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 The heavens declare God's glory but  so do the numbers and they can't lie!
The astonishing pattern and prophecy of 153

by Judy Gassett @ www.spirit-digest.com

 I have had  Jim Harrison's  book, The Pattern & The Prophecy God's Great Code on my book shelf for over 15 years, the sheer elegance of which I never got over.  I was reminded of it again  when I saw that he had written an article on the same subject appearing in Prophecy In the News magazine this month. Again, marveling at his scholarship and wanting to share something very unusual and profound  I  have reworked  and expanded the article (no link available). Harrison is a skilled mathematician  who marvels at God's profound simplicity in His created works and words. You can buy his book which covers the astonishing, even supernatural properties of 153 and other divine mathematical "oddities" and numerical relationships. Link to buy will be provided below for those interested.

The entrapment of about a third of all other numbers by 153 is a simple and perfect metaphor for God's plan: A net that the "fishers of men" will use to catch one-third of all humanity.  153 is a  net which draws one-third of humanity into it as shown below, mathematically! 

 In Luke 5, the newly ordained "fishers of men" have fished all night to no avail. Out of politeness to Jesus' bidding they let down the net one more time and reel in a catch so large it comes close to breaking the net.  This is a miraculous sign of the new Church's destiny and the ministers who would precipitate it.

Again in John 21 the resurrected Christ calling the disciples is depicted.  Once again they have fished all night to no avail. He asks them to lower their net once again and they catch exactly 153 fish. Mathematician Harrison asks, "Who counts their catch?" Usually, even in ancient times, it was weighed. He wondered, "is there something special about 153?"  In fact, there is and it is just this side of supernatural!

Mind you, Jim Harrison is not the only one to ponder the meaning of 153. St Augustine also did.

Harrison has come up with some fascinating, even sacred, properties of this totally unique number. He says it points directly to Jesus Christ. It is also a number that literally catches one-third of all other numbers!   In other words it is a net drawing other numbers to itself.  Harrison thinks this is a metaphor for the number of persons who will be saved.

1.    Pick any whole number (integer) divisible by three, as large as you wish, even to hundreds of digits. If you keep dividing by 3 you will finally reach 153.  There is no number in the universe with this unique property.  He proves this mathematically. In fact the scholarship of his writing is amazing. I especially enjoyed his revelations about Isaac Newton. The vast majority of Newton's writing were not drafts of the Prinkipia Mathematica or Optiks but on eschatology.  More about him later to strengthen  your belief in the holy Trinity.  He treats Isaac Newton, a stubborn Unitarian, harshly: "...Because he did not accept the reality of the Holy Trinity, he missed the patterns of the Trinity" and its rule of three (3) and "never discovered the beautiful designs in God's Word".  I don't completely agree with this assessment of Isaac Newton. The relationship is simple and  so why didn't St. Augustine, a Trinity expert, and no superficial thinker, discover it?  Just maybe God wanted Jim Harrison and no other to discover it.

He also calls 153 the "resurrection number" and shows of all the infinite numbers available 153 is the ONLY number that has the property of self-perpetuation or "resurrection".

2.    153 resurrects itself when the "Trinity Function" is applied.   The "Trinity Function" is cubing the number. That is  13 + 53 + 33 = 153. 153 starts out as 153 and ends in 153 after the "Trinity Function"  thus, it is "resurrected" .  For instance,  the Trinity Function applied to   351 and 135 results in 153 if each integer is cubed and the result summed but DOES NOT result in the same starting number like 153.  

Moreover, a fishing scenario  after the resurrection and just before the Ascension was the perfect setting to declare 153 fish for these newly ordained "fishers of men". The significance of ALL whole numbers divisible by 3 eventually winnowing to 153 as depicted on the shores of Lake Galilee where the catch is enumerated is an unspoken parable of the net Jesus is going to leave the apostles to  catch one-third of all men. One-third is also an outstanding property of 153 because it is also "perfectly triangular" number in addition to resurrecting itself.

Jim Harrison also goes on to explain by quoting Zechariah 13:

"And it shall come to pass that in all the land, saith the Lord, two part therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein and I will bring the third part through the fire and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name and I will hear them"  Zechariah 13:8. 

Harrison feels that this points to the souls saved during the great apostasy/ tribulation: One-third will be saved. This is conceivable as many are NOT praying now, and will not turn to God and pray when the going gets very rough. Instead they will blaspheme and curse God despite 2,000 years of warnings and prophecies about end time errors and the consequences of them. The dark times coming will make leaving this earth a blessing.

Jim Harrison also deals with certain numbers that he considers "perfectly triangular".  They appear often in the Bible, more than one would surmise. These are numbers which would form a equilateral triangle if you laid them out with beans, marbles, or pennies, etc. The sides would be equal.  Perfectly triangular numbers are another manifestation of God's perfect order and creation.  153 in addition to its unique, singular properties, is also perfectly triangular.  But so is 666.

