesus died in the MIDDDLE on the fortieth Jubilee.  (Note: a  jubliee is 7 X 7 years with the fiftieth year being the year after, called the double jubliee year)