Christ's Claim to David's Throne Required a Unique Combination of Circumstance
Planned From The Beginning: These Circumstance Required a Virgin Birth!

by Judy Gassett

In Summary, Christ has no legal claim to David's throne except through His mother. Not only did she have to be immaculate, special circumstances had to surround her. Mary had to be the only Child of St Anne and St Joachim (Heli) for this to occur. St. Joachin was tribe of Judah and St. Anne of the tribe of Levi. Since Mary was a virgin with no siblings and had only one son, her royal bloodline died out after Christ, the summit of perfection, was born.  This redeeming blood was royal as it was immaculate. This makes for a redemptive plan  replete with fascinating details described below.

The miracle of the  virgin birth was preceded by an another miracle:  preparation of an immaculate vessel to give God humanity.  Both miracles were carefully designed and through them a Redemptive Plan perfected.  Down through the millennia the Evil One has assaulted human heredity, using every possible means to corrupt the human genome, and more specifically, the messianic bloodline in order to stymie God’s Redemptive Plan.  The only admixture of human heredity which is acceptable to God is the ONE time of  Himself, through an immaculate virgin. 

Using metaphors made famous by Baptist, eschatologist, J.R. Church, (prophecyinthenews.com), the Redemptive Plan is about a immense struggle between the ‘Seed of the Woman’ and the 'Seed of the Serpent’ about who is going to be the ‘Light of the World’.  From the beginning, Satan, knowing the promise God made to Adam and Eve, has singled out human heredity and the sexuality upon which it is dependent, for corruption. 

Within that first  1,000 years, (one biblical day= 1,000 years), the Bible describes mating of fallen angelic beings with human females (Gen 6:1-8). Jude 6 tells us tells us that these mating were an abomination, for which God destroyed the offspring and punished the diabolic malefactors with a sentence to The Abyss. This is place, far worse than hell, itself. A place that even the demons, which Christ cast out, begged not to be sent. St. Peter states that ancient sons of God (fallen angels) who sinned against humanity are bound in the deepest caverns of hell or the Abyss (II Peter 2:4).  There, they presently await the awesome wrath of God. Revelation 9:1-3, may even refer to their release to torment man shortly before the purification, probably with the same dreadful sins, tampering with human heredity, that landed them in the Abyss in the first place.

The next assault on the messianic bloodline came in the time of Noah. Iniquity and sin were  so great that God regretted His creation (Gen 6:5).  Civilization at this time was already headed toward certain ruination and would have likely imploded and destroyed itself had God not intervened. Noah’s bloodline, alone was not corrupt on the earth. "Noah found grace before the Lord" and "a just and perfect Man before the Lord" (Gen 6:8-9 ). The rabbis say  that this phraseology meant that Noah's blood line alone was the only one left  uncorrupt on the Earth after the admixture of diabolical and human DNA.   Further, note the salutation to Mary by the Archangel Gabriel, "Hail, Full of Grace". Although far more perfect than Noah, this likely referred to her immaculate nature right down to the messianic genes she carried, her very DNA, which was perfect. 

The earth was purified by a  regional deluge.  This event  was  preceded by a spectacular comet which ripped the sky 4000 years ago, the last fly-by prior to the 1997 appearance of Hale-Bopp. 

By the time of Jacob, The messianic bloodline had been narrowed down to one specific line of descent, that of Judah. The devil, also knowing this, could now focus his attacks. 

Of Judah’s three sons, two were complete misfits, whom God destroyed after marriages to Tamar. This left Judah with only one son, whom Judah deliberately refused to let his widowed daughter-in-law, as required by law, re-marry.  But God brings good out of misfortune. Years later, the newly widowed Judah, thinking Tamar is a prostitute, lays with her and fathers twins.  Since she is a daughter-in-law, the act is  also the crime and the sin of incest. No problem for Satan. The twins are not only bastards, but the products of a incestuous union, and as such, are especially cursed before God for 10 generations (Deut 23:2), seemingly interrupting the messianic descent once again. There is no mention at this point, that the messianic line is also a royal line, or a that a virgin would bear the Promised Seed. The great prophets have not yet been born, and Satan was unlikely to have any special insight to the Redemptive Plan.

The great judges rule Israel for the next 800 or so years.  When David is born in Bethlehem from this cursed line. It has been exactly 10 generations from Tamar and Judah to the generation that produced King David.  (Remember 10 is the number of ordinal perfection and a number needed to remove the corruption from this bloodline as specified in Deuteronomy) Ordinal perfection means that in a series of things, the tenth item will complete/ perfect the series, and not necessarily in a holy way, either).

The Hebrew kings following the Davidic line of descent through Solomon go from bad to worse especially in the area of obedience and worshiping one God. By now, Satan is aware that the Promised Seed will come of a virgin and be of royal breeding. Captivities and interminable assaults from enemies bring the Chosen People back to divine worship only temporarily.  Finally, disgusted, God declares a blood curse on the House of Jeconiah: "Thus saith the Lord, …. no man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah". (Jeremiah 22:30). No future Israeli King will come forth from this bloodline (and none did). St Joseph is of this bloodline which God has disqualified from ever serving as king. Satan, no doubt, is delighted. Merriment and likely rumbled throughout the caverns of hell the day the blood curse was pronounced. Now there could be no freedom for the captives, all would join him in hell one day.

But God had other plans probably existing from eternity, but certainly defined from that day in the Garden of Eden. The bloodline of the redeemer must be spotless. His breeding literally impeccable and immaculate, and this must be legally documented for all nations in God’s holy word, the oldest legal document of pedigrees in the world! Pedigrees were kept among the Temple records and one day they will be discovered documenting Jesus' claim to David's throne!

