Demon Corrects Exorcist During Real Exorcism This was narcissism beyond belief!

Moral relativism is a heresy in which good and evil are discerned by how they make us feel and not by objective moral truth. It is so deceptive it is demonic.

Faith: Man ordained a Catholic priest after battling cancer

The very quotable Spiritdaily: A Potpourri On Our Times

California Jesuit Talks About the Evils of  Communism He Experienced

In 2017, 59-year-old scientist Dr Peter Scott-Morgan was given the devastated news he had the muscle-wasting motor neuron disease – similar to that of Stephen Hawking. He is now fully committed to becoming part human, part machine as the world’s first full cyborg

Engineer creates ‘AI Jesus’ that creates its own scripture verses

Padre Pio: "Bring me my 'weapon'!" (The Rosary)

Massachusetts Activates 1,000 National Guard Troops, Reason Unclear

Why the UAE-Israel deal  honors Abraham's legacy

State cancels medical license of Muslim who threatened Jews with 'wrong meds'

An orange-yellow orchid that has eluded botanists for almost two decades has been rediscovered in the state of Massachusetts. The rare, endangered plant found in wild but it's location will not be revealed

194-year-old apple tree, the matriarch of the Northwest apple industry, has died

Biden came out of the basement and saw his shadow that means FOUR MORE YEARS OF TRUMP!

Black Live Matters is a Hate Group!

The Vatican Goes to Bat for Biden

Franciscan's outrageous condemnation of Sr. Deirdre Burns for RNC speech

During college professor’s near-death experience, he saw portals leading to heaven and hell

Ex-priest is accused of abusing 4 kids. Missouri woman says church ignored her pleas

Family in Ireland looses appeal that they were discriminated against by bishop for  refusing to let them attend Mass over dress code

Auction held at home of late priest who lived like a prince

When a Person You Love Leaves the Faith

A business of ferrets
A group of ferrets is called a business, but not because of their acumen in the office. The term evolved from the word “busyness,” which seems a more apt term for a group of the squirmy, furry creatures. The English language has a number of these colorful collective nouns, and historians tracked their origin to the 1486 publication of “The Book of St. Albans.” It was a hunting and etiquette guide, popular with medieval gentlemen, and it featured a chapter listing these “terms of venery.” The word “business” was also used to refer to a group of flies, but it’s unclear if the flies were busy or just conducting business.

Past Headlines

The vision was so real and so frightening, he began to question his atheism. “I wasn’t religious, but I thought I needed to be exorcized by a priest.”

Boston Cardinal Says Catholic Priests Must Be ‘Unequivocally’ Pro-Life

Divine chastisement is not a matter of shaming and blaming, as if God were an abusive parent, but extreme love acting against terrible evil...

Great falling away: majority of Americans now believe Jesus was a good teacher, but not God

"You Order the Planes...and Leave the Rest to Me"

Archaeologists say evidence strong that an exploding meteor destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah

Likelihood of experiencing miracles not related to educational attainment or income level. Miraculous experiences know no human boundaries.

Is the time of mercy over and all that remains is judgment?

Will a Purification for humanity begin in Fall 2020?

God appoints world leaders and kings, Evil or good, believer or atheist, to do his will, not ultimately, but EXACTLY as He schedules before they were born.  Must see 16 min. video on how Trump (born during Truman administration) has fulfilled God's plans to the hour

Did US Bishops Make a Deal With the Democrats, Like the Vatican’s Alliance With China? Or is it synchronicity of thought and values that gives this impression?

Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


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Heaven Or Hell- Can You Grasp The Concept Of FOREVER?

Prophetic Dream:  Vivid dream of a wave of darkness sweeping the nation from right to  left! Prepare For Impact!  We Are Out of Time.

Trump Says He’s Still Going to Kenosha, Over Local Objections

Catholic priest says he was silenced by the church for speaking out on abuse

Kamala Harris: Rioters ‘aren’t going to let up, and they should not’ ?!  Close to felony insurrection--Violent overthrow of the the U.S. Government.  Can you imagine the rioting and violence if this black woman is arrested??

The Face Of The Democratic Party Isn’t Joe Biden, It’s The Raging Mob

Venezuela and Iran join Cuba in throwing their support to Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign

Nigerian priest slumps, dies while preaching during Sunday mass

CDC Now Says 94% of COVID Deaths Had an Underlying Condition

Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of Positive COVID Results Should Have Been Negative

Worst famine yet stalks millions as pandemic disrupts supply chainss  Do you have 3 months of food stored? If not, it's probably too late.

Tarrant police officer delivers groceries to woman caught stealing eggs at Alabama Dollar General

Oregon State police returning to Portland following deadly shooting

Priest assaulted during Sunday Mass in Berlin

Doctors Will Euthanize Healthy Woman Dealing With Depression Instead of Treating Her

"We Pray [and go to Confession] for Forgiveness... our Hope" in Jesus

Study of 2 passengers who got Covid from an infected person, "index case" after after flight from Israel to Germany an airplane flight  No one wore a mask.

Heparin may neutralize virus that causes COVID-19

Last Taboo falls:  Wife caught her 43-year-old husband having sex with his mother, 63  Surprising that in this perverse, dark world, this was still illegal. Give the max allowed by law: 20 years to set an example.