Is the time of mercy over and all that remains is judgment?

Will a Purification for humanity begin in Fall 2020?

Laura and Marco predicted to hit the U.S. as hurricanes.  Both headed to Louisiana

Islamic Terrorism Unit In College Course Does Not Violate 1st Amendment

US bishop: If we’re living in end times, you’d better ‘return to God…Just in case’

A rose named for the late Pope St. John Paul II has been included in a renovation of the White House Rose Garden.

We have never experienced anything like what we're experiencing now. It's unprecedented. A deadly pandemic, unprecedented weather events round the globe, biblical style locust invasions, an economic collapse that rivals the Great Depression, huge meters getting closers by the week, global conflagrations, unprecedented earth movements in diverse places, social unrest that rivals the worst upheavals of the 1960s and a lockdown that has never been experienced before in world history, have struck the nations—and specifically America—all at the same time!

"When America was shaken on the morning of Sept. 11 2001, I knew we were entering a new era with ominous implications for the nation's future. I was standing on the corner of Ground Zero when I noticed the remains of a fallen tree. Something told me that there was something there I had to search out. It was a fallen sycamore tree. It turned out to be the first puzzle piece of an ancient mystery that kept getting bigger and bigger. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

The end of The Harbinger actually speaks of what was to come—and what is now taking place before our eyes. It gives a specific time period from the biblical template that pinpointed the year 2020—that in that year, great shakings would come upon America.  Jonathan Cahn predictions confirmed by Fr. Michel Rodrique.   Please see links at today's headline.

Trump ordered to pay Stormy Daniels legal fees

Tony Dungy Criticizes Pro-Abortion Pastors: What are They Reading? “It Couldn’t be the Bible”

Trump Axes Funds for Planned Parenthood International Abortions

Gem Diamonds LTD  Unearths Massive 442-Carat Diamond From Its Letseng Mine In Lesotho

Exorcists Witness: Mary, Defender Against Demons

De Plancy was an atheist who wrote a peculiar book about demons — but in the process he became Catholic, convinced by the reality of evil and the need to counter it.

UPDATE: Laura and Marco on collision course with Gulf

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God appoints world leaders and kings, Evil or good, believer or atheist, to do his will, not ultimately, but EXACTLY as He schedules before they were born.  Must see 16 min. video on how Trump (born during Truman administration) has fulfilled God's plans to the hour

Did US Bishops Make a Deal With the Democrats, Like the Vatican’s Alliance With China? Or is it synchronicity of thought and values that gives this impression?

It is common for people with sexual sins (sexual fantasy, masturbation, fornication, pornography, adultery and/or homosexual practices) to be harassed or seduced nightly by sex demons (demons of lust) with vivid sexual dreams and sexually-explicit nightmares. But Some people are attacked, molested or raped "nightly" by sex demons (incubi and succubi). And it is biblical. See Tobit 6:13-18. Both Augustine and Aquinas recognized it.

'I absolutely know that God had his hand in this' “Someone else said that it looked like we were just being carried down to the ground, and I swear that is literally what happened.” Proving
The Angels Have Our Backs

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California fires: a million acres burned, hundreds of homes destroyed. More lightning expected tonight   Biblical and certainly historic

Wildfires wreaking ‘profound damage’ in multiple California dioceses

Mary and Jesus More Closely Related than we may have Thought

Detroit priest discovers that he was not validly baptized and therefore not legitimately ordained : Bishops letter

Dearborn Catholic priest finds his baptism was invalid, impacting parishioners' sacraments

Bishop Bransfield’s disgraceful non-apology

Fatima Story Led Filmmaker to Christ Because of the Research Required

Turkey’s Erdogan converts another former church into mosque

DNC Used Deported Woman To Attack Trump. She Was Deported Under Clinton, Flagged Under Obama.

We Stand on the Precipice of a Very Dangerous Cultural Shift

Becoming highly likely that there will be two tropical storms in the Gulf a the same time, both likely to grow stronger. Louisiana governor already declares emergency

Detroit Women Flock to Gun Training

Blessed are the pure of heart: What you should know about this often-misunderstood beatitude and virtue...

Ohio Broadcaster fired for referring to Kamala as America's '1st colored vice-presidential candidate'

David Daleiden slams Kamala Harris VP nomination: 'Everyone should be afraid'

St. Therese of Lisieux, very honestly and openly discusses her questions to God in prayer about why He has preferences for certain souls. She says: “I often asked myself why God had preferences, why all souls did not receive an equal measure of grace.”

Tennessee mom says parents asked to sign 'ridiculous' waiver they will not eavesdrop on kids' online lessons