The Golden Retriever Who Came for Christmas

OOPS: Arab Historian Admits there is No ‘Palestinian’ People

Hemophilia trial finds promising cure

Children abused in almost every Australia institution, inquiry finds

An Australian inquiry into child abuse recommended that the celibacy be banned and that priests be prosecuted for failing to report child abuse

Israel closes Gaza border crossings after Palestinian rocket strikes

Donald Trump has been blamed for “Cancelling Christmas” in Nazareth

On declaring Jerusalem Israel's Capital: When major events occur on identical dates, God is winking at us.

He Predicted Trump Would Be President 6 Years Ago. Now he says Trump Is in for Two Terms

Fatima community grows out of God’s will

4 in 5 physicians had a cyberattack in their practices, says survey

Christ Suffers in His Church

Kim Jong Un's top aide may have been executed, reports suggest

North Korea's newest claim: Kim Jong Un can control the weather  Rubbish. If true, he would command rain in NK where there is a serious drought.

North Korean defector describes forced abortion, said bodies fed to dogs in prison

The Dictator Pope is a psychological profile of Francis describing some of the dark traits that brought him to power and keeps him there. "It is available only in an electronic format, as a self-published work. Lacking the support of a major publisher and the publicity campaign that comes with it, and unavailable in bookstores, the book’s readership will be limited to people with a special interest in Vatican affairs—people who, more often than not, already know the story that the book tells."  Link

Popes before Francis would have rejected his teaching on marriage

How Switzerland Is Well-Prepared For Civilizational Collapse

Past Headlines

Why the Temple in Jerusalem will never be rebuilt and how the Sacrifice of the Mass is “the source and summit of evangelization”.

A Story of Bethlehem: The Kinsman-Redeemer
Your Christian salvation required it. The holy city where redemption was made is now controlled by the Palestinians

Papal Envoy Backtracks on Medjugorje, Says Comments ‘Exaggerated’

Newly converted Christian child prayed for snow again and again and gave up, But then the God of Surprises answered her

The day when the devil praised the Immaculate Conception
Flawless, divine logic from Satan

Who Were The Magi?

 It's All Grace: The Meaning of the Immaculate Conception

A Bell Ringer's Promise

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Three Inspiring Words That Foretold Her Miraculous Healing

ISIS Threatens National Cathedral

2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year winners Webmaster favorites: The Grey Owl and the Jellyfish

Family meals serve up better behaved kids

Murder charge after patient dies at Beverly Hills plastic surgery center

3 reasons to doubt bitcoin's spectacular rise

Protestant pastor in Indonesia charged with blasphemy (UCANews)

How do you airlift a rhinoceros?

“ The sin against the Holy Spirit is not just saying something blasphemous.  It is when a person  gets to the point of saying, ‘I am so beyond God’s forgiveness, I can’t ever be forgiven,’ that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”  Link

The Most Important Prayer in a Cataclysmic Event  Thx GR

EU begins court action against Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic for not taking enough Muslim migrants

German government investigating nearly 1,000 cases of Islamic jihad terrorism

Hungary Rejects Europe’s ‘Limitless and Permanent Migrant Quota’

Surgeon admits branding his initials on livers of patients

Bermuda poised to become first nation to repeal same-sex ‘marriage’

The transgender movement’s savagely stomping out all dissent might just backfire

North Aurora woman says she was cured after visit to grave of 'Little Cajun Saint' thx TO

Sunshine Coast aged care facility offers Catholics televised Mass followed by bedside Communion