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He jumped from the #1 suicide spot in the world in SF with 98% fatality rate but had instant regret.
Something buoyed him up after he hit the water with his broken back

Three dead in Redmond (Washington) after  stalker kills husband, wife and himself (Protection order taken out but never served)

Federal judge slaps down Biden's open-borders scheming  Prosecutors prove immigration crisis was actually engineered by his policies. A federal judge is NOW, (actually in 7 days), ordering Biden to follow the law, and his administration must immediately begin securing the border to protect the American people.

Large migrant group from 14 nations apprehended at the Arizona border

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Murdered, Dismembered Woman and Her Son

Italy: Muslim migrant stabs six random people with a box cutter 

Toll rises to 8 dead in Jehovah’s Witnesses hall shooting in Germany

Catholic group spent millions on app data that tracked gay priests 

Ancient DNA Analysis Reconstructs Legacy of the Biblical Levites

Pope Francis pushes more confusion on the reception of Holy Communion in new interview

Starving North Korean parents increasingly abandoning children at orphanages North Korean orphanages are growing as starving parents drop off their children in the middle of the night in hopes that the kids, at least, will be able to eat, sources in the country told Radio Free Asia.

Epidemic Of E-Bike Fires Rips Across America According to New York City officials, a supermarket and apartment building were destroyed on Sunday due to a fire caused by an electric bike. The rise in reports of lithium-ion battery fires across the metro area is a. … consequence of the ‘green’ mobility trend.

Doctors Told Mom to Have Abortion Because Baby Had Heart Defect, After Surgery He’s Doing Great

Race-Based Hatred Permeates the Black Population Prevents most from successful political leadership. Obama was an example. Pushing race is the most popular method to gain political recognition by Dems and is hugely exploited in the U.S.

41 more Texas churches leave United Methodist Church amid schism over homosexuality

Cervantes: Confusion persists on whether a definite World War 3 is in prophecies 

Mexican cartel 'apologizes' for kidnapping and brutal murder of Americans "out of respect for life"  

Francis using Vatican housing subsidies as a nefarious tool to control cardinals?. Despite statement to the contrary, it has less to do with finances and more to do with “making sure the cardinals know who is in charge should they speak out of line or they align themselves with any arguments proposing Catholic tradition or the ancient liturgy.  Then Pope can move against them and withdraw whatever concessions he has allowed them for housing.”  Link   

Polish experts reject claim John Paul II ‘covered up abuse,’ urge all Church records be opened to give full context

History will show that as archbishop, JPII did everything possible permitted by Canon Law in effect at the time (1960-70s). Recall that after the Cardinal law abuse lawsuit broke, JP II, suffering greatly from Parkinsons, summoned East Coast Bishops to the Vatican for a sit down admonition with Cardinal Ratzinger.

Stunning cross on Tablemount in Idaho shinning through blizzard.
Stunning cross on Table Rock in Idaho shinning through blizzard

Past Headlines

How Demons Can Affect Objects

One step beyond. Yes, this likely includes artificial intelligence machines This website had recent links about AI machines in India replacing objects of devotion in Hindu religious traditions.

UK crosses ‘thought crimes’ Rubicon after MPs outlaw prayer at abortion clinics

Despite seeing astonishing miracles, including writing about a stigmatic Bolivian woman,
it still took this skeptic years to make a commitment to Catholicism.
When he did, he “felt a heaviness come off my shoulders”. 

The wounds of Christ appearing on a Bolivian woman’s hands was witnessed on national TV by millions

Consumed By Bankruptcy, Divorce, Homelessness, and Depression A Mysterious Dream Brought Clarity and Comforting Peace

Three major wars on the immediate horizon. All involve the United States or Israel

McElroy ramped up his attacks on Catholic teaching in a new, error-loaded essay for America magazine; perversely attacks Catholic sexual ethics

Cervantes: Obscure Brazilian Mystic Fr. Oliveira: “The year 2029 appeared as the end or closure of something” Looks at the present decade and prophesizes about most years. Some visions have already occurred.

Angels at an Exorcism 

 The Cure of Ars said, “All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man to God; but the Mass is the sacrifice of God for man.”

Eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG 


Current apocalyptic messages given to verifiable, holy Catholic seers under the spiritual direction of a priest

Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

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Collection of short specialty prayers that thwart demons in their activities

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Man says, 'Show me, and I'll trust you.' God says, 'Trust me and I'll show you.'
Jeanette Zahler, Guidepost reader

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World's longest-lasting cyclone to hit Africa a 2nd time

9-year-old Afro becomes 1 of youngest high school graduates ever

Bald eagle sits through snowstorm to protect eggs as snow piles on top

Always  Choose Contrition & Reject Regrets.   Regretting the past make us blind to the graces and opportunities that God in His goodness is offering to us at the present moment for a new beginning and a deepening of His life in us 

What a sick U.S. holiday to not only make up, but also to celebrate. These people are playing too close with the devil.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was caused by a massive run on the bank, with customers initiating withdrawals of $42 billion this week

German "Church" Officially Approves Same-Sex "Blessings" - a Moment of Schism and Collapse of the Universal Church

‘The Figure of a Father’: Cardinal Ouellet gushes over 10 Years with Pope Francis

Around 1,500 scientists and professionals from across the world have declared that “there is no climate emergency.”

New climate law costing New York City residents millions: 'I'm terrified' 

When I was living in Hawaii studying as a pre-med major to become a doctor, God called me to attend a private Bible college in California. Even though I still did hot have the money to pay for tuition or meals, I knew that if it was God’s will for me to attend the college, he would rain money down from heaven to me.  And that is exactly what happened

Suddenly his job in a highly specialized field was history — but the mouths to feed and bills to pay were still very much present. It was time to network like never before. So he dialed his hotline to heaven. read more

Mother Angelica’s Brief Guide to Heaven

New climate law costing New York City residents millions: 'I'm terrified'

ANOTHER Norfolk Southern Train Derails in AL Ahead of CEO’s Testimony Before Congress

77% of young Americans too fat, mentally ill, on drugs and more to join military, Pentagon study finds

Air Force expects to miss every recruiting goal this year; double digit miss could set back force

New Bill Would Classify Conservative Speech As ‘Domestic Violence Extremism’ Proposed legislation that would classify conservative free speech as domestic terrorism is being called “the most dangerous bill in legislative history.”

Confidential Pfizer Documents reveal Covid-19 Vaccination leads to Depopulation 90% of Covid Vaccinated Pregnant Women lost their Baby. 58%  suffered serious adverse events.     

5 Reasons the Catholic Church is the True Church  To these reasons Webmaster adds: Catholicism is the only Christian religion that offers a sacrifice to God by a ordained priest as the centerpiece of its Sunday worship.  A blood sacrifice of an unblemished animal victim officiated by a Levite priest was a requisite for worship by the Jews prior to Christ. That has been handed down to us by the apostles as a unbloody sacrifice of Christ officiated by a Catholic priest  in the Mass