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Top Florida Surgeon Advises People Not to Get the New COVID Booster

Masks don’t work against COVID-19

Top criminology prof who 'proved' systemic racism in U.S. fired for faking data
'Damage approaches the catastrophic'  A criminology professor who "proved" racism in America and whose work was cited thousands of times now has been fired – for fakery. A report at the Post-Millennial explains Eric Stewart was informed of his termination by Florida State University Provost James J. Clark, who said, "The damage to the standing of the university and, in particular, the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice and its faculty approaches the catastrophic and may be unalterable."... 

A Massachusetts priest facing larceny charges lived with a female parish employee for almost 10 years. The priest spent more than $100,000 in parish funds for unauthorized purchases

At Least 2,000 Dead, Up to 10,000 Missing After Dams Burst in Libya

Morocco earthquake deaths cross 2,900 dead  as rescuers comb small towns

US already struck by record number of billion-dollar disasters in 2023

Bishop Strickland: “Stand Firm in Your Faith” on the Eve of Synod  

Reply byTrubador 9/12/23
How the following men of the cloth are being treated by the hierarchy says it all: Bishop Joseph Strickland, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, Fr. James Altman, Fr. Frank Pavone, Cardinal Raymon Burke, Cardinal Francis Arinze, etc.
Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, Fr. James Martin, Bishop Georg Bätzing, Cardinal Blase Cupich, etc.

Reply by Frank M. Rega 9/12/23
The early Christian martyrs were RIGID in their Faith!

So, in the face of betrayal by those who should love, care for, and guard us, we can use Karl and Zita of Austria-Hungary as eminent role models—avoiding bitterness, blessing those who torment us, and praying that they save their souls. 

Escaped murderer sentenced to life w/o parole, Danelo Cavalcante, captured following intense manhunt.  No injuries and no details yet 

Bishop Strickland reaffirms that unrepentant homosexuals, adulterers cannot receive Communion

Catholic priest rebukes bishops endorsing ‘blessings’ of sinful relationships: ‘You need to repent’

What Can Happen When A Person Is Blessed By A Priest? 5 Spiritual & Temporal Benefits   

The Genocide Of Christians Is Escalating All Over The Planet, But Most Westerners Don’t Even Know It Is Happening Did you know that vast multitudes of Christians have been killed and hundreds of churches have been attacked in recent months?  If you live in the western world, there is a good chance that you haven’t heard anything about this.  That is because what becomes “news” is very tightly controlled by a handful of exceedingly powerful corporations.  So you are going to get the “news” that they want you to have.

'I sell XL Bullys (dogs bred to be vicious) to drug dealers': Shocking moment father-of-six admits breeding killer dogs to 'put food on the table' - as pressure grows to ban 'mutant' crossbreed

'There is no doubt XL Bully's should be banned': Top plastic surgeon says his clinic is treating TWO people a week for dog bites in 'unrelenting flow' of attacks that are inflicting 'devastating' injuries to victims 

'Psychotic' woman stalked her husband for two years before they actually met to memorize his routine - but then it all backfired after they got married   

Stunning Double Rainbow Lights Up New York City Skyline on 9/11

Past Headlines

Pope Francis Meets Officials at Vatican to Discuss Possible Resignation of Bishop Joseph Strickland

The Miraculous Medal and an Unknown Story

Veil of blindness lifted for Jewish art student reading Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53

Priest Who Survived Dachau: “It was through Our Lady’s intercession that I came out alive”...

The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness

'I was sure that it was Mother Teresa who healed me'
This is the miracle that made her a saint.   

Pope Francis: Cardinal Burke, faithful worried about the Synod are not defending ‘true Catholic doctrine’    

The Cure of Ars said, “All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man to God; but the Mass is the sacrifice of God for man.”

Eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG 

"May the light of the Holy Spirit come upon us all and reveal Him who is the Truth."


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Putin is left 'humiliated' by having to travel 'to the far end of Russia and plead for ammunition' from Kim Jong Un - and 'it is a clear sign of his isolation and desperation'

Archbishop Fernández again fails to rule out homosexual ‘blessings’ in latest interview

New Mexico Governor Loses Control as Armed Citizens Roll Into Albuquerque What did she think was going to happen? New Mexico’s Democratic governor has been making headlines around the country since she decided her election to a statewide office gave her the power to suspend the Constitution of the United States. And as surely as night follows day, as clockwork as the swallows returning to Capistrano, and as predictably as Americans who object fiercely to being pushed around by a government for no good reason, gun owners in Lujan Grisham’s state responded by rallying in Albuquerque on Sunday, defiantly bearing their firearms. the rally itself shouldn’t be surprising, though it was heartening.

The Ten Commandments: So Much More Than a List of Rules

Pope: Employers’ first job is to take care of their workers

How the son of an International Planned Parenthood exec became the face of Catholic creation scholarship

The Exorcist Is Heading Back to Theaters for Its 50th Anniversary

5 former Memphis police officers charged with federal crimes in Tyre Nichols death (Civil rights violations)  

Sweeping study finds 1,000 cases of sexual crimes in Swiss Catholic Church since 1950 

Prayer - the Real Miracle

Long, difficult road to the priesthood but then I went to  Medjugorje

Dictatorship in Nicaragua Arrests Priest Who Prayed for Imprisoned Bishop Álvarez

An elderly couple in California shocked after they were served an eviction notice to leave their home after making payments for more than two decades. They purchased the home in 2003 but son assured them they didn't need to be on the title and that he would take care of it. He transferred the title to someone else who is evicting "Because of the title, no lawyer will touch the case" Link 

 A doctor examines sickness and health, on 9/11 and beyond

The ghosts of 9/11

9/11 Survivor Stories: 'Twists of Fate That Saved These People’s Lives

‘God was with us on the stairwell’: A hero of 9/11 finds his vocation 

Exorcist Diary #257: "Satan, Be Afraid of Us!"