As laid out so beautifully and completely by Dr. Chuck Missler of Koinonia House (www.khouse.org), the differing genealogies of Jesus in Mathew and Luke are not in conflict but reflect a careful and amazing plan for redemption .

According to Dr. Missler, Matthew’s genealogy is that of St. Joseph. Matthew, the Levite and tax collector, was probably very familiar with and responsible for legal and Temple records that would record genealogies. His gospels portrays Christ's royalty and emphasizing the kingship of Jesus and presents Him as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, tracing the legal line from Abraham, Father of the Jews, through David, the greatest of the Jewish Kings, to Joseph, the legal  father of Jesus. However, his particular bloodline is still cursed by a high and holy fiat of God. Legally, no king can ever claim it and sit on the throne of David. Apparently, after King Solomon, St. Joseph was the best thing that ever happened to this particular bloodline!

So we turn to the most gracious advocate,  the  unblemished virgin, who gave both humanity to God, and God to humanity, as the only blood and bone parent , as the willing, loving, Mother of Sorrows. She is also descended from King David through another son of David and Bathsheba, Nathan. Dr Missler says, "Luke, the physician details her bloodline, focusing on the humanity of Jesus Christ and presents Him as the Son of Man. This lineage is traced from Adam (the first Man) to David with an identical genealogy to Matthew's. At this point, the genealogies differ because Luke traces through Nathan, the second son of David and Bathsheba, down through Heli, the father of Mary.  Further, there is no divine curse on this particular Davidic line".

But  seeming insurmountable legal problems remain with passing down royal rights through a woman.  God's own laws state that females cannot pass blood rights or birthrights (like the throne) through their bloodlines  (Deut 21:16).  For all her inestimable virtues, Mary, also, seems disqualified to pass her rights as a royal to her son, Jesus.  But it is no careless compliment. She is certainly royalty and is a real royal queen-mother.

So How does God do it?. Jesus, as God, can have anything he wants. But He deigns to do it legally and once again does not exempt Himself from His own laws .

Keep in mind these ARE serious obstacles to Christ's kingship through Mary who is royal but is unqualified to pass it on. We now look at an obscure story in Numbers 26  about   Zelophehad, who only had daughters. When Zelophehad died the daughters approached Moses arguing that it was unfair to loose all their rights, (not to mention the money), of inheritance.

After prayers God gave Moses an exception to the rule: Inheritance CAN flow through a female, IF they fulfill two requirements. (1) There must be no male offspring in the family  (Num 27:8) and (2) if the female offspring should marry, they must marry within their own tribe (Num 36:6).

Mary had no brothers, AND the betrothal story in Luke shows that she married within her own tribe, Judah. Thus, if it were not a virgin birth, Jesus Christ could NOT legally claim the Davidic throne as the blood right of inheritance—He  would be required to inherit through the male bloodline (cursed by God).  As Dr. Missler points out, Jesus Christ legally and rightfully received a valid claim to the Davidic throne as blood descendant through His Mother, alone.  A virgin birth, and only a virgin birth could have maintained the three simultaneous claims of Jesus as Son of God, the Christ (Messiah), and Son of David while avoiding a blood curse.

Dr. Missler points out that It was Protestant scholar and theologian C.I. Scofield who discovered  the exception to the royal line of descent rule mentioned in Numbers 26 and that the claims of Christ are indeed valid and rely on inheritance through a mother if she has no brothers and marries within her own tribe. If Mary had a brother the uncursed side of the Davidic descent could have passed to Jesus Christ and not terminated  in Him, but none is mentioned in the either of the intensely patrilineal genealogies.   In Luke's genealogy, only one descendent is mentioned each generation as conveying the birthrights to the next generation. And last, but not least, they are all sons until we come to The Virgin.

Further evidence that Mary had no brothers is that after the crucifixion she abided in the house of the apostle, St. John, not a brother, as would have been Jewish custom. Insights to this custom are depicted by Mary, Martha and Lazarus, all unmarried siblings, sharing a household.  Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, pp 676-680, describes ancient Jewish society was so intensely patrilineal that it was Jewish custom for a son-in-law (St Joseph) to be adopted when the father of the bride had no son, as did Mary’s father. This is why Joseph is called a son of Heli. Further, it was considered dishonorable to trace one’s lineage through the mother’s line, so St. Mathew, a document expert, carefully details Joseph’s bloodline and St. Luke mentions Mary's Father, Heli, as the father of Joseph.  Jesus’ contemporaries and the New Testament authors all seem to ignore Mary’s bloodline in any New Testament references to "A Son of David".

Satan's last stand

So Satan's inexorable attack on the messianic bloodline failed. The evil one has turned his attention to the human bloodline now and desperately seeks to corrupt it before the end. In this way Satan can mimic and mock God's creative and sovereign initiative.

Jesus Christ clearly states before his next coming the very grave sins in which human heredity was altered (by diabolical matings with humans) will be repeated: “As in the Days of Noah so shall it also be for the coming of the Son of Man” (Mat 24:37).    Eve's sought knowledge to be like God, a sin which necessitated the redemption plan. Interesting that the word for what Eve sought is sciencia or knowledge.

Since 1997, the year of both Dolly the Sheep and Hale-Bopp, there have been stunning enhancements to cloning technologies such that science has  NOW  arrived at the brink of defiling creation with monstrous and novel admixtures of human and animal DNA, as well as manufacturing novel life forms. The very presence of these chimeras usurps and defies God by tampering with His natural order and exalting knowledge in a way never intended.

Jesus' bloodline ended with Him. No other individual is qualified to sit on the Throne of David, which Gabriel tells Mary, will last forever. Mary had no brothers or sisters or she could not have passed the legal and royal heritage to Jesus.  Her son, Jesus terminated the bloodline becoming the summit of His own carefully crafted redemption plan.

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Dec 24, 2008

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