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St. Joseph Miraculously Chosen as Mary’s Spouse. They reveal to each other their vows of chastity.
Maria Valtorta’s vision of the miraculous choice of St Joseph to be the husband of Mary is in perfect conformity to the ancient traditional belief. 

Scientists Want Meat Slapped With ‘Cigarette-Style’ Warning Label A group of scientists is proposing government-mandated cigarette-style caution labels on meat packages that could read, “Warning: Eating meat contributes to climate change.” The anti-meat scientists, who falsely claim meat consumption is detrimental to health and the environment, began pushing for the labels.

Wicked, Wicked Doctors put “climate change” above patients’ interests All must worship this murderous delusion based on excessive CO2. Ahead of COP26 held in Glasgow in 2021, BMJ published an editorial which urged doctors to think less about the health of their patients and more about the health of the planet. The editorial claimed that medical treatment contributes significantly to “greenhouse gas emissions” and that this carbon footprint can be reduced if only “health professionals” can learn to reduce “overdiagnosis” and “overtreatment.”

Things in Chicago Are So Bad That Venezuelan Illegals Are Fleeing Back to Venezuela  A matter of time before they start rioting.

Migrants Refuse to Stay at New NYC Shelter, Demand New Accommodations

Under fire, US Supreme Court unveils ethics code for justices

“Preach Christ to the Muslims”

St. Francis of Assisi: Not a Birkenstock-Clad Hippie But a Converter of Muslims 

Did God Get Involved in the 2023 World Series? The Texas Rangers were the only MLB team not to host a "Pride Night." Now they are World Series Champions. Fun to think that God does not overlook small details of wretchedness and rebellion

Are Satan's 100 Years Up?  

Catholic mother and principal who lost all four limbs to flu complications (when rare sepsis developed) describes her journey 

Believing Israeli accounts of Oct. 7 makes you a ‘war criminal,’ ex-UK MP says Former UK member of Parliament George Galloway posted denials of the October 7 atrocities in an X post on November 10. The post alleged that Hamas terrorists never committed rape, only one baby had been killed “by persons unknown” and that anyone stating the contrary is a “war criminal.” 

Gaza Resident: Israel Intel Spent Hours On Phone Warning Me, Neighbors To Evacuate A Palestinian dentist confessed that Israeli intelligence agents spent hours on the phone with him to warn him to evacuate his area and warn others before the area was targeted by the Israel Defense Forces.

Another Billionaire Donor is Abandoning Far Left Columbia University Over Anti-Semitism on Campus In October, billionaire Leon Cooperman announced live on FOX Business that he would no longer donate money to Columbia University over the pro-Hamas demonstrations that were taking place there.   

Terrifying Photos Show Exactly Why Family Feels ‘Blessed’ After Dad, Baby Survived Horrific Crash

According to eminent Swiss microbiologist and specialist in infectious diseases we’re now witnessing ENORMOUS declines in birth rates across the planet, what he calls “the largest decline ever seen in all of history”

Every mountain made low and covered with green Pastures

Past Headlines

Pope’s removal of Bishop Strickland draws huge Catholic outrage, global media coverage
'His persecution will only open the door for countless others to rise up.'

‘Defend Us in Battle’: The Heroic Faith of Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor

Uptick In Severe Persecution: Bishop Strickland Gets the Axe By the UnGodly, Relentlessly Evil Seat In the Vatican
Any Colleague or Layperson Praising This Move Is Proven Despicable Strickland is still a bishop of the Catholic Church

A Most Humble Soul Who Received Less Than A Day In Purgatory

Massive Move of God in Nicaragua: 650,000 Attend, Thousands Choose Christ, Miracles Abound

The Cure of Ars said, “All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man to God; but the Mass is the sacrifice of God for man.”

Eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG 

"May the light of the Holy Spirit come upon us all and reveal Him who is the Truth."


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Incorrupt Scapulars

Mom with double uterus expecting 2 babies in '1 in a million' pregnancy

Cataclysmic times have arrived.  Volcanoes, as prophesized, are turbo-charged and will be expressing it powerfully with magma and poisonous gasses.

Meteorological Tsunami Hits Cardoso Beach: A Call for Research An unexpected meteorological tsunami hit Cardoso Beach in Laguna, southern Santa Catarina, on a regular Saturday afternoon, causing waves to surge across the coast, dragging cars in its wake. This rare phenomenon, which is linked to atmospheric changes, stirred the beachside community due to its unpredictability and potential destructiveness. Differences in air pressure can also cause tsunamis

Arson under a freeway bridge likely caused fire that damaged vital artery of Los Angeles freeway It caused a stretch of I-10 to be shut down over the weekend and is still shut down. I-10 is a major east-to-west artery in Los Angeles -- being shut down in both directions motorists are advised to take other routes, work from home or take the Metro. 

Catholics protest Bishop Strickland’s removal, show support for him with public rosary in Buffalo

Archbishop Viganò: Bergoglio’s removal of Bishop Strickland is a cowardly form of authoritarianism 

Bishop Strickland to lead Rosary rally outside US Catholic bishops’ meeting this Wednesday

US nuncio Cardinal Pierre told Bishop Strickland ‘there is no deposit of faith’ 

Bishop Strickland Saga: Ousted Bishop Speculates on the Reasons the Vatican Removed Him “I know I didn’t implement Traditiones Custodes” — the pope’s 2021 restriction of the Traditional Latin Mass — “because I can’t starve out part of my flock.”  

'Cowardly act': Desecration of Jewish cemetery prompts outrage in Cleveland suburb Always a felony.

Antisemitic Attacks Jump Over 300% in New York City

“First plasma” at the Japan's nuclear fusion reactor vessel meaning the device was used to create and contain a super-hot plasma for the first time — a milestone in the development of a sustaining nuclear fusion for peace-time uses.  Plasma is the only thing hot enough to keep the fusion reaction going which forces 2 unwilling atoms together to release energy.  It is what stars do. Link

Kill switch for cancer cells found

Israel Prison Service vows ‘no going back’ with Hamas terrorists 2,600 terrorists have been detained, the majority from the West Bank and several hundred from Gaza, including members of Hamas’s elite Nukhba force. The current total number of detainees held by the Israel Prison Service (IPS) stands at 7,254. …since the war, a “new and more restrictive policy,” has been taken toward security prisoners held in Israeli prisons. “They are held 4-8 in a cell, locked there all day. They are defined as the most dangerous detainees in the IPS system.

Dr Peter McCullough: No one should take another Shot, COVID vaccines are not safe for Human use Dr Peter McCullough recently gave a speech at the European Parliament during a hearing hosted by five Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”).  The hearing was to raise awareness about the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) power grab. Dr. McCullough gave evidence of the enormous wave of harms the covid “vaccines” have caused.  There’s a false narrative that it’s COVID causing all these illnesses. Don’t fall for the false narrative. It’s the vaccines causing this enormous wave of illness, he said. 

Pope Francis issued a new radical apostolic letter calling for a “paradigm shift” in how theology is developed.  He wants to change deductive methods taught he Church's fathers and greatest theologians  to inductive ideosyncratic methods that work "better" for diverse  populations ("what works for you"). A brief guide for busy readers