Super Blood Moon To Pass Over U.S. Capital on Trump’s third presidential anniversary

January 21 super blood moon bookmarks same event on same day a year ago in Jerusalem and the third Trump inaugural anniversary. Thought to auger great things about to unfold for Trump and Jerusalem. Last year after the blood moon over Jerusalem, Trump recognized Jerusalem as Capitol of the Jewish State.  This year the blood moon appears within hours over Washington DC on the same date, start of the Jewish arboreal New Year.  

Woman Gives Birth From Human Embryo Frozen for 24 Years

N. Korea ordered to pay $500M in student's death

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A Colombian man who pretended to be a Roman Catholic priest for 18 years hearing confessions and celebrating weddings, has been exposed just before Christmas Spain

NY priest Who Was Still Saying Mass After Abuse Settlements Is Suspended

Tragedy as Catholic priest who was suffering from health problems kills himself inside a Brooklyn church rectory and leaves 16-page suicide note  just days before Christmas

Homosexuality is Disordered and Can Lead to Depraved and Demonic Behavior... as in the case of Boise Catholic priest, Thomas Faucher.

A New Zealand angler  plucked a toddler from the ocean in a miraculous rescue after deciding to fish in a different spot that day

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Nothing to Offer

Powerful Christmas memories from a WW II Veteran

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Why 10 P.M. Christmas Eve is so deadly

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373 dead from Indonesia tsunami; experts say more waves possible

A number of Rabbis took note of the Ring of Fire’s spate of recent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and warned that these could notably be a sign of Apocalypse as it is foreseen in Hebrew texts

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