Now, there is spiritual warfare going on with numbers before the first human could even count  of which we are only dimly aware. Satan has his own counterfeits and he tries to mock  God's perfection with them. The first satanic number is 13, the number of rebellion. Numbers are often used in the Bible to  underscore a point so you need to see how the Bible uses the number. The first time thirteen is used is Gen 14:4: "For twelve years they served Chedorlamomer and in the thirteenth year they rebelled.".   E. W. Bullinger is the leading expert on biblical numerology and his book is online, reference given below. This is one of the examples from his book.

There is a chapter devoted to "diamatics" or number theory and numbers as applied to Satan some of which are satanic symbols. Leonardo Da Vinci is mentioned as having a dark side which included an unsavory relationship, with a monk  into satanic numerology and  the occult.  His paintings, particularly the Last Supper, used satanic ratios including Phi. This is a ratio found it the pentagram, and the human body. In the body it is the distance from head to heel divided by the distance from head to the navel (symbol of original sin), and works out to about 1.618. This ratio (Phi) never gives a constant remainder so it  is called  an "irrational" number . In fact, if you square, cube or even do the reciprocal, (1/1.618), it leaves the irrational part unchanged. It remains 0.618. Harrison feels this perfectly reflects Satan's irrational "demented core".  "Phi" comes from a pagan Greek architect, Phidias, who used it (the ratio) extensively in ancient Grecian pagan temples. Harrison feels Christian owe it to their faith to be aware of the spiritual warfare surrounding numbers. With reference to the Last Supper, as Catholics, we should be sensitive to an early attempt to revile the Eucharist with satanic diamatics in this renowned painting.

 Harrison felt that Da Vinci's  "Man As A Measure of All Things"  embodied a pentagram.


Then there is 666 which is perfectly triangular, like 153.  Each integer in 666 is perfectly triangular.  But when the Trinity Function is applied its perfection collapses: 63 + 63 + 63 = 648.   Satan does not have the power to bring forth life and his number cannot resurrects itself like 153.

Amazing relationships emerge when the  gematria is applied to perfectly triangular numbers.  The New Testament writers where aware of  the art of the gematria  and used it extensively probably because the prevailing taxation and commerce authority at the time, the Romans, used it. The gematria is giving letters of the alphabet a numerical value. The Romans used it in everyday life. X = 10, L = 50, C =100, etc.

An example of the relationships emerging when the gematria is a applied: In Hebrew, "serpent", "tempter" are multiples of thirteen in the Old Testament. In the new Testament, (written in Greek), "serpent", "tempter","belial",  "murderer" and "dragon" (which is only found in Revelation 13 times), are all multiples of  13 when the gematria is applied in Greek.  That is the same numerical equivalence when two languages with different linguistic roots are applied. Now tell me this is a "coincidence". 

For "Jesus", "Lord",  "Lord Jesus", "Jesus Christ", "Lord Jesus Christ"  when the gematria is applied, the result it eight (8), the biblical number of new beginnings. resurrection, and rebirth.  

Jim Harrison acknowledges the profound, everlasting contributions of Sir Isaac Newton to our understanding of physical laws. Elucidating these laws was only Newton's  side line. Newton's main interest was prophecy and biblical exegesis into the point of reading/memorizing  the Bible  in the native languages..  Newton regularly read the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. He wrote the Prinkipia  and Optiks in perfect Latin. As mentioned, the vast majority of his writings were on eschatology (Daniel and Revelation), hidden in an old wooden trunk and eventually sold  to unknown parties  in the 1930's at auction houses.  

During his life he stubbornly refused to accept Christ as God because of the "disturbing" dialogue between the Father and Son in the Garden of Gethsemane which "proved" Jesus could not be God. So Newton, "despite his devotion to God, and his  profound contributions to our understanding of the physical universe, deprived himself of insight to God's Trinitarian nature  and  remained a Unitarian, forever  blind to the mystical wonders of three".

Jim Harrison also mentions that in university circles of the time only ordained (Episcopal) priests who received holy orders could hold academic chairs. Newton would have to swear allegiance to the Holy Trinity in order to accept the appointment.  Somehow, the day of the investiture, Newton did not have to take the oath and it was never required later.

But God had some fun with him.  Newton held a chair at Trinity College at Cambridge, walked down Trinity street every day to and from classes, and had his private living quarters within Trinity House.

There are many other amazing relationships, connections and juxtapositions in this trenchant, scholarly work all of which reference the glory, omnipotence, and reverence owed our triune God.  Newton, himself, wrote 15 principles for biblical interpretation. Harrison reminds readers that the rule that served him, (Harrison), the most in his scholarly mathematic explorations was Newton's Ninth Rule:  "It is the perfection of God's works that they are done with the greatest simplicity".


Click icon to order book from Amazon (about $15). Book is completely indexed on subject matter. There is a second index on scriptures used

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E.W. Bullinger, Numbers in Scripture


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