Little did they know that they were visited by an angel who bore a message from heaven,
a black man with very blue eyes

Jesuit homosexualist Fr. James Martin is praising a Wisconsin priest for "coming out," calling him a pioneer

Catholic League: ‘Homosexuals Committed Most of the Abuse in the clergy in the last 50 years’

Pope Francis to oversee Cardinal Bernard Law's funeral

Cardinal Bernard Law's  Toxic Legacy

Medjugorje pilgrimages still not approved

Trump Accuser Who Took Mortgage Payoff, Tried To Get Job As Trump’s Makeup Artist

Lost your keys- Bark like a dog to remember where you put them- Behavior expert claims making unusual sounds stops you from forgetting and reveals his 6 tips to boost memory

Couple, 92 and 90, dies within 15 minutes of each other just five days after their 71st wedding anniversary

FDA issues tougher warning on MRI dye

Chuck Norris claimed this dye poisoned his wife Suing for $10 million

God, I’d prayed on the drive here, give us only what we need. That’s all I ask for Christmas

She wished she could buy her dad a present one last Christmas

Chronicling the small miracles that show up repeatedly, when faith really is "childlike."

New Vatican guidelines on relics  

The Manliness of the Prodigal Son

Stories, tears flow freely for descendants of slaves Jesuits owned, sold

Health department to you: Step away from your smartphone  

Catholic author James Larson has established a new website titled Rosary To The Interior: For the Purification of the Church. Thx FM

In 2018, we will see a black hole for the first time ever !
Radio telescopes all over the world were synchronized and pointed towards the center of the Milky Way. Combined, they produced an Earth-sized telescope capable of incredible resolution over immense distances.

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It was a bitterly cold winter and we had no money for more fuel.
What were we going to do?

Nat Geo comedy wildlife photography awards for 2017
All of them delightful and worth a headline

Eleven Floors Up… And One Miraculous Medal

The Golden Retriever Who Came for Christmas

Why the Temple in Jerusalem will never be rebuilt and how the Sacrifice of the Mass is “the source and summit of evangelization”.

A Story of Bethlehem: The Kinsman-Redeemer
Your Christian salvation required it. The holy city where redemption was made is now controlled by the Palestinians

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Thousands Of People All Over The World Are Converting To ‘Jediism’

President Trump Uses First Veto in U.N. Security Council to Defend Israel: Netanyahu Thanks Nikki Haley

From Trump, through Haley at the UN, we find Israel and the United States in the same boat…two liberty-loving countries against the world…and it’s near Biblical

‘The Dictator Pope’ author: I'm anonymous because Francis is vindictive

The Vatican to begin restoring two recently discovered masterworks by Raphael 

Kim Jong-un 'executes' another official over a launch delay at North Korea's crumbling missile test site

Judge: Christian baker cannot be forced to make same-sex wedding cake

Catholic Relief Services Politicizes Advent

The Monk who Stopped Bullets with Silk: Inventing the Bulletproof Vest

Most Premature Twins Ever Born in the UK are Heading Home for Christmas

Amid rampant housing shortages, Sweden has decided to place newly-arrived Muslim disaffected, rapists, and jihadists in a retirement home as part of a trial project

Sweden- Muslim 'refugees' gang-rape 17-year-old girl, then pour lighter fluid in her vagina and set in on fire

French cities overwhelmed by refugee flow, gov't must step in urgently

Sweden: Migrants Charged With “Ruthless” Gang Rape of 30 y.o. Woman Walk Free  (considered consentual sex)Sweden’s migrant ghettos are now so dangerous that police are installing microphones to pick up the sound of women screaming.

Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age To Pay For Muslim Migrants