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Furious Bishop pens open letter to faithful: “I am extremely shocked and I feel betrayed. I absolutely disagree with the prophecies..WW3, Warnings, Days of Darkness”

Countdown To The Kingdom Responds

Spirit-Digest Opines:
Bishop Lemay has posited these complaints before, so this is nothing new. What is quite salient is a strident angry tone. His text gives the impression that the rebuke issues from the consternation of the faithful calling/ emailing his office and burdening his staff after reading end time pastoral messages and prophecies of Fr. Michel Rodrique. The impression  is that because of the panic stricken voices of the crying faithful, the bishop has now decided to disavow the messages and Fr. Rodrique.

In fact, Fr.Rodrique's messages are highly consistent with bishop approved messages of other Catholic seers around the world. For months Bishop Lemay has been neutral on the message content but in April objected that message content was read and approved by him. He has known Fr. Rodrique since 2011 so it is strange that he would not know about Fr. Rodrique's ministry. In 2015 Bishop Lemay wrote that Fr. Rodrique had "my support and complete trust".

Since 2011, all around the world end time messages from the Blessed Mother and bishop approved seers have taken a more potent, ominous, and intense tone as sin metastasizes  into human reproduction, sexual alteration, toiling with the genes, pedophilia, and murder of children and many other serious sins.  I do not think Fr. Rodrique deceived anyone and forwarded his messages to his bishop.  Has Bishop Lemay been paying attention? Statements that that bishop approved the messages were dutifully retracted.  

The bishop must have known that Fr. Rodrique was acting as an exorcist within the confines his own ministry and not the diocese in general, and that it was fitting for him to proceed in that capacity. His exorcisms were described and discussed on virtual retreats. The bishop was angered that his specific permission was never granted for exorcisms confined to Fr. Rodrique's ministry.  Due to the advanced spiritual gifts of Fr. Rodrique, of which the bishop was certainly aware, it would have been far more benefic and pastoral  to have offered the charism to perform exorcisms within the confines of his ministry, rather than the shocking, written, public rebuke. Every diocese needs more, not less exorcists. 

Fr. Rodrique has left Bishop Lamay's diocese, or has been called by the Lord to leave,  possibly to prevent more injury to his critical ministry, including its obliteration by naysayers and the spiritually blind.  It has been a shocking year for the credibility and probity of Catholic bishops, and in my opinion, the majority of U.S. bishops sit in darkness.  Bishop Lemay does nothing to change this impression. The parable of the wise and foolish virgins comes to mind.

Countdowntothekingdom.com  website mentions the positive fruits, joys, hopes, reversal of life journeys, and peace, that Fr. Rodrique's ministry has brought to Catholic Christians.  If Bishop Lemay objects to a frightened laity now, while there is time to accept Divine Mercy, one wonders what the world's bishops and priests are going to do after the Warning when millions are stampeding the confessional and living in pan-confusion, remorse, and for some, pan-terror? The consciences of the confessors, themselves will be touched.  Remember that,  and keep yourself in a state of grace and also that the Blessed Mother has said that by the time of the warning for many it will be too late!

Thank you, Count Down To The Kingdom, for your PERSPICACIOUS, uplifting, inspiring work in providing a single place for believers to come to to discern and weigh the all of the words of our mystics and seers. You are the most complete of the ministries preparing the faithful to receive our Savior. The official hierarchy of the Catholic Church continues to fail miserably in that regard.

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