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Pope Francis calls for ‘paradigm shift’ in theology for world of today in a new motu proprio (at the Pope’s own initiative) which revises the statutes of the Pontifical Academy of Theology

House Oversight Exposes Biden’s ‘Laundered China Money’ Trail

IDF troops who engaged in fierce combat with Hamas terrorists for control over an operations base in the Gaza Strip were met with 100 women and children pushed forward by Hamas to act as a human barrier. Link

Hamas Official: We Will Repeat October 7 Terror Attack Until Israel is Annihilated Proof Israel has no other choice.

Teenager senselessly executed stranger sleeping on Seattle bus

Former nurse now linked to 17 nursing home deaths

Jury awards $332 million to man who blamed his cancer on use of Monsanto weedkiller

Top U.S. Law Firms Warn University Deans to Stop Turning Students into Antisemites

Texas Sets Stage For Constitutional Struggle With Biden Admin Over Border Protection

Texas Rangers, Only Team to Refuse LGBT 'Pride Night,' Win World Series

Guatemala's first 3D-printed tiny home is 527 square feet and was designed to resist earthquakes — take a look inside

Outrage: Proof Covid was engineered from man's misuse of science  as stated by the Blessed Mother several years ago: The Great Lab Catastrophe Documented in Rand Paul's new book- Original article by Spirit Daily.

Huge chunk of COVID-vax victims hit with these 3 serious problems Study of more than 19,000 confirms massive toll in neurological complications 

The Rosary Electroshocks Demons

Bl. Bartolo Longo: How the Rosary Can Save Your Life

As only God can orchestrate it, the injured and hospitalized pastor’s story has gotten even more astonishing

5 Ways to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory 

9 plants that repel spiders and keep them out of your home

Zelensky Advisor Admits Gov't Officials 'Stealing Like No Tomorrow' as Biden Pushes for Billions More to Ukraine

Australian 'deadly mushroom' cook Erin Patterson is arrested over fatal beef Wellington lunch that killed three family members

Scientists Make Breakthrough in Detecting Early Alzheimer's  They will soon use new radiology method to detect it.  

The sunscreen of the future? Scientists develop a skin cream that heals sun damage as it happens


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The Powerful Friendship of the Holy SoulsTo Hell With Halloween

Judgments cometh: Why They Have Not Changed Over Human History and are Just

We knew that "A" would be assaulted by demons on Halloween. It happens every year. As a spiritual sensitive and a victim soul, she is more attuned to the preternatural world. This is both a blessing and a cross. On Halloween, when the demons are especially loosed in the world, it is definitely a cross.

Possible 'Eucharistic Miracle' at California Marian Retreat  Showing Mary in the "heart" of Jesus
If the image is BVM how could it be a called a Eucharistic miracle? Image appears as "Our Lady of Akita". This cannot be tested and the image has disappeared.

The ‘Gordean Knot’ of moral proportionality in the Middle East (part I)  What other response could a civilized state (Israel) undertake, given their God-given responsibility to protect their citizens from harm (Rom. 13:1-7)". A GREAT Read. 

The Cure of Ars said, “All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man to God; but the Mass is the sacrifice of God for man.”

Eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG 

"May the light of the Holy Spirit come upon us all and reveal Him who is the Truth."


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Collection of short specialty prayers that thwart demons in their activities

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Man says, 'Show me, and I'll trust you.' God says, 'Trust me and I'll show you.'
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Welcome to Mexican "muerteadas," a traditional parade to portray how death can be as joyful as life  AntiChristian?

Italy on 'Edge' Facing 2.5K Earthquakes as Italian Supervolcano Rumbles: 'It's Nonstop  Long Island Caldera volcano in California also seismically active

1.2M without power as massive storm Ciarán pummels Western Europe. And it's not over

Mega temperature rebound in store for the eastern half of the US

The Four Critical Groups Entirely Excluded by the "Inclusive", "Non-Judgmental" Synod

A Masonic leader was at Vatican environmental conference to promote depopulation, world gov’t

The pope and bishops must hold fast to the Church’s mission ‘for the salvation of the world in Christ’ and not serve ‘woke’ ideologies: Cardinal Gerhard Müller  

Judge orders new Bridgeport, CT mayoral primary after seeing alleged ballot-stuffing videos. Election set to continue as planned despite 11th-hour court order. 

She Noticed a Man Walking to Work Day After Day, and Then God ‘Bopped’ Her Over the Head

These "rules" about how to properly use a Ouija Board safely are blown up by a priest

Venezuelan migrants accused of stealing thousands in merchandise from Illinois Macy's

Daughter Credits Jesus & Prayers As Mary Lou Retton Heads Home After Fighting for Her Life  

After 25 years of dabbling with human embryonic stem cells, nothing was ever derived that benefitted anyone.
Five years have come and gone. Ten years. Twenty years. Twenty-five years—a quarter century—have gone by since human embryonic stem cells were isolated and made available for research. It turns out proponents of human embryonic stem cell research (hESCR) did exactly the opposite: they wildly over-promised and grotesquely under-delivered. Today, twenty-five years on, there are no cures or therapies based on hESC (human embryonic stem cells) and there are no successful clinical trials using hESCR
. Link 

Scientists warn a rare type of space explosion could eradicate life on Earth for 'thousands of years' Not on Earth. God will cleans our planet, not destroy it.  All things will be made new in Him; Our planet will be purified not totally destroyed.   

Catholic Farmer Barred From Market by City for Beliefs on Marriage—Triumphs After 6-Year Lawsuit A six-year legal battle between a farm and the city of East Lansing has ended after a district judge ruled against the city, citing that it had violated a Catholic family’s right to religious freedom.