Powerful Christmas memories from a WW II Veteran

Story of Belgian priest convicted for not reporting suicidal man has little to do with Confession

Christmas is a deadly time for this sick society...Heart attacks peak and Christmas Eve and murder-suicides common. How saddened Heaven must be!
Ohio Man moves in with family the previous week then kills them all and himself

A Florida sheriff’s deputy fatally shot his wife, granddaughter and daughter before he radioed dispatchers to say he’d hurt his family early Wednesday, then killed himself in front of fellow deputies

My favorite Christmas memories…

Broadcaster Recounts Personal and Amazing Christmas Wonders

German court won't try 97-year-old Nazi suspect

Deadly Avocados- FDA Advises Consumers to Wash The Green Fruit Before Cutting It

Excessive use of social media is turning us into narcissists, say researchers

Gonzaga U. prez denies knowledge of housing abusers

Jesuits promise to stop sending accused priests to Gonzaga

Gospel singer says 2 angels rescued him from serious car accident

Female backpackers decapitated in n Morocco

Court strikes down policy denying asylum to migrants fleeing violence

Why does your hair turn grey? Your immune system blocks a protein from turning on the pigment switch in stem cells

Palmo- L.A. Bishop Salazar the first instance in which lay review boards handled an episcopal case

Fr. James Martin's 'rosary of sorrows' condemned by Fr. Donald Calloway as promoting the Gay Agenda which is substituted for the life of Christ


Past Headlines 

Stars fell on Alabama: A Christmas story for our time

Why 10 P.M. Christmas Eve is so deadly

When the long walk to deliver the gift is part of the gift

“I Was Called The Christmas Miracle”

Prison was the last place I thought I’d find God.

“God gave me the power to heal people”

Faith and obedience- Rick Warren’s bald tire story

Understanding the key to the Guadalupe miracle
A series of three major earthquakes struck present-day Mexico in 1530; the Aztecs were trembling while they waited for the fourth predicted by their religion, the year before the Guadalupe apparitions. Also, a huge comet appeared in 1531 over Mexico. The rich and complex story of Guadalupe is ultimately one of a “perfectly inculturated evangelization” centered around a moment in time that even Mexico’s pagan natives could understand as being divinely inspired.

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Maria Pennisi received two miraculous cures from Padre Pio
Footnote to the story:  Maria Pennisi eventually married into the DeNunzio family, the family of Padre Pio's mother.  Her recently deceased daughter, Graziella DeNunzio Mandato, wrote a book about Padre Pio, and her grandson is now Fr. Pio Mandato living in the USA

Pontif. Acad. for Life member trashes traditional Church teaching

WOW Sanhedrin Invites Nikki Haley to be Honorary President of Organization of 70 Nations

Pentagon withdrawing all U.S. forces from Syria

Painful Truths about sexual reassignment surgery

Round two: Colorado baker refuses to make “Gender Transition Cake”

Singing’ priest Tony Walsh jailed for 3 1/2 years for indecent assault

Will catastrophic Yellowstone supervolcano eruption set off the End Days war of Gog and Magog?

Pope Francis’ comments on the death penalty are incoherent and dangerous

City switches off grandma’s mic while reading Christmas story at Christ Child Market

St. Joseph’s goodness helped make the first Christmas possible; our goodness must make it come alive again

Illinois Attorney General issues  blistering report about clergy sexual abuse is under reported by at least 500 clergy  Link
Surely, Cdl Cupich must have known

Three women accuse priest of attempted seduction after which foreign born priest gets booted in San Diego

San Diego Seminarian Receives Justice as Jury Convicts Abuser Priest