12 of the most potent disease-fighting foods on the planet

Pair of suspects charged in brutal killings of lesbian couple and children in upstate New York

Woman, confined for 15 years in Japan and tracked by cameras, freezes to death; parents arrested

People here are auctioned for $400

Serena Williams loses first match since giving birth

First super moon of 2018 coincides with New Year's Day

UK mom shocked to find new doll swearing at daughter

St. Thomas Becket may be the least appealing of the saints. Thought to be inflexible and combative. If true, God put these qualities to his service. His interesting bio and feast day

An Irish priest, who is based in Florida but home for Christmas, has won €500,000 in the EuroMillions draw

Top atheist scientist converts after a visit from angels

Fact and fiction about exorcisms What every Christian should know  Terrifying yet fascinating

Christ firmly established that divorcing and marrying another is adultery It is not ambiguous at all and should not be manipulated  to suit the mores of the times.

Priest, 79, homeless after buying Romanian husband a flat then being dumped days later

Pro-homosexual website promotes the joy of Fr. Gregory Greiten in sharing is coming out story & the gifts of gay priests

How  this e-mail scam turned a man’s life around

God Save America -- Miracle Headline in One of Australia's Biggest Newspapers... and that is exactly what HE did one year later

PROPHECY WATCH- Turkey’s Erdogan has eye on becoming global caliph

10 disease outbreaks from 2017 that everyone should know about To this add diphtheria raging in Yemen.

Cygnus  Cygnus (Swan) representing beauty, purity, truth, poetry and grace

Past Headlines

Boxer escaped demonic background after near-death experience of hell

The story behind sex change surgery you haven't heard

Mary was an “unwed mother”? The Holy Family were “refugees”?
Why this is an emphatic “no” to both

Christmas miracle strikes as man 'speaks to Jesus in afterlife'

The devil chose Hell rather than to humble himself. How ironic that God saved us through his own humility  ---Patti McGuire Armstrong 

Robin Leach's Christmas Miracle

She was injured at work and her body permanently bent at 90o
She lived in a wheel chair in constant pain until a Christmas Eve miracle changed her life forever

The birth of Jesus as revealed to Luisa Piccarreta

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2022 Collision of Binary Stars Is Balaam’s Prophecy of A Coming Messiah The collision will cause a nova (not a supernova) and will be in Cygnus (Swan) whose stars form a cross in the sky..And this new star will be added to it. The star (not the cross) will be clearly visible during the day in the Northern Hemisphere

2012 was critical in America’s trajectory away from God The year marked the first time in U.S. history when a sitting president publicly spoke against the biblical definition of marriage. It was the year that America re-elected the first president to take such a stand, not to mention a radically activist stand on abortion

Neighbors hang rainbow 'welcome' banner at Mike Pence vacation home

Infant dies after dad bends baby's body in half for crying

UN Bloated Bureaucracy Gets its Wings Clipped

Disgust and abhorrence of Islam was seen within a month of the "prophet's" death, well established by the time of the Crusades,  and was justified, not invented, down to this day. It has survived by NOT being a great religion, but from the super-energy coming from EVIL as a DEMONIC religion. 

Aspiring Pastor Charged With Killing His Wife and Homeschooled Daughters

Baby tooth saves teen from felony charge

Sailor says he spent 7 months lost on Indian Ocean

Top-Rated Catholic Show No Longer on Relevant Radio

Flu 2017: When the season will peak and when it will come to an end

Morally Produced Shingles Vaccine Approved in Both US and Canada  Much better vaccine than its predecessor

Honoring Cardinal Muller, retired pope says bishops never really retire

Excessive video gaming to be recognized as disorder