Why Liturgy Really is the Key to Everything


Cervantes: After the trials, real paradise on earth

“I’m not just pro-life, I’m pro eternal life.” Sing it, Sister. Andrew Klavan

Nearly Five Million Americans Became Gun Owners in First Half of 2020

Hurricane Laura: ‘Divine Retribution for US forcing Israel to Abandon Sovereignty’ rabbi says

Slideshow: Worst hurricanes in US history

Typhoon strikes North Korea

Escape: the woman who brought her trafficker to justice

Torah Codes Reveal: Soros Uses Palestinians To Serve as Angel of Darkness Against Israel

Soros-Funded Mag Calls Catholics Neo-Nazis

Navajo Nation VP: Native Americans Weren’t Invited to the American Dream Until Donald Trump Was Elected

Archdiocese of Washington cut jobs, restructures its pastoral center

Omaha priest who pledged life to God after surviving Iwo Jima dies at 95

Jesuit priest call comment on Biden's Catholic faith 'terrible'  Practicing Catholic America, fit to judge, disagrees 

Boston priest claims Catholics can support ‘right to choose,’ archdiocese declines comment

Black Lives Matter Terrorists Accost Woman In DC Diner, Screaming “Are You A Christian??” As They Demand She ‘Raise Her Fist’ With BLM Or Get Hurt

Court Docs: Medical Examiner Said George Floyd Had Stunning Level of Drugs in System  Including a fatal level of Fentanyl

China fires missiles into South Sea in ‘Warning to USA’…

Chen Guangcheng, Who Exposed Brutal Forced Abortions in China, Will Speak at GOP Convention

Who is Chen Guangcheng? Chinese human rights activist to speak at RNC

Four Hamas terrorists accidentally blew themselves up while loading a rocket launcher aimed at Israel. The incident took place outside of Gaza City Ain't it just awful?

Criticism of Fr. Rodrique comes from outsider views of his unique and personal experiences with the supernatural, especially with Lucifer. Since his mission is unique, it should not surprise that  training for the mission is also unique.  IMO, criticism of Fr. Rodrique on this basis is spurious.

Please read Christine Watkins' rebuttal on Countdowntothekingdom

A Most Consequential Presidency  Like Fr. Rodrigue, he has a job to do and has done it. I have to wonder where he got the moral resources to do the job God gave him...  Therefore, do not assail those who have shown that they are entrusted with a Godly mission, like Fr. Rodrigue.

'So inaccurate that we can't even attempt to make it right': Detroit absentee-ballot nightmare

Funeral celebrates Catholic priest who died in boat capsizing

Victories of the Martyrs: St. Agatha, named in the Canon of the Mass.

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"You Order the Planes...and Leave the Rest to Me"

Archaeologists say evidence strong that an exploding meteor destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah

Likelihood of experiencing miracles not related to educational attainment or income level. Miraculous experiences know no human boundaries.

Is the time of mercy over and all that remains is judgment?

Will a Purification for humanity begin in Fall 2020?

God appoints world leaders and kings, Evil or good, believer or atheist, to do his will, not ultimately, but EXACTLY as He schedules before they were born.  Must see 16 min. video on how Trump (born during Truman administration) has fulfilled God's plans to the hour

Did US Bishops Make a Deal With the Democrats, Like the Vatican’s Alliance With China? Or is it synchronicity of thought and values that gives this impression?

It is common for people with sexual sins (sexual fantasy, masturbation, fornication, pornography, adultery and/or homosexual practices) to be harassed or seduced nightly by sex demons (demons of lust) with vivid sexual dreams and sexually-explicit nightmares. But Some people are attacked, molested or raped "nightly" by sex demons (incubi and succubi). And it is biblical. See Tobit 6:13-18. Both Augustine and Aquinas recognized it.

'I absolutely know that God had his hand in this' “Someone else said that it looked like we were just being carried down to the ground, and I swear that is literally what happened.” Proving
The Angels Have Our Backs

Prayers Our Heavenly Father Delights In Answering

Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


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23 deaths, storm whirls across Arkansas, 750K without power, expected to increase. 10 inches of rain expected. Winds still 60 mph but loss of life appears minimal as early evacuations worked.  Hundreds of thousands without power that number expected to increase.  Hurricane now a tropical storm.

As Hurricane Laura makes landfall in Louisiana, a new wave appears in the Atlantic

Nun praises Trump's pro-life policies at convention

Certain teachings in Amoris Laetitia are exactly the opposite of Church doctrine in Familiaris Consortio as well as "explicitly atheist" and deny the existence of objective truth according to Veritatis SplendorShort and easy to read 

Jeff Bezos breaks new record as his net worth tops $200 billion

John Lennon's killer denied parole for an 11th time

93-Year-Old Moves Into Nursing Home So H

Man moves into nursing home so he can visit wife: ‘"She took care of me for 70 years, and now It’s my turn’

Archbishop 'chose the wrong path' in ignoring priest's sexual abuse of his flock, B.C. judge says

Penn priest turns himself in for sexual assault of altar boys

Columbus Diocese settles priest sexual abuse case for $1 million

Hundreds of bees drop dead around ‘5G towers’ in California

A Republican lawmaker from California has introduced legislation in the US House of Representatives that would make it illegal to perform sex reassignment procedures or interventions on minors  Let's pray this succeeds

'Lifelong Democrat' Caller Tells C-SPAN He's Changing Vote to Republican after RNC, in Part, For the Many Times God was Incorporated in Their Speeches

St. Therese’s ‘Little Way’ Can Help a Hurting World

Forgiveness Through Fasting  Hard because you are the offended party, but It works

Is there life after death? Man believes he saw Jesus '10,000 times brighter than the Sun' When he was dying in Manhattan Park

See Planned Parenthood explain how abortionists harvest 'intact fetuses'

North Korea has issued new pictures of leader Kim Jong-Un just days after a South Korean diplomat claimed he was in a coma.

Commentary: Trump kept his promises. That’s why, as a Catholic, I want four more years.