Mary was an “unwed mother”? The Holy Family were “refugees”?
Why this is an emphatic “no” to both

Trump administration to snap ties with ‘Palestinians’, no peace plan, no more monetary aid

Israel slams PA President Abbas: No, Jesus was not a Palestinian

The United Nation Continues To Be A Moral Cesspool

Israeli chess players denied entry into Saudi Arabia for tourney

Homeless man who gave away his last $20 buys home thanks to fundraiser

Former Nasa biochemist Josiah Zayner became an online sensation by conducting DIY gene therapy on himself which increases muscle mass

Pope Francis uses the journey to Bethlehem to moralize for Islamization, “the plight of migrants today”  Nothing could be further from the concept of land covenants God, Himself, laid down to the patriarchs. The lands surrounding  Bethlehem were the tribal lands of Judah. The lands the shepherds watched were the very lands on which Boaz romanced Ruth, and later where David was born, and his descendant Christ, 21 generations later. Alien immigrants could never possess these lands, only descendants of Judah were entitled by God to do so. The fatally flawed Two State Solution will never work as it is contrary to God's covenant with the Jews. Additionally, would you make a peace contract with a foe that insists you have no right to exist?

Resettling practicing Muslins has little chance of success in the view of this web site and has dire consequences for the host nation(s) because of a prophecy.

These sons of Esau are violent, intolerant, misanthropes.   Incidents of rape, mayhem and personal violence are NOT isolated. They are a people unable and unwilling to live peaceably with any other. Islamic nations knowing this refuse sanctuary or to help with resettlement costs.

Christ and the Blessed Mother have kept them in check for many centuries to give Christianity a chance to win the West. Thousands of Muslims are being awakened to Christian conversion in their homelands. The vast majority however, will complete  the Abrahamic  prophecy of "warlike people with arms raised against brothers"

Report: 5,000 Muslims attack, desecrate church in Egypt (AsiaNews)

Muslim gunmen attack Christmas caroling event, slash throats, kill 38 in multiple attacks in Nigeria

Top insider exposes 'Luciferian' origin of globalist empire “Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer,”Pedophilia and cannibalism are common practices of Luciferianism.

The healing, and persistent, power of kindness (A hormone (oxytocin) is  produced from every act of kindness which benefits your body)

An insult to human dignity

North Dakota county described as most Catholic place in US from where we get Patti McGuire Armstrong

What Became of the Magi After Visiting Jesus? Their Amazing Forgotten Story

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Christmas miracle strikes as man 'speaks to Jesus in afterlife'

The devil chose Hell rather than to humble himself. How ironic that God saved us through his own humility  ---Patti McGuire Armstrong 

Robin Leach's Christmas Miracle

She was injured at work and her body permanently bent at 90o
She lived in a wheel chair in constant pain until a Christmas Eve miracle changed her life forever

The birth of Jesus as revealed to Luisa Piccarreta

Jesus' birth as a testimony of God's faithfulness to spiritually blind Israel

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12 y.o. girl wins national competition for her inventiion new test for lead in water

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Single mother of 4 says man "saved Christmas" with generous tip

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Astrophysicists are seeing the need for a Creator

Vitamin D, calcium supplements may not lower fracture risk

On the plains of Judah one night: "Hey Look, It's an Angel! "

Man killed after hit with sandbag dropped on car passing underneath overpass. Teens charged with murder

Minneapolis: Woman Stabbed 14 times By Muslim Migrant; story ignored by media

Master baker recreates town of Bethlehem with fruitcake

Report- North Korea soldier found to have anthrax antibodies

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