Cardinal O'Malley turns in Cardinal Dolan for abuse cover-up

Brazilian spiritual healer (John of God) indicted for rape

Does Trump’s Border Wall Fulfill Ezekiel 22?

Brace yourself for a brutal winter- Experts say disruptions in the polar vortex could cause temperatures to plummet in parts of the US

Measles fears in New Jersey airport- Hundreds of travelers may have been exposed to the disease in Newark on Christmas Eve, health officials warn

'Loner' Washington state social worker who would repair his own shoes with duct tape left surprise $11 million to children's charities after his death

Penn. SWAT officer ends hours-long standoff by singing 'White Christmas' to suspect

Riots Loom As Food Stamp Cash Will Run Out By End Of January If Government Shutdown Continues

After CRISPR Twins, Gene Editing Holds Promise and Peril for Humanity Good explanation of why.

Sears, facing liquidation, closes 80 stores

Israeli-built wings for new F-35 will make jets invisible to radar

Could Vladimir Putin be Gog?  Webmaster thinks of the best candidate at this time is Erdogan. Look at a world map with latitudes and longitudes. No part of Russia is north of Israel. However, Ankara, Turkey is directly north (same longitude) as Tel Aviv...32O

Canadian church takes crosses off the wall so they can avoid offending Muslims

Pedophiles demand to be included in the LGBT community, say they should be respected and tolerated like everyone else

California illegal alien cop's killer, a gang member, captured

Bread and water punishment for sailors no longer allowed in U.S. Navy

California manhunt underway for San Quentin escapee

Bishop of Largest Portuguese Diocese on Christmas: Our Lady not really a Virgin  Let's see if those with the power to do so correct him.

The laity responded strongly and with anger. Blathering bishop gives a long winded Christmas homily citing Catholic tradition and sources for perpetual virginity, never apologizing. Bottom of link quotes his original blasphemy

The deep roots of Portugal's Marian devotion

Anonymous Donor Saves Chicago Church from Auction

Trump's going to go deaf, someone will try to kill Putin and Europe will suffer a financial collapse: What blind mystic Baba Vanga says will happen in 2019 after 'predicting' 9/11 and Brexit

'Heaven is For Real': NDEs cause for much speculation

Atheist's awakening to how God works

Because of one miraculous birth, the wrong shall fail

Super Blood Moon To Pass Over U.S. Capital on Trump’s third presidential anniversary

January 21 super blood moon bookmarks same event on same day a year ago in Jerusalem and the third Trump inaugural anniversary. Thought to auger great things about to unfold for Trump and Jerusalem. Last year after the blood moon over Jerusalem, Trump recognized Jerusalem as Capitol of the Jewish State.  This year the blood moon appears within hours over Washington DC on the same date, start of the Jewish arboreal New Year.  

God's phenomenal hidden messages embedded in famous Bible story

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Victim testifies before a judicial vicar in N.Y. that ex-cardinal sexually abused him for years starting when he was 11, including all confessions

Fr. Persico seen as game changer in clergy abuse stance

DISGRACEFUL: The UN is turning a blind eye to rampant child rape among its own members

Priest accused of child rape, porn, now AWOL from his religious community (Augustinians) Faculties to function as a priest removed.

How 2018 became the Catholic Church's year from hell  These are self-inflicted wounds. Let's see in the attempt to heal is genuine and potent after February.

Another migrant caravan with 15,000 people is set to depart from Honduras next month  A Border wall would discourage this.

Illegal Alien From Jamaica, 18, Is Charged With Murdering 12-Year-Old Connecticut Boy

From miraculous escape from slavery to possible sainthood

Americans' trust in honesty, ethics of clergy hits all-time low in Gallup ranking of professions

"Archbishop" removed from its title of Annual Catholic Appeal in Baltimore  to enhance giving

A two-month old baby is being worshipped as a god in India because she has three hands.   Perfectly healthy otherwise... 

Exposure to cannabis alters the genetic profile of sperm (in rats)

12 strategies of a controlling a person

Why this married Episcopal priest and administrator is leaving his church to become a Roman Catholic

Physician: American Children ‘Immersed in a Culture of Disrespect’

Five monks assaulted, held captive in Austria church

Sudden destruction is coming to the whole world just like the latest Indonesia tsunami The vast majority will be caught up with the spirit of the world, enjoying their lives, focusing on themselves, oblivious to God and His demands.

Japan resumes commercial whaling

30% of patients with knee replacements would not do it again

Franklin Graham smacks 'vicious' news media for continuously attacking Trump

Israeli Company First in World to Produce Delicious Steaks from Cow Cells

Born to Suffer and Die