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Mike Johnson Acknowledges God’s Plan in Speakership Victory: ‘I Don’t Believe There Are Any Coincidences’

Mike Johnson Strongly Supports Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden

Maine shooting live updates: At least 18 killed, massive manhunt underway for Army sergeant

5 found shot to death in NC home, sheriff says

Hurricane Otis pummels Mexico's Acapulco, cutting off famous beach resort

Red Alert in Vanuatu, Lola becomes southern hemisphere’s earliest Category 5 tropical cyclone on record 

27 dead after Hurricane Otis delivers 'catastrophic damage' as Category 5 storm

No evidence available supports that these two Cat 5s are the result of  'climate change', a delusion with which the unbelieving globalist elites (including the pope), wish to  unite, then enslave the entire world.

God promises to send the unbelieving delusions and this is one of them. The waters off Mexico are warm due to El Nino, a normal oscillation of global weather patterns.  Atlantic averages several degrees warmer than the Pacific in El Nino years. El Nino also causes fewer hurricanes to make landfall in the Atlantic due because the contrast between cold and warm water. This ultimately results in wind shear ripping the tops off of developing oceanic storms That is what we have seen so far this year.  Heavenly messages have mentioned several times that perturbation in solar radiation and emissions is causing violent storms on Earth.

Shields up! Urgent Prayer directive from the USA from Protestant seer Cindy Jacobs

Israeli Military Says Hamas Stockpiling 500,000 Liters of Fuel While Aid Agencies Decry Shortage Israel on Tuesday released satellite images depicting what it described as stockpiles of half a million liters of diesel fuel controlled by Hamas as UN agencies claimed that their operations were on the verge of ceasing for lack of power.

Qatar must be held accountable for Hamas’s actions against Israel  Qatar – a state that provides diplomatic, media, and financial support to a barbaric terrorist organization that murders and mutilates men, rapes and kidnaps women, and burns to death entire families – is accepted unblinkingly in the family of civilized nations.

Retired priest charged in Ohio  for inappropriate touching of female teen cancer  patient. Hid actions under the blankets 

Nicaragua is 'weaponizing' US-bound migrants as Haitians pour in on charter flights 

Never Forget: God Is Your Loving Father, and He Thinks You’re Worth Dying For...

Pope Francis in personal, hand-written note to Catholic LGBTQ leader: ‘Thank you for your ministry’ 

Israeli woman, 85, who wished 'peace' on her Hamas captors reveals the degrading abuse they inflicted on her that left her struggling to breathe... but could not strip her of her love for fellow man

Blinken urges 'humanitarian pauses' but US won't back ceasefire in Gaza

State Department says ceasefire would benefit Hamas, not stop rockets

This is why cease fire it should NOT paused
'Eyes were gouged out, a woman's breasts cut off and a daughter had her legs severed': Horrific details of Hamas massacre emerge as rescue worker recounts how entire families were slaughtered

Baba Vanga 2024: Climate Chaos And A Change In Earth's Orbit     

14-year-old who invented soap to treat skin cancer named America’s Top Young Scientist  

Basalt Sea Stacks in Iceland

Past Headlines

Middle East professors usually having a sympathetic view of the Arab world and taught that the issue was about land. It NEVER about land and was always about Muslim rejection of a Jewish state in their midst and a religious desire to destroy it. This conflict is the hardest to solve and the easiest to explain: In a nutshell, it’s this: One side wants the other side dead. Link 

Ding Cervantes: “You mock the messages  from Heaven, but prepare yourselves before you mourn” Many of Luz de Maria’s prophecies frighten, but almost always premised on whether mankind would convert so as to either assuage or remove altogether any chastisement being warned of.

The Little Flower Never Forgets Her Friends Even if they Ignore Her

Jonathan Cahn documents connection between Hamas and … the BIBLE

Messianic rabbi: violent spirit alive in 'Hamas' which has biblical roots

To paraphrase the ancient Roman statesman, Cato the Elder, the path is clear on what must be done: “Hamas must be destroyed”

Love, Mercy, and the Ark of the New Covenant a story of healing through the intercession of Jesus, the Divine Mercy, and Mary, Ark of the New Covenant.

A freak accident left him convinced he was going to die, but as he lay by the side of a country road awaiting the end, a figure bathed in bright light brought him new hope  

The Cure of Ars said, “All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man to God; but the Mass is the sacrifice of God for man.”

Eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG 

"May the light of the Holy Spirit come upon us all and reveal Him who is the Truth."


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This archangel shares a title with St Joseph!  Terror of demons! Mighty stuff.   A litany ideal for End Times.

A Very Curious Legend of St Raphael

UN Chief  Blames Israel for Hamas Attack, Israeli Amb. Demands He Resign

Did you know that the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are the same colors as the Palestinian Flag?

New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay​ The crucial argument: The court found that being vaccinated does not prevent contracting or transmission of the disease. NYC major who claimed that fired employees would not be rehired, slapped down.

Heroic: Man Raised from Birth as a Female Is Calling Out the Evil of 'Transiting' Kids

One Nigerian monk killed by kidnappers; two others freed

Can Witches Heal? 

Pope Francis on Women Deacons: ‘Holy Orders Is Reserved for Men’

Fr Marko Rupnik incardinated (adopted, received as a formal transfer) in Slovenian diocese where is is from  He was expelled from the Jesuits a couple of months ago

Pope Francis Says What Happened in Libya and Iraq Shows ‘We Must Not Export Democracy’ The murderous, savage regimes in power for centuries were preferable?

Pope Benedict XVI: The Doctor of the Church for Our Time... Let's hope his closest understudy, Abp Ganswein, may sit on the papal throne one day.

Why We (Rorate Caeli Blogspot) Have Not Covered the Synod on Synodality  

Why I Wear a Brown Scapular: Young Catholic Students Unveil its Supernatural Protection in Daily Life...

Coming to Mary and Staying: Miracles of the National Shrine and Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

Strange and Spooky Things: Exorcist Reflects on Terrifying Consequences of a Post-Christian Search for ‘Spiritual Experience’

The Incoherence of Pope Francis  WSJ

In Place of Francis: More than 1000 Catholics Answer the Dubia