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Spiritual Patterns Found in Numbers Six and Thirteen

By Judy Gassett

One seldom considered aspect of creation and its perfect order is its mathematics, elegant, simple and pure. God does NOT create confusion.  

Discernment is always needed because most of us have seen numerology carried to ridiculous extremes of the spiritual realm. Always interpret numbers by how they are used in the Bible.

This use is most often to  amplify a message, parable, or biblical story. Certain repeating numbers are used in a special, even unforgettable way.  The stories in the Bible are not just stories, they really happened. Most involve numbers in the retelling which often makes the story even more vivid in proclaiming the Glory of God and underscoring spiritual truths.  Any reasonable person will be awed, if not more convinced that every verse is divinely inspired and conforms to an overall divine plan only dimly perceived by the apathetic Christians  and non-believers.

Numbers perfectly reflect some divine attributes of God.  First of all, they are infinite in scale, both negative and positive.  Secondly, they are immutable. A one will always be a one.  According to Mathematician James Harrison in The Pattern & the Prophecy, numbers in the bible are symbols of intent. There are even divine patterns in numerical  repetitions such as  "Menorah" designs and "triangular" (perfect) numbers. The devil is well aware of how numbers are used and uses certain of them in raucous, perverted, mocking mimicry to continue his spiritual war with God. Most believers are completely unaware of these unique numerical weapons and therefore do not recognize this conflict.  

Thirteen: One of Satan's Numbers
I believe that the continuing use of some numbers in certain defined situations is an advanced form of spiritual warfare between God and Satan of which we are only dimly aware. With the devil, certain numbers and number combos keep turning up in association with main spiritual themes. This can't be "coincidental" or fortuitous.

One of Satan's numbers is thirteen (13). It is the number of rebellion and when used in the Bible describes lawlessness and rebellion.  Some examples: Nimrod, builder of Babylon and the first antichrist, was 13 generations from Adam. His name in Hebrew means "Let us rebel." Revelation 13 describes the "Beast" whose number is 666.  "Dragon" is mentioned thirteen times, all in Revelation. 666 is closely linked to 13, the number for rebellion and depravity.

"Twelve years they served Chelorlaomer, and in the thirteenth year they rebelled"  (Gen 14:4)

Homosexuals continue to reap shocking successes  in every state. Their agenda progresses by persuading the uninformed that this perversion is "natural" and "a normal part of diversity." Not only is it a grave sin of rebellion, the Lord underscores His abhorrence of this depravity by bracketing the biblical account with double thirteen's! "The men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceeding" (Gen 13:13) (Experts say the double thirteen's in the verse and chapter intensify the nature of the wickedness).   

An association of thirteen with rebellion down through history, not just in the Bible:
A confederacy of thirteen original colonies rebelled against King George III.

Twenty one sins of rebellion are recorded against the Israelites, the thirteenth of which caused them to wander in the wilderness 40 years. That was refusal to go into the land God had given them and posses it.

But the association of thirteen with Satan, himself,  is much stronger.  It is more like Satan is branded with the number 13 in all of his names and eponyms used throughout the Bible.  Ancient languages practiced the gematria in which letters also represented numbers.  There were no separate numerals. Letters often did double duty as a letter and number and it was possible to add the letters in each word up to give the word a numerical value.

Applied to Satan, the gematria explicitly points to thirteen as his number. The gematria of "Serpent" in Hebrew is 1300 or (13 x 100). In Greek "Serpent" is 780 (13 x 60).  Murderer (John 8:44) in Greek adds up to 1820 (13 x 140). Devil in Greek adds up to 195 (13 x 15). Similarly, Dragon adds to 975 (13 x 75). Lucifer adds up to 156 or 13 x 12.  E.W. Bullinger has more examples in his online book to make even stronger the conclusion that 13 is associated with the Satan.

In a subtle way "Lucifer" even adds up to thirteen. Lucifer does not appear before St. Jerome translated the Old Testament into Latin (Vulgate).  He was looking for a Latin phrase to describe the "son of the morning star" and came up with "Lucifer." The gematria adds up to 156 (13 x 12)! I doubt St. Jerome summed up the letters before he used Lucifer.

Gematria of Satan's names Beelzebub =  598 (13 x  46)
Belial                =            78     (13 x   6)
Dragon             =            975 (13 x  75)
Serpent            =            780 (13 x  60)
Murderer          =            1820 (13 x 140)
Tempter           =            1053 (13 x  81)
Demon             =            975 (13 x  75)
Adversary        =            364 (13 x  28)
Antichrist          =            1911 (13 x 147)

So Satan is mystically and intimately associated with the number thirteen, not only in Latin, but in English and Hebrew! This is not a "coincidence".  Thirteen is practically an eponym for the devil. Thirteen is still an ordinary number outside of the Bible. Saintly popes have had thirteen in their papal names. However, in the Bible, thirteen does points to Satan and rebellion

Where does the spiritual warfare come in? 
It is the appearance of the Blessed Mother on the thirteenth of the month, principally at Fatima. With God's permission, Mary shows Satan that God is Lord of all and chooses when, how and by what means signals and graces will be given to man including through numbers even the ones representing the devil. The apparitions' main focus were insensitivity toward sins and rebellion against God. Through prayers and exceptional graces of God which she brought to a depraved world, she spiritually declawed thirteen in 1917. The Fatima dates must have infuriated Satan as he is reminded that his time is limited, he is powerless to reverse this fate, and that one soon day the Holy Virgin will crush his head  extirpating all rebellion against God FOREVER.

The Number Six
The number six describes imperfection and therefore mankind which is found six times in the Scriptures. Six falls just short of the number seven, "perfection," and is the number for imperfection or man, who was created on the sixth day, but who remains incomplete and imperfect without adding one (God).

Mankind is mortal and cannot live forever without God  (the perfection of seven).  "Mortal" is also found six times in the scriptures. 666 strung together intensifies the meaning of imperfection  It represents the evil in the diabolical trinity perfectly and thus 666, a perfect equilateral triangle. The "perfection of imperfection." The gematria of the world's notorious antichrists have added up to 666.  This started with Nimrod, and continued with Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, Nero, Napoleon, Hitler and even Saddam.

Besides the infamous 666, a series of sixes appear in the description of the physical attributes and/or characters of biblical personalities with faults that are not mere human frailties. Goliath had 6 fingers, stood 6 cubits, and had a spear that weighed 600 shekels of iron. An outraged, lying, arrogant pharaoh (representing hell unleashed?) pursued the Israelites with 600 chariots.  Fire and brimstone is used six times in the Bible, a punishment reserved for unrepentant man.

Sept. 2004

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