Have you ever doubted the existence of Purgatory because you’ve been told it’s not in Scripture? Well, Purgatory is in the Bible, and here’s where to find it  

Colorado shooting victims: Shop owner, actress, ‘spitfire’ Brief bio of those murdered.

Policeman Murdered In Mass Shooting Was Traditional Catholic, Father Of Seven

Alleged Boulder shooter is a ‘loner’ who lived in basement, never had a date

Megaship Blocks All Traffic In Suez Canal After Running Aground In Bizarre Incident As of this link posting, canal is still blocked

Grounded Suez Canal mega-ship is blocking shipments worth $9.5BILLION per day with 'enormous' consequences for global economy as rescue chief warns it could be stuck for WEEKS 

California Approves Prayer in School … So Long as it is AntiChristian to pagan Aztec Gods

Coffee shop owner delivers pointed message: If you voted for Biden or support trans agenda, our coffee is not for you

White House Reveals Biden Consults with Obama About ‘A Range of Issues’

Bullied by China, Biden flops at summit  in Alaska showing they don't have the prestige and command Trump's team had in dealing with China. China's Yang: 'U.S. isn't qualified to speak to China from a position of strength'  Thus, under Biden the U.S. has quickly lost its ability to influence dastardly China

“You Can’t Escape The Smell” – Mouse Plague Of Biblical Proportions Overruns Eastern Australia  New South Wales and Queensland are being overwhelmed by a biblical wave of mice, which have taken over homes, stores, farms, hospitals, and automobiles. These nasty little rodents are eating everything in sight, leaving a path of destruction. Reuters said, “the Australian state of New South Wales is suffering their worst plague of mice in decades after a bumper grain harvest.” 

The Ten Commandments and Systemic Clericalism Indeed it is rare to hear any Church leader invoke God’s law as a reason to avoid sinful behavior. To a great extent, Church authorities have enabled the deconstruction by replacing the Commandments with a “non-judgmental” bureaucratic vocabulary to please contemporary sensibilities.

But a kind of systemic clericalism that favors inoffensive “Catholic Lite” pastoral strategies has infected the hierarchy. The call for “dialog” frequently replaces the prophetic moral voice of the Church

A U. S. theologian-priests has pointed the blame directly at the hierarchy and structure of the Catholic Church for abuse by priests, "clerical narcissism"

Satanists sued by Oklahoma archbishop over Black Mass planned for civic center

Is There A Reason Why Demonic Possession Seems To Be Getting A Lot More Common In Our Society?

How and why Russians try to sell their souls to the devil, consult mediums

What if schizophrenics really are possessed by demons, after all? ‘it is time for medical professions to consider the possibility of demonic possession in the etiology of schizophrenia’ and that ‘it would be useful for medical professions to work together with faith healers to define better treatment pathways for schizophrenia’  Exorcists do the opposite and considers those to present for exorcism as possible schizophrenics.

Porn addiction is an 'epidemic' in the Church; pastors must address issue from pulpit, ex-porn star says

Pornography, a Worse Epidemic than COVID

Canadian Wartime Nickel Imprinted  With The Morse Code: “WE WIN WHEN WE WORK WILLINGLY.”  See link

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How to React When Priests and Prelates Act Badly

This story of mercy begins decades ago in the smallest possible way. A little boy, looking for something to do, goes into his parish library and asks the librarian to give him a book to read. Out of hundreds of titles, she picks one. Why that one? The question won't be answered for several decades, when that utterly mundane incident culminates in a miracle.

Praying with Jesus and Faustina in Times of Suffering

5 People Died, Went to Heaven and Lived to Tell About It

A Simple Explanation of the Catholic Faith
And this is a terrific, short, simple article explaining it

Meditation for Lent 24 Hours Of  the Passion  
Read the portions you want as it is lengthy as it graphic

Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith.JDG


Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

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Jesus saves and heals a whole family in Oman 

Pastor murdered in home hours after warning flock devil would try to kill them over witness to God’s power

Cervantes: ‘What she wants from us is to pray from the bottom of our soul’ before the Medjugorje Secrets are unraveled.

Pope, citing donation loses, cuts pay for cardinals, others

Pope taps Chilean sex  survivor for Vatican abuse panel

Priests warn of Tagle fund scam

Alex Trebek’s last ‘Jeopardy!’ 5 game  champ, Brayden Smith, dies unexpectedly at 24  The cause of death is unknown

Delusional or a liar Biden: Surge in Illegal Immigration Began Under Trump Administration  "We will deal with it humanely"... (translation) even if it comes at the huge expense of hard working American taxpayers...Don't worry, I'll increase taxes.

Gallup: 42 Million People in Latin America Want to Migrate to the United States

Hate Crimes: A Concept Manufactured To Divide Us

Critical Race Theory – Nothing But A Tool For Hate?

Major health insurance company asks managers to avoid hiring white men 

Real-life Lassie! Heroic dog stops traffic to get help for her owner who suffered a seizure on their walk and collapsed on the side of the road

Glow of “cosmic web” filaments directly imaged for the first time
On a scale that’s hard to fathom, the universe is made up of a “cosmic web” of hydrogen filaments that feed and form galaxies. Now, astronomers have made the first direct observations of light from this web, by staring at a patch of sky with a powerful deep-field telescope to detect faint dwarf galaxies. Physics and simulations have long predicted that the large-scale structure of the universe looks like it was spun by some colossal spider. 

Three young Catholic women make history by becoming Eagle Scouts

Hong Kong Has Gone Dark

'The Evidence is Overwhelming': New Report Accuses China's Leaders of Genocide against Millions of Muslims

Egyptian doctor, 34, is 'beaten and thrown to her death from sixth floor balcony by her landlord, doorman and neighbor in honor killing for inviting a male colleague to her apartment'

Pakistani Christian man sentenced to death for blasphemy against Islam