Atheist's awakening to how God works

Bishop of Largest Portuguese Diocese on Christmas: Our Lady not really a Virgin  Let's see if those with the power to do so correct him.

Christmas Miracle- Anonymous Donor Saves Chicago Church from Auction

Trump's going to go deaf, someone will try to kill Putin and Europe will suffer a financial collapse: What blind mystic Baba Vanga says will happen in 2019 after 'predicting' 9/11 and Brexit

Border CHAOS- Hundreds of migrants are dumped in Texas city after detention centers become overrun and emergency medical checks are ordered for ALL detained kids as 8-year-old boy dies in custody

Astronaut struggles to place one foot in front of the other after 197 days in space

His severe curvature of the spine was crushing him to death (short)

Daily Mail has the best account of how the curvature was corrected

Vancouver woman’s delicate, hand-made, Christmas Nativity survived historic storm

Looking Back: The Kerala Nun Rape Case That Challenged an Entire Faith

China to Open 50 Yoga Colleges Amid Rising Popularity For Ancient Indian Discipline

4 people. 4 crucifixes. Faith remains after Hancock family loses everything in fire.

Church called bomb squad for package. It was a baby Jesus statue stolen 90 years ago

Because of one miraculous birth, the wrong shall fail

Super Blood Moon To Pass Over U.S. Capital on Trump’s third presidential anniversary

January 21 super blood moon bookmarks same event on same day a year ago in Jerusalem and the third Trump inaugural anniversary. Thought to auger great things about to unfold for Trump and Jerusalem. Last year after the blood moon over Jerusalem, Trump recognized Jerusalem as Capitol of the Jewish State.  This year the blood moon appears within hours over Washington DC on the same date, start of the Jewish arboreal New Year.  

God's phenomenal hidden messages embedded in famous Bible story

Seven priests share Christmas memories

The empty cupboard and a mother's faith

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Americans' trust in honesty, ethics of clergy hits all-time low in Gallup ranking of professions

It has been a wretched year for Pope Francis, whose blind spot on clergy sex abuse conspired with events beyond his control to threaten his legacy and throw the Catholic hierarchy into a credibility crisis not seen in modern times. Francis showed that he was a product of the very clerical culture he so often denounces  Link

Cupich vicar general gives ‘talking points’ to priests to counter AG report on sex abuse

Japan resumes commercial whaling

How long do cold and flu viruses stay contagious on public surfaces? Survival times of 3 days on door knobs and toilet seat is ridiculous. DNA may be found but it is no longer infectious.  Life span about 9 hours max if it is a hard surface. Much shorter if the surface is absorbent like paper or fabric approximately 3-4 hours.

30% of patients with knee replacements would not do it again

Franklin Graham smacks 'vicious' news media for continuously attacking Trump

$5M lawsuit: Boy scolded, spanked by own grandmother for revealing priest's sex abuses

Chinese Christians Defy Crackdown on Christmas- ‘We Will Not Forfeit Our Faith’

Jewish groups offer aid after hundreds killed in Indonesian tsunami

Born to Suffer and Die

What goes around comes around—and sometimes that’s a good thing

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019 according to her clerks