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Please be at peace.  Great saints have begged to live in these times.  God chose you to walk through these special days.  You have been prepared from the moment of your birth for a purpose that only you can fill.  The path upon which you are embarking is blessed by God. 

Genesis 3:15, the "seed of the woman" is a Messianic prophecy which foretold the Messiah would be born of a virgin, since men are the ones who produce the seed. That was actually the first Messianic prophecy in all the Bible and can be taken literally.


"The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined."  Psalm 10:2

"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." I Peter 3:10

"And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth." Isaiah 2:19

"And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?"  Revelation 6:15-17

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America Strong or America humbled?

Do we have a right to the sacraments? Not always. Also what baptism does for a soul and their guardian angel and  whether or not atheists have guardian angels.

He felt the miracle of God’s warm embrace in a frozen gulag

May 3

Christoislam surging? Vatican Urges Catholics to Share Ramadan Historian of jihad slams Holy See's surrender to Islam

Pope Francis to Mother: "Maybe We’ll See Each Other in Hell"  Displaced humor gone further South again? Creepy for a pope known for a history of mistaken, false teachings about Hell.

Scientists warn weddings, birthdays and church are the worst coronavirus 'super-spreader events'

Exposing brain injury patients to a range of smell can determine whether they are going to recover (from unconsciousness).  UPDATED).  This link carried several days ago. New content explains test which is a stunningly accurate test to evaluated regain of consciousness. Developed in Israel

Hi Judy, 
I happened upon Al Gore's quote "God is not separate from the earth" and it reminded me of Pope Francis' theology.

So I found this (Gore's) Crisis article.  That led to a page in this Google ebook, The Religious Roots of Environmentalism, (p. 30)  for a history of this quote, where he (Gore) preached it at a New Age gathering on the Feast of St. Francis, reminding me again of the same themes carried by Pope Francis...."Mother Earth" is God.... Link.  I fear for my grandchildren. THX JF

California’s ‘Worst of the Worst’ Bills: Blocking Parents from Kids’ Abortions and Trans Treatments

May 4 Real live adventure: Vietnam vet says divine intervention spared him

Cervantes: Prophecies unfolding in our days "The great events of purification will begin this fall" (2019)

Ex-pope Benedict XVI accuses opponents of wanting to silence him “The spectacle of reactions coming from German theology is so misguided and ill-willed that I would prefer not to speak of it.” Woman who Blamed Trump for Chloroquine Ingestion Now Investigated for Murder
May 5

Two Ways We Sin Against Hope  (1)Presumption or taking God's mercy for granted; (2) Despair

The smoking gun in the China virus caper

Majority of U.S. spy agencies believe the coronavirus escaped from Wuhan lab  (Before China had a chance to release it?)

Jesus and the New Testament writers describe in great detail many coming apocalyptic events not to produce readiness and repentance. Christian should know the signs and times. We are in the first one: 1.  Three years of explosive economic prosperity pulverized in three weeks..... Commentators see 7 more likely end time scenarios. Link

Scientists warn weddings, birthdays and church are the worst coronavirus 'super-spreader events'

May 6 Kate McCarthy a WW II nun whose life reads like a film script

How Trillions in New Debt Will Affect Americans After the Pandemic: 'We Haven't Seen This Before'

EU predicts 'recession of historic proportions'

US scientists launch desperate bid to stop the spread of 'murder hornets' - two-inch-long killer bugs that have invaded Washington and can kill healthy people with their venom 

Supreme Court to hear 2 cases about when religious employers can ignore civil rights laws

May 7 Stories that Teach Catechism

Over 100 Pastors Sign Letter to Ohio Board of Education Opposing Yoga, Meditation Being Taught in Schools

Here Is Why The U.S. Economy Would Continue To Crash Even If All The Lockdowns Were Lifted Immediately

EU predicts 'recession of historic proportions'

May 8

In this story from April 1953, the Academy Award-nominated actress shares how an answered prayer helped her portray a role she found daunting: the Virgin Mary.

17 Tricks To Encourage People To Like You Immediately Won't work with social distancing

Vatican cardinal (Sarah) in new row over virus "pretext" petition

Pope Francis seeks Vatican freedom as Benedict urged to take ‘real retirement’  Does that mean becoming completely invisible? B14 has been assiduous and letting the Francis papacy evolve. As a former pope he cannot become invisible

May 9

What Is True Mercy?

