At least 168 people dead, hundreds missing, hundreds of homes swept away, after a tsunami caused by a Anuk Krakatoa eruption in Indonesia

Due to the shutdown, President Trump will remain in Washington, D.C. and the First Lady will return from Florida so they can spend Christmas together,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement on Saturday

From the youngest US face transplant to altered baby DNA: Top health stories of 2018

Former sharecropping family buys dream home after years of struggles

Cruise ship rescues two men stranded at sea for 20 days

Mom of murdered Scandinavian tourist  (beheading) was sent graphic pics of death- report

Christmas windfall- Man finds $86 million lottery ticket in his van

Priest apologizes for funeral homily that devastated family of suicide victim

Contrasting $100,000 fundraiser for ladders so that illegals can scale the wall raised compared to $13 million for Trump's barrier

Unclear how the money for border wall donations could be transferred

Silence, confession, to dominate US Bishops’ retreat on abuse crisis on January 2  This is the retreat Pope Francis requested of the bishops last year when the bishops requested investigation of McCarrick

Poverty IS NOT the cause of criminal behavior

Scientists succeed in destroying HIV-infected cells in major breakthrough 

Cattle form sign of the cross in incredible photo 

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The empty cupboard and a mother's faith

Nothing to Offer

Powerful Christmas memories from a WW II Veteran

Stars fell on Alabama: A Christmas story for our time

Why 10 P.M. Christmas Eve is so deadly

When the long walk to deliver the gift is part of the gift

“I Was Called The Christmas Miracle”

Prison was the last place I thought I’d find God.

“God gave me the power to heal people”

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Jacob Rothschild admits that President Trump is trying to destroy the new world order that globalists spent decades trying to build

Fresno Bp. Ochoa indefinitely suspends LGBTQ Ministry because it “may have evolved beyond its primary mission”

How arrest of Chinese ‘princess’ exposes regime’s world domination plot  thx FM

Priest becomes the first person sentenced to prison as a result of a Pennsylvania grand jury investigation

Catholic Priest Gets Up to 5 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault of 10-year-old Boy

Two priests resign from Gonzaga

Pope: Abusive priests must turn themselves in What about abuse enabling, secreting bishops who perpetuated it??

Death Penalty: God vs. Pope Francis

Catholic priest who had 2,500 images and videos of violent child porn, discussed raping and murdering young boys in chat rooms, and once admitted to peeing in the wine for Mass is sentenced to 25 years in prison  This was the home which the diocese request a priest to cleanse

Pornography cripples ability to love

The courage of the learned Fr. George Rutler

6 archeologists died within months of opening Egyptian sarcophagus