Standing Firm While God Separates the Wheat From the Chaff

The Chaff: Mother of Dead Trans Teen Seeks to Create a Child to Remember Him By

Homosexual abuse scandal and cover-up during Benedict’s pontificate shakes Vatican

Children’s ‘Mental Health’ Problems May Be Spiritual How could it help but not be?

The Early Visions of St. Mother Teresa

Brazilian horror park reopens as drive-thru

Man spends 2.5 hours in box filled with ice cubes

Another Democrat Mayor Relocates Home Due to Protests

REVEALED- More than HALF of 18 to 29-year-olds in the US are living with their parents - the highest rate since the Great Depression 

Judicial Watch Uncovers Nearly 2 MILLION Extra Names On Voter Rolls In Just TWO STATES

19 aliens charged with voter fraud in North Carolina following ICE investigation

German diocese has women preaching at Mass as part of ‘week of action’

Navy cancels Catholic Masses at San Diego-area bases (due to lack of contract priests) while other religious services continue

Divine intervention: Distressed kayaker saved by Paulists on Lake George. Story from rescuers' side.

556K Louisianans Without Clean Water, 200K Have No Power After Laura

Woman working as a doctor serving Uyghur populations confirms atrocities She has escaped to Turkey.

He was sick with a 106-degree fever and in an ambulance on way to the hospital. But on the way there his soul left his body and he “went straight to hell”

$13 good deed turns into $1,000 award

Man rescued after 4 days trapped under fallen tree

Ayatollah Decries ‘Filthy Zionist Agents of the US – Such as the Jewish Member of Trump’s Family’

Saudi Arabia to open its airspace to Israel in nod to Middle East peace

Abbas urges Arabs not to normalize ties with Israel  So sick of this barking dog.

GOP Congressman: Biden’s Pledge to Restore US Funding to Palestinians “Mental Incoherence” 

Turkey Demolishes Iconic Christian Church, the ‘Hagia Sophia of Bursa’

Facts About Satan and the Fallen Angels by Fr. Amorth

How much can a bishop tax a parish? As much as he wants. The local bishop takes a cut of EVERYTHING coming into a parish

Mary, Martha and Jesus 

Past Headlines

Did California Legislators Just Vote to Protect (Gay) Adults Who Have Sex with Minors?  

You can see why chastisements are on their way   “It’s Not Your Imagination. Something Is Very Wrong.”

Cervantes: Even seniors are likely to witness the Warning

Demon Corrects Exorcist During Real Exorcism. This was narcissism beyond belief!

The vision was so real and so frightening, he began to question his atheism. “I wasn’t religious, but I thought I needed to be exorcized by a priest.”

Boston Cardinal Says Catholic Priests Must Be ‘Unequivocally’ Pro-Life

Divine chastisement is not a matter of shaming and blaming, as if God were an abusive parent, but extreme love acting against terrible evil...

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Trump to Give Medal to Army Sergeant on September 11

Half of US Christians say sex is sometimes, always OK in dating relationship

"If you think that they were sore losers in 2016, you ain't seen anything yet. ... Democrats have no intention of accepting defeat at the ballot box"

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a previously deported convicted murderer after he illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas. This is the second convicted murderer arrested for illegal re-entry in this sector in the past two weeks

Hair salon had to remove job ad for 'happy’ stylist because it is 'discriminatory' against unhappy people SWNS

San Francisco Salon Owner Vilified by Pelosi- 'I See How Hard the President Fights for America'

Trump promises to fully defund Planned Parenthood if he wins elections And Trump is a promise keeper

Nova Scotia judge rules man can be lethally injected despite wife’s protests

Chinese Villagers: The Communist Party Flooded Us to Protect Big Cities

U.S. redirects $62 million intended for World Health Organization Makes good on promise to withdraw from group over China's influence

When Will the Abortion Lobby Stop Hiding Behind Euphemisms?

Biden Claims Black Man, Not ‘White Guy Named Edison,’ Invented Light Bulb

Diocese asks parishes to promote Catholic LGBT Ministry in parish bulletins

California May Pass Bill Allowing Men to Pick Their Sex Before Incarceration

Over 120 black leaders blast systemic racism within Planned Parenthood: 'Too many black lives lost to abortion'

After 30 years, a mom shocked to discover aborted baby alive

Woman told to abort refuses; gives birth to twins who become priests

On the ‘mysticism trail,’ Jewish man found prophecies about Jesus hard to ignore

Muslim astonished by Jesus’ healing touch

Secret Service Inadvertently confirms story about Biden sexually assaulting Agent’s girlfriend in full view of his Secret Service attachment. This was at a Summer party at the VP's house

Italian missals will now include Pope Francis' translation of the Lord's Prayer, which, according to top biblical scholars, is without precedent in manuscript readings, theology or Tradition.

Lessons for our times: Teacher Fails Entire Class Over Socialism Experiment

Dog With A Heart Of Gold Can Be Seen Bringing Food To Feed A Stray Cat

One mother's triplets were born at 22 weeks, but she ended up giving birth to them on different days and in different years! This miraculous birth story shows how these tiny babies beat all the odds that they faced and are now home safe with their family

Identical Twins Who Married Identical Twins Announce Their Pregnancies