Rosary Solves All Problems: No Matter how Difficult of Spiritual,Personal life or Nations

Bishops say Our Lady of America apparitions are NOT supernatural How they reached a absurd decision which negated the ruling t he archbishop who strongly supported the supernatural nature of the apparitions

May 10

Jesus appears and saves man despair in Islam coronavirus-stricken family

California Catholic school sued for firing teacher with breast cancer

Priest suspended by bishop for blogging critical of McCarrick and the handling of the sex abuse crisis, transferred to a prison ministry but refuses to leave, although bishop issues trespass order Priest was ordained by McCarrick and his bishop was McCarrick's secretary.


May 11 St. Padre Pio: Modern Saint of Obedience

Get blessed oil (Spiritdaily)
May 12

From Tragic Death to Miraculous Life  (Assembly of God) Reminding that our loving God sheds His grace on Christians who are not Catholic

Evidence history that Francis is moving to a One-World Government

Daughter’s joy after her father was rescued after 17 days adrift holding on to a piece of plastic and eating seaweed (Philippines)

Skydiver Has Visions of Afterlife Following Fiery Plane Crash

May 13 Cervantes: Rome will fall
Earthquakes Hit both Vatican City and Israel at the Same Time
The Principle of Prophetic Alignment And Israel  Remember this: Israel MUST ask for her messiah to come, ("Blessed is He who comes in the name of he Lord"), before Christ returns to make all things new again. They are a intransigent nation and many upheavals must occur first. Nevertheless, they are destined for greatness among nations.
Cervantes: 'Souls are raining into hell
May 14th Will Be World Chrislam Day As Pope Francis Issues Call For All Religions To Pray To Their Gods In Massive Global Effort To End COVID-19 Disturbing, especially coming from a pope. Why would the pope request prayers to any other God? It is wrong even for the sake of compromise and comfort.  He knows who God is. All religions are not equal. It is like denying the omnipotence and sovereignty of the true God.
May 14 Fatima, Pope St. John Paul II and God’s Providence
Virgin Mary Appears to Coronavirus Patients in Colombian Hospital
May 15 The Three Days of Darkness

In the Midst of a Pandemic – The Catholic Church Offered “Queer” Stations of the Cross  Absolutely clueless in SF and NY. This link is why I chose the today's headline.

LGBTQ Equality Should Be Part of Pope Francis’ Vision for the Post-Pandemic World

The Power of Christ’s Holy Face: A Little-Known Chaplet for Battling God’s Enemies

Did God Create Evil? Read Aquinas' excellent answer.

Friends of the suffering souls (FOSS)

May 16 Italian Freemasonry Magazine Strongly Endorses Pope Francis' Human Fraternity Document

Vatican, US Church leaders quiet on coronavirus ‘world government’ letter signed by bishops

Francis: Christianity isn't about following "rules."  We disagree completely because rules are commandments which articulate and promote our Christian values.

Was Fatima Secret Altered?

May 17

Near Death Experience Puts Man Face-to-Face With God

Covid-19 Outbreak from Mount Vernon (North of Seattle) choir practice shows the high infectivity of coronavirus.  86% contracted the virus, several died, 3 hospitalized  after attending several choir practices.  Singing is a "superspreader" activity The famous epidemiological curve is steep showing a single point spread (curve not flat). When churches reopen, singing may be banned for a while.

MMR Weekly has the analysis

Francis: Christianity isn't about following "rules."  We disagree completely because rules are commandments which articulate and protect our Christian values. Jesus, Himself says to follow them. They are NOT merely recommendations.

The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months

May 18 Keep Your Focus on Building Treasures in Heaven
Talking to the Dead- How the 1918 Pandemic Spurred a Spiritualism Craze and birthed the Ouija board
Cervantes: One World government prepared
The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months
7 Prayers Against Darkness How to find a little light and comfort when fear or anxiety strikes 
May 19 Bracing for the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal, a Cat 5 monster posing dire threat to Bangladesh, NE India
Woman blind for 13 years healed instantly by husband's intercessory prayer: Study shows prayer and cure miraculous.
Pandemic will alter Communion rituals for many US Christians
May 20 Curiosity, the root of many sins
For Death Angel (heavy metal) drummer, coming out of coronavirus coma, his first questions was, "Am still in Hell? "
A Solar Cycle Mirroring Bible’s Creation Is About to Cool the Earth The list of crazy catastrophes characterizing 2020 just got longer
Pastor who ‘healed coronavirus sufferers by laying his hands on them’ dies from Covid-19, sparking fear among his followers in Cameroon
May 21

“We are not alone and evil will never had the last word.” Story of two Catholic fathers and the miraculous, redemptive healing out of the worst terrorist event before 9/11

10 miracles in our national history from sea to shining sea

This prayer to St. Anthony is called the “Miracle Prayer”

May 22

Is Covid-19 pandemic a warning?

