God told founder He would give him a farm. Out of faith, with no farm on the horizon, he bought a hay wagon in faith

4 dead after gunman opens fire in Brazil cathedral

The Fourth Glorious Mystery: The Assumption

A diamond wedding ring dropped down the drain 9 years ago is recovered

Incredible story of how Titanic was REALLY found- Oceanographer says US Navy funded his search for 'unsinkable' liner because it provided perfect Cold War cover for his other task - to find two missing US nuclear subs before the Russians

God: finder of lost things



Catholics Demanding Vatican Investigation of Fort Worth Bishop Olson

Any bishop who enables homosexual priests in his diocese is a wolf in sheep's clothing who has no business being a bishop

Miracle- Family turns off mother's life support after doctors say she has 5% brain function but she wakes up and recovers

Supreme Court rejects state attempts to defund Planned Parenthood; Kavanaugh part of majority

High school students stage walkout to support teacher fired for refusing to call female student ‘he’

Principal placed on leave after banning all things Christmas, saying candy canes symbolize Jesus

Parishioners fooled by an HIV+ priest who fraudulently claimed he was raising funds to pay for cancer treatment are furious that they’re losing the priest who helped turn him in

Troubling case of a priest with homosexual contact who denied ever abusing anyone and named in the  Pennsylvania grand jury report, does not get his name redacted like the other 11 who appealed the findings. Last Monday, the state Supreme Court decided in a 6-1 opinion that those priests’ names shall forever remain protected because the clergy members were not provided adequate due process by the grand jury... the ruling applies only to those who appealed.

Battle of wills: Tiny order of French nuns takes on Vatican

Vatican investigates Chilean order after nuns report abused

Brightest comet of 2018 to pass the closest to Earth in December It will be in constellation Orion Dec 16, not a good sign, according to Jewish sages.

Muslims Declare That They Must Cannibalize Human Flesh For Allah, They Take An Innocent Man, Carve His Beating Heart Out And Eat It In Islamic Ritual

Organ trafficking trade booming especially for the organs of children

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Anger is rising in western New York, as the embattled Catholics of Buffalo learned that just days ago, their bishops may have denied them an avenue of grace by refusing to investigate a possible Eucharistic miracle

Terrible dark secret in Sante Fe Archdiocese comes out during bankruptcy proceedings

Padre Pio and the Doubting Thomas

I believe in Christmas miracles — one happened to us!

7 True Christmas Miracles That Will Restore Your Hope for the Holidays

The Apparitions of the Child Jesus to Padre Pio

Behind Pope Francis saying he doesn’t want gays to become priests remember, actions always speak louder than words

A Pair of Concurrent Miraculous Christmas Rescues

Eternal darkness of the leftist mind

Exorcism or deliverance: Priest who needed deliverance reflects on the differences

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Scientists warned that Iran, the arch enemy of Israel, is in danger of suffering a fate explicitly described in the Bible as being reserved for the evil: being swallowed up by the earth  Rarely are we around to see evil doers reap justice

The Bible states, “It is a land which Hashem your God looks after, on which Hashem your God always keeps His eye, from year’s beginning to year’s end” (Deuteronomy 11:12).  Stories about how this has literally come true

Iran turned a ‘counterterror’ meeting into a push for new global order

Pastor blasted for gifting wife $200K Lamborghinifor anniversary

Homeless Man Finds $17,000 - What Does He Do? Will monitor this for fake news.

Former demon-possessed gang leader-turned-pastor when Jesus spoke to him, saved his life

Dog That Survived California Wildfire Guarded Home for Weeks

Campaign to Construct Messianic Golden Royal Crown You're too late. The Messiah already received a crown ... of thorns in horrifying ceremony, but nevertheless, a valid coronation. Since thorns did not appear until the first human sin, Christ had to accept them in a show of why be came but would be leaving with sin vanquished forever.   If Christ were not crowned while on earth, someone else (with the proper lineage) could lay valid claim to the Davidic throne. In webmaster's opinion, the anti-Christ will claim the Davidic throne but not have the right pedigree.

Saved by a faulty gas chamber- Czech Holocaust survivor, 91, reveals the 'miracle' that kept her alive in Auschwitz and her determination to start a new life in Australia

Neon sea creatures light up ocean with vibrant colors

Russian serial killer policeman Mikhail Popkov "the Werewolf" of Angarsk found guilty of 56 more murders

California Nuns Accused Of Embezzling As Much As $500K From Catholic School For Gambling

‘The only three things that saved us were God, seat belts and owning a Buick’

How Alaska fixed its earthquake-shattered roads in just days. By the next Wednesday at 4AM, all eight major transportation corridors that had been severely damaged by the quake had re-opened  Fascinating.