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What Berlin’s archbishop (Heiner Koch) said about same-sex blessings The four-page text called on Germany’s bishops “to officially allow blessing ceremonies in their dioceses for couples who love each other and want to commit themselves, but to whom sacramental marriage is not accessible or who do not want to enter into it.”  

Pope encourages pilgrims to ask themselves, ‘Who is Jesus for me?’

Pope Francis has blasted the “backwardness” of conservatives in the U.S. Catholic Church, saying they have replaced faith with ideology and that a correct understanding of Catholic doctrine allows for change over time. Does that include reverence for the Holy Name of Christ to which every knee will bend and every tongue confess? (Below).

Your very close assistant, Pope Francis, has replaced faith with outrageous shocking blasphemy of the person of Jesus the Christ   Will you, Vicar of Christ, defend the Holy Name? If you do not correct Fr. Spadaro, SJ,  you hypocritically reference Jesus daily in your audiences and travels.

Vigano defends Christ

Vatican seeks to tamp down outrage over pope's words of praise for Russian imperial past

What Pope Francis’ trip to Mongolia could mean for Vatican relations with Russia and China Refuel in  Moscow?

Ex-Priest (Pavone) Breaks With Pope Over Criticism of American Catholics' Politics

If Democrats Criminalize Opposition And Cripple The Court, Democracy Is Dead

Muslim migrant rams glass in face of man trying to protect girl, blinds him

Parents Plan Appeal as Judge Rules Against Opt-Out Right for LGBT Curriculum in Maryland

A neurosurgeon investigating a woman’s mystery symptoms in an Australian hospital has plucked a 3-inch wriggling worm from the patient’s brain 

Joe the Plumber — famous for confronting Obama in 2007 — has passed away, age 49

Incredible Authority and Enormous Sacrifice Jesus Gives Popes They do not always use it well.

Pope Francis appears to reject the idea that homosexuals are called to chastity The Pope's comments to Portuguese Jesuits echoed previous such occasions, as he refused to pronounce Catholic doctrine on clear, moral questions. 

Luke 17:27 "They shall eat, drink, marry and given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark.".  IMO Jesus is talking about homosexual marriage. 

Vision from God sent three murderous thugs running

To know what is truly holy, one might look at what demons hate. are tortured by anything holy. And one of the greatest tortures, for all that is evil, is entering a Catholic Church   

Grieving Family Warns Others After Mom’s Heartbreaking Death From Water Intoxication 

Spectacular Divine Mercy

Past Headlines

Miraculous healing at Eucharistic Adoration

Still ignoring prophesied one-world gov’t? Read this…

How and Why Mary Became the Mother of Exorcists.

New Shroud Discovery Discovery In Plain Sight For Centuries Show That Jesus Was Upright, Not Supine.
This Could Only Happen At  The Moment of Resurrection.

It's not just the Fort Worth Carmelite Nuns -- All About the Man Chosen to Lead the Ft. Worth Diocese Bishop Olson's behavior is so far off the charts that Catholics are asking the Vatican to investigate  him for being "abusive of his office and divisive both among the faithful at large and within the clergy."

Naked eye visible comet Nishimura coming to the skies above you this September

August  13, On A Marian Fast Day (Dormition of theVirgin), In A Copic Church With Hundreds of Onlookers, Quadriplegic Healed 7 Years Of Progressive Quadripelgia Confirmed In Medical Records.
 Thank You, Blessed Mother!

Are Aliens Real? Do UFOs Exist? Astrophysicist Reveals That They are Spiritual Manifestations

Have we pushed our loving God’s mercy to the breaking point?
Some prophecies and visions   

The Cure of Ars said, “All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man to God; but the Mass is the sacrifice of God for man.”

Eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG 

"May the light of the Holy Spirit come upon us all and reveal Him who is the Truth."


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Idalia live updates: Florida braces for Category 3 hurricane "To put this system into the historical context, there are no major hurricanes in the historical dataset going back to 1851 that have tracked into Apalachee Bay. None," the advisory said. "Don't mess around with this."

Louisiana governor asks for prayers as wildfires rage, thousands remain under evacuation orders Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards is asking residents to pray for rain as more than 400 wildfires continue to burn across the Bayou State fueled by drought and extreme heat.

'We're Just Asking the Lord': Central Texans Pray for Rain Amid Severe Drought

Canadian government forcing dairy farmers to DUMP MILK because regulatory quotas only allow so much to be produced, sold  An employee at a major dairy farm in southern Ontario (Canada) has come forward to tell the public that the regime of Justin Trudeau is forcing the company to dump countless gallons of fresh milk once a certain quota is reached – this despite the fact that milk now costs an arm and a leg in Canada due to runaway inflation.

Protestors clash outside New York City mayoral mansion over migrant crisis

Hawaii’s electric utility acknowledged Sunday night its power lines started a wildfire on Maui but faulted county firefighters for declaring the blaze contained and leaving the scene, only to have a second wildfire break out nearby and become the deadliest in the U.S. in more than a century

Police in a Columbus suburb fatally shot a pregnant woman in an Ohio supermarket parking lot after she accelerated her car toward an officer, police officials said

School Board Fires Satan-Worshipping Non-Binary Teacher A teacher at an Illinois elementary school was fired by the board after conservative  pointed out that the ‘non-binary’ person was also a Satan worshipper and had a history of bipolar disorder with mania and psychosis. The question remains, why did this person get hired as an elementary school teacher in the first place? And how many more are out there?

Nasa asteroid strike unleashes boulder storm ‘as deadly as Hiroshima’ A storm of boulders “as deadly as Hiroshima” was accidentally unleashed by Nasa during tests to change the trajectory of an asteroid, scientists have found. … Now astronomers have found that although the impact succeeded in knocking Dimorphos slightly off course, it also dislodged 37 boulders, which are currently zipping through space at 13,000mph. …a 15ft boulder hitting Earth would deliver as much energy as the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.

Who Best Avoided the COVID 'Religion'? Faithful Jews, Mennonites, Amish, priests who refused to close the parish doors during Holy Week. Robust, traditional American religions did not yield to the non-sense.

The Black Madonna: Our Lady of Częstochowa

Muslim had three dreams about Jesus looking deeply in his eyes

B16's unfailing mindfulness of others had an enormous effect on a personal secretary especially when it came to the pope’s constant concern for his own “family”

Pope on Synod on Synodality
“We have opened our doors; we have offered everyone the opportunity to participate; we have taken into account everyone’s needs and suggestions. We want to contribute together to build the Church where everyone feels at home, where no one is excluded,” Pope Francis said. Hell is open to all; Heaven has narrow gates and few enter.