There have been forty-six Marian apparitions across two millennia – among hundreds alleged – formally approved as “supernatural”  and free of doctrinal error. Ten of the forty-six approved Marian apparitions, almost a quarter, including  Fatima, have occurred in the twentieth century. And seven of the nine post-Fatima apparitions of Mary – excepting two Belgian visitations immediately following Fatima – speak the same urgent message of warning. So yes, Covid-19 pandemic is a warning

Life Changing Marian Apparitions Every Catholic Should Know

Consecration to St. Joseph: Terror of Demons!

Pastor says we are worshipping the earth in the "save the earth movement" in world wide obeisance. People ignored their souls in deference to environmental worship. God is getting ready to take that away by sending massive environmental destruction and burning  With the First Trumpet judgment Link

Vatican to mark 5th anniversary of Laudato si’ with year-long celebration

Pope: Church's preferential option for the poor is nonnegotiable The Church has never ignored the poor contradicting the overriding theme of this papacy to the exclusion of major evils of our times imperiling millions of souls.

9 Things to Know and Share About Fatima

May 23

Biblical Proof: Gog Magog Battle = the Final Battle at Armaggedon

The 1960 Valdivia earthquake or the Great Chilean earthquake on 22 May 1960 is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. Various studies have placed it at 9.4–9.6 on the moment magnitude scale. It occurred in the afternoon, and lasted approximately 10 minutes  The wave train reached Hilo, Hawaii just after midnight on May 23, 14 hours later.  The biggest wave was the third. A clock stopped at 1:04 AM.  That clock is now a permanent land mark in Hilo. The first wave took out the Hilo HELCO generating plant which lit up the sky. Webmaster was in Hilo at the time. Animation

Woman Starts Finding ‘Hundreds of Pennies’ After Asking Dying Grandma to Send Her Some As a Sign

New Mom Gives Birth to Extremely Rare Identical Quad Boys During COVID-19  Only 70 documented cases in history.  All shared the same placenta. Born at 28 weeks.

May 24

Prophecy, which reveals God's plan in advance, is the missing major element in all sacred scriptures of the world's religions, because false gods cannot provide it. Prophecy is not to be found in the Koran, the Hindu Vedas, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Book of Mormon, the sayings of Buddha. In contrast, prophecy comprises about 30 percent of the Bible

Pope Francis has issued a new law requiring all priests and nuns to report abuse and cover-ups, including those by their superiors, to church authorities

May 25

‘Demon of Brownsville Road’ House to Open as Bed & Breakfast

House subjected to a cleansing and exorcism in 2006 with permission of Bishop Wuerl. Catholic owner, Bob Cramer, says he has two conditions for future guests: no ghost hunters or ouija boards are allowed.

Chilling: Inside the Brownsville Demon House

This Home In Pittsburgh Has A Dark And Evil History That Will Never Be Forgotten Take a look at the rosary the family tried to use.

Why Bob Cramer forbade ghost hunters: “Paranormal investigating is essentially necromancy (contacting the dead), because it is an attempt to make the dead manifest and communicate. This opens doors to relationships with demons. About 25 percent of all demonic cases come from paranormal investigating. Many of the participants on paranormal television shows have had demonic problems themselves but this is not revealed as part of the show”-- Adam Blai p78; Hauntings, possessions, and Exorcisms.

Donald Trump Shuts Huge Migrant Pipeline Run by Coyotes, Federal Agencies

Two Waco attorneys were arrested Friday and jailed, each charged with solicitation of capital murder Goes along with being a nation of hardened liars

May 26 When demons flee dying people: The hidden saving power of the Divine Mercy chaplet...

Faith in God sustained American POW at Hanoi Hilton

The strange account of the day “angels” saved British troops during World War I...

US mother 'PUSHES' her autistic son, nine, into a canal 'first failed attempt to kill him' before taking the non-verbal boy to another spot where he drowned 

Parrot who 'heard victim's last words' to give evidence at trial of men who 'raped and beat woman to death'  (Argentina)

May 27

Purgatory on Earth

Predictable apocalyptic post pandemic scenarios we are likely to see

Possible response to Dubia coming in June Thx JA


May 28

Best Medical Opinion: How will the COVID-19 pandemic end? Nevertheless, its course and consequences are completely under the control of the Lord God Shavuot: this

Thursday night (May 28)—ending Saturday night—will be the 3,332nd anniversary of the day when Heaven kissed Earth as G‑d transmitted the 10 Commandments upon Mount Sinai

Update on the mysterious Morgellons Disease (MD)  (March, 2020). Closely associated with Borrelia burgdorferi — the bacterium responsible for Lyme disease.

