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 The prophetic reason why Netanyahu will never concede one meter of Israeli territory
By Judy Gassett

Sources:  Comments of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to Christian talk show hosts found on several YouTube videos.

For years Israel was a miserable wasteland, a salt infused slew suffering a drastic climate change from the time of Christ. Nothing would grow and the rains were unpredictable at best and either/ or never came at all. It could not sustain any population on its own. The population density was miniscule.  No one, with the exception of the Jews, wanted it. When Jews started returning home the rain started to fall again just as the Bible prophesized. Israel quickly became a rare flower blooming in a desert  garden  and the envy of the surrounding Muslim states.

But there is a more compelling reason why Benjamin Netanyahu will never divide Israeli or concede one square inch to Israel's enemies. That reason is that God told him not to and if he did he would be removed from power.

The story is related by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of electrifying books uniting Christianity and Judaism in new, critical ways that reveal awesome insight into the warning to America and its future should she stay on her present path.

Rabbi Cahn relates that in the late 1990's Netanyahu was prime minister of Israel and in Dallas, Texas, along with Ariel Sharon. By amazing interventions and juxtapositions Netanyahu was put into contact with a black Protestant minister from Africa, Robert Morare, who had a divine message for him. 

God had told the minister to go to Texas and speak to the prime minister. Despite the security, air-tight access, and swarms of other persons clamoring for the prime minister's attention, God said He would arrange the meeting and Robert was to deliver this message: “I have placed you as leader in Israel and I have given you  controlling power. Do not give up my land, Israel ”.

Benjamin Netanyahu  was constantly besieged by well-wishers as well as nefarious types with free advice for Israel, so he did not take particular note of this message. .  A little while latter, the prime minister was called to America along with Yassir Arafat by President Bill Clinton to hammer out land for peace at the Wye River summits. The outcome was Netanyahu would be giving up land to Palestinian control.

Less than a year later  Netanyahu's government collapsed and he lost the election. Ariel Sharon then came to power.  Sharon's agenda was land for peace and he was about to hand over the West Bank to Yassir Arafat and even stated that Palestinian peoples  have the right to establish their own land west of the Jordan River. In fact , Sharon liked the idea of a independent Palestinian state, agreeing that there would never be peace without it. He committed to its establishment. He also started unilaterally withdrawing from the Gaza Strip. These actions only stopped when Sharon was had a massive stroke that left him in a permanent vegetative state in September of 2001 that lasted until his death in 2006.  He never realized that there will never be peace in Israel with or without conceding territory.

To this I add, the name Ariel Sharon means “lion of peace” an attribute that will not be associated with lions until the reign of Jesus, Himself, but ultimately described Ariel Sharon. Sharon fought in all of the Israeli wars, was a supreme tactician whose exploits on the battle field are still studied. He knew the extreme cost that Israel paid for their God-given homeland. It is shocking that he would yield one square meter of it when he was able to do so.

Some years later, Netanyahu is back in America as a private citizen and invited guest at a gathering of Christians supporting Israel.  Robert Morare gets another divine message to give to Netanyahu. This time the ex-prime minister recognizes the black minister immediately and is much more attentive:

Saith the Lord: “You are not finished. I will again place you back in power to lead Israel. DO NOT  give any part of Israeli away because it is a critical time for Israel as a nation”. Rabbi Cahn felt that this meant that satanic forces were being brought to crush  Israel.

Netanyahu's next ascent to power was anything but certain. President Obama covertly tried to stir up animosity against him in his own homeland. Polls were against him, his party deserted him, international papers commented only on his coming desirable and overwhelming loss, editorials advised against his election. Then God moved His huge hand (reminds me of the Trump victory). He wins against overwhelming odds. With a victory against overwhelming odds, (typical of all Israeli triumphs in my memory),  Netanyahu accepted a divine mandate and when it is finished God will take him. (My own prophecy).

Rabbi Cahn does not take note of whether or not the striking down of Sharon made an impression on Netanyahu. But  based upon Netanyahu's actions as head of state, when when he came into power again, it is clear God had made an offer he couldn't refuse.

Again, after his improbable election, the word of God came to Netanyahu saying not to bend over Israel. If he persevered, he would remain in office to become the longest serving Israeli head of state. Further, the Lord said, “You will be in power for the restoration of the tabernacle of David.”. No one knows exactly how to interpret this statement. It may refer to the Third Temple or the Ark of the Covenant.  The tabernacle of David was the tent in Jerusalem that held the holy Ark of the Covenant before Solomon built a Holy of Holies in a fitting temple for it.

In 2009.  I wrote a series of articles describing ancient covenants, required worship services of the Jews during the temple period, and the finding of the holy Ark and its Mercy Seat  in 1982. It was  buried in an inaccessible cavern located 25 feet under the old city in an ancient garbage dump which also divides the two sections of Jerusalem into Israeli and Palestinian.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority denies the discovery to this day, but sent  Levites  to bring it to the Israeli side because it was buried on the Palestinian side of the old city.   All were struck dead for touching the Ark. It is also buried exactly under the site where Jesus was crucified so his blood could cover the left side of the Ark as required in an ancient Hebrew laws. A Hebrew high priest covered the right side of the Ark, (Mercy Seat), with goat's blood, (not lamb's blood), once a year on Yom Kippur and the Messiah would spread His Blood on the left side some day. How this would be done was never described in the Jewish traditions or holy books. The spear that pierced Jesus' side provided adequate blood, and a earthquake right after Christ died opened the earth and made this possible. 

Can you imagine the world upheaval that the revelation of the holy Ark in Jerusalem would bequeath? The same technologies that gave up the secrets of the Shroud of Turin might conclusively show that the DNA from the blood on the Mercy Seat is singularly unique in ways that make it miraculous, even divine. No other artifact from antiquity, or in existence, could singularly transform the heart of a world gone cold.

My best guess, and it is a guess, is that God will again reveal His Ark before the end comes to give hope to Jews and Christians, convince them that He is the Truth, the Way, and Destroyer of Fear to obstruct the seductions planned by the Evil One.

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