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Holy Holograms

by June Klins
 The Spirit of Medjugorje
(Reprinted with permission)

On April 25th I attended the Totally Yours Conference in St. Charles, IL. One of the speakers was Br. Carmelo Cortez of the Philippines. He had an apparition of Our Lady in 1991 and She came as Mary, Mother of the Eucharist and Grace. Among other things, She requested prayer for priests and for people to come back to the sacraments.
Br. Carmelo received an incredible gift of touching people with rose petals and images appear on them. He is approved by his bishop to use this gift in the building up of the Kingdom.
That afternoon there were vases of white roses on the stage. Guy Murphy, who leads Totally Yours, and the priest from the Philippines who was with Br. Carmelo, pulled the rose petals off the roses for Br. Carmelo. Then Br. Carmelo went to each person at the conference and laid his one hand on the personís head and then with his other hand he touched a rose petal to the person.  It was so amazing to see the images that came out.  My friend had the Last Supper on hers and the lady on the other side of me had St. Michael the Archangel. Mine, however, did not seem to have anything but a big hole!  It almost looked like it was burned into it because it was brown all around the edge.  I wondered what all that was about. I felt a little badly that all I got was a hole, but accepted it.  My friend and I saw a face but could not really make out who it was.  We were told to put the rose petals in our prayers books or Bibles for three weeks and then have them laminated.
The next day, I opened my prayer book to look at my rose petal and was amazed to see the face of Pope John Paul II.  I shared this with some people after Mass that day and they all saw the same image.  One of the ladies said that the hole was the bullet hole from when Pope John Paul was shot on May 13, 1981. That took my breath away when she said that because just the day before I got this rose petal, a priest at the conference had blessed me with a piece of the skull cap Pope John Paul II had worn the day he was shot!!!!  Is that incredible or what?!!!  When the priest was blessing me that day, I was praying for Pope John Paul to help me with my ministry of spreading Our Ladyís messages.  I thought this was a confirmation that he would, indeed, help me. So you can expect our newsletter to get better and better!
When I called the priest who blessed me to share this with him, he told me that he too got Pope John Paul II on his rose petal!  And as incredible as this is, it is not the end of the story.  
After I laminated my rose petal, I held it up to the light and did not see Pope John Paul II any more, but the image of St. Padre Pio!!!  When lying flat the image is Pope John Paul, but held up to the light it is Padre Pio!  It is like a holy hologram!  Whatís more -  the images are on BOTH sides of the rose petal, looking in opposite directions. God is soooo awesome.
Although the pictures are not as clear as seeing it in person, if you look at the images below you can see that they are the same petal by looking at the shape and also the veins on the petal, which you will notice are not broken. Several people thought that the hole, when looking at the image of St. Padre Pio, represents his stigmata. It is not visible on the picture, but there is an air bubble in the hole from when I laminated it, and it is in the shape of a heart! 
This is truly a gift from heaven and I am so grateful to have received it. I know that this gift was not just for me though. It is to be shared, so please feel free to share this with others. (And those of you who know me, or will be meeting me at various conferences, I would be more than happy to show you this incredible rose petal and let you pray with it. A priest blessed it for me, and then touched it to a relic of the True Cross, and to first class relics of St. Faustina, St. Philomena, and St. Teresa..)

June Klins edits a wonderful Marian newsletter in Pennsylvania


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