Who crucified Christ. Gordon Robertson launches into a exegesis of why Jesus had to die for the world's sins, not answering this question. Christ was crucified by the Levitical priesthood of the Jewish nation as requisite  for sacrifices offered to God. And not just any priest, but God arranges for the  high priest of the nation as also required for Yom Kippur .

It had to happen on the day blood was smeared on the door posts in Egypt, Nisan 14. God required this day be remembered forever with a Passover meal  to include unleavened bread. Down through the centuries the Jews decided to celebrate Nisan 15, Feast of Unleavened Bread, as the high holy day, ( also called a "Sabbath" because all the restrictions of the weekly Sabbath also applied). Passover Lambs would be still be killed on  the 14th.   If the national feast were on the 14th, Christ could not have been crucified because it would have been in violation of "Sabbath day" restrictions.

Yes, spiritually, Jesus was both victim and priest. But God arranged for the high priest to preside over the sacrifice which he could do since it was not a "Sabbath" day.  Agitated by the perfidious priesthood, the Jewish people cried out for a blood curse upon themselves and future generations for this murder.  They received what they asked for.


May 29

A Young Woman Dies and Meets JESUS CHRIST the King

Communion ritual unchanged and continues to be distributed in Orthodox Church despite virus

Vatican orders founder to leave ecumenical community Won't specify reasons. Received a Vatican visitation that ended several months ago.

The race to read your brain: Sci-fi has been predicting it for years, and now it's fast becoming reality... TOM LEONARD examines the chilling truth behind tech tycoons' attempts at getting inside your head 

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to afflict us with sickness, death, fear, deprivation, and diminishment of freedom, there are increasing, mostly cautious, speculations that this tribulation is a chastisement necessitated by the world’s rejection of God and rampant immorality, and so allowed, permissively willed, by a just God. Link

Police: Kansas soldier drives over gunman saving 'countless lives'

New England Journal of Medicine says wearing masks in public is stupid With which we agree.

May 30

The Miraculous Multiplication of Cookies: the Power of Prayer

Why This Princess Chose the Poor, Service & Charity Over Wealth & Her Crown

New England Journal of Medicine says wearing masks in public is stupid With which we agree.

May 31 A logical explanation for consciousness could be the existence of God

Dark matter finally found?

US faith leaders wrestle twin traumas in protests, virus

Iran and Turkey support riots in the US

June 1

What are the signs that the harvest is ripe? God's judgments down through history and how just they are

Cervantes: Quotes from the supernatural

Jack Brewer (NFL Minnesota Vikings) speaking on cable news tonight that we are fighting a spirit of evil and that Satan is driving racism and that we need to unite together to fight this evil. We need to lock arms and repent.

The drive in the German-speaking Churches for more formal recognition by the Church of same-sex relationships took a significant step forward last week with the publication of a new book initiated by the archdiocese of Salzburg. The book is entitled “The Benediction of Same Sex Partnerships”.

June 2 Putting it altogether: All about demons from direct Bible quotes. Why no one has done this before is shocking
Moral choice for the Hungarian gynecologist working to save lives and minimize the harm she witnessed as a doctor in Auschwitz
Spirit-Digest believes our almighty, eternal God of mercy looked at the love and selflessness involved for these crushing choices

Act of violence worse than strangling George Floyd: Rioter set fire to house with child inside and block firemen access

If you haven't got a gun, GET ONE NOW  The only thing that can make hate-filled, violent rampagers even pause. The police will not and cannot be there for you.

Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills

We already knew that John Paul Jackson (Protestant pastor), had warned that one pandemic would strike but it would be mostly fear and then another one would come that would be very serious. Well, in the quote below he tells us that he was shown that the second pandemic that would come would involve sores on the skin

Cervantes: Prophecy on what's happening in US?

How the cruel legacy of covid may last a lifetime: Evidence suggests even those with mild symptoms can be left with long-term damage to their heart, lungs and other organs

Coronavirus is a blood vessel disease, study suggests: Infection of the lining of veins and arteries may explain bizarre symptoms like clots and 'covid toes'  

Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills

June 3

Women Who Influenced Christian Civilization in Europe Conversion of Europe depended on the faith and piety of apostolic mothers and wives

Archbishop Viganò: Our Lady warned of ‘great apostasy’ in Church followed by risk of World War III

Meet the billionaires behind the LGBT movement

Read Romans 16:17-18
II appeal to you, brethren, to take note of those who create dissensions and difficulties, in opposition to the doctrine which you have been taught; avoid them.  For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by fair and flattering words they deceive the hearts of the simple-minded

How the cruel legacy of covid may last a lifetime: Evidence suggests even those with mild symptoms can be left with long-term damage to their heart, lungs and other organs

Coronavirus is a blood vessel disease, study suggests: Infection of the lining of veins and arteries may explain bizarre symptoms like clots and 'covid toes'  

The 3 Causes of the Abduction Experience

Washington, D.C.’s Archbishop Wilton Gregory  issued a stinging rebuke to the John Paul II National Shrine for President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to visit   Agitators have threatened Trump's life, injured dozen Secret Service agents, killed cops, injured other, and even blocked access of firefighters to a burning house with a child inside.  The nation needs reassurance.

Rheumy-eyed Archbishop Gregory confirms the temperament and brutality of vicious, evil agitators/ rioters. Had Trump been murdered in the streets of DC, the violent contraction of the nation from Wall Street to the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the South China would have turned the U.S. into Venezuela in an instant . You should have followed the example in the next link, archbishop. More on Gregory tomorrow.

Read Romans 16:17-18
II appeal to you, brethren, to take note of those who create dissensions and difficulties, in opposition to the doctrine which you have been taught; avoid them.  For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by fair and flattering words they deceive the hearts of the simple-minded

Paying attention sign?  America riots instead of praying as churches remain shut down as an extraordinary 5 comets in the solar system now

June 4

Trapped in a roaring wildfire, he learned that God is always watching over us

Connected by an Amazing Answered Prayer

Cervantes: Maria Simma: in the company of ghosts

'Major' breakthrough in the hunt for British girl Madeleine McCann

Archbishop Gregory + homosexuality not v. (versus) homosexuality

The Endless Politics of Abp Wilton Gregory How this misguided, evil-comforting archbishop thoroughly screwed up the visit to the shrine. 

June 5

Message to Jennifer – The Unraveling Has Begun

Fatima and the Great Shaking Mark Mallett 2017

Did Francis’ past World Youth Day vestments feature a pedophile logo? No doubt an "unfortunate coincidence"?

Prominent Catholics have reacted to Archbishop Wilton Gregory's condemnation of President Trump for visiting a shrine to Pope John Paul II

Do You Want to Know What I Find Baffling & Reprehensible, Archbishop Gregory?


June 6 An Exorcist Encounters the Power of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Ridiculous: U. of Washington Seattle  Community Demands Easy Grading for Black Students  Only weakling Afro students would accept this.

Collapse of  Catholic Christian Leadership: Where were ARE YOU, Bishops & Cardinals?

ARK of The Covenant Story 
Cutting A Covenant:  Looking More Closely 
Ritual performed on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) in ancient Israel
Omens to the Jews: Divine displeasure With The Rituals of the Old Covenant After the Death of Jesus
  Ark of the Covenant: The Most Important Archeological Find In History
  The Blood of Christ on the Mercy Seat. The Throne of Judgment Turned A Seat of Mercy
His Precious Blood showed Him to be extraordinary
World Net Daily interview with Ron Wyatt 5 days before he died
Collection of  wonderful You Tube videos on Spirit-Digest with Ron Wyatt discussing the Ark 

The heavens declare God's glory but  so do the numbers and they can't lie! The astonishing pattern and prophecy of 153   by Judy Gassett

  Spiritual Patterns Found in Numbers Six and Thirteen  by Judy Gassett

The Menorah Design of the Coming Shemitah! Patterns Formed with Seven and Ten (and multiples there of) reveal the divine nature

On September 13, 2015 we start a new Jubilee year. The new Jubilee starts with a partial solar eclipse. It is of special note that this is 40th Jubilee Year since Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem. It is also the 70th Jubilee year since the first one was proclaimed by God.

This is turns out to be a Menorah pattern like the many seen in the life of  Christ. TheSavior is represented by  4th light  in a series of seven oil lamps on the ancient Menorah. The other lights were lit from the 4th light or the "servant lamp".  Judah is the 4th son of Jacob and Leah. Jesus is born of this tribe 4,000 years after Adam.  Christ says, "as long as I am in the world I am the light of the world".  The day he died, the light in the servant lamp, or the 4th oil lamp went out and has never been relit to this day. Now we have of the 70 jubliees Jesus died in the MIDDDLE on the fortieth Jubilee.  (Note: a  jubliee is 7 X 7 years with the fiftieth year being the year after, called the double jubliee year)