Who Were The Magi?

Accused serial predator had 'devil' in eyes

Tillerson ends Europe trip after wave of rebukes

Two Companies That Sold Aborted Baby Parts for Planned Parenthood Forced to Close Down

Due to violence, Mexican diocese avoids Christmas Masses at high-risk times

Why is holly associated with Christmas?

After sex life with ghosts, woman will 'never go back to men'

Her mother said what we give away comes back to us, but must she part with her doll?

Judge halts clearing of rare forest for Walmart

How does a near-death experience change you? Brain surgeon DR EBEN ALEXANDER heard heavenly music and saw waterfalls flowing into crystal pools

India hospital license suspended after 'dead' newborn found breathing on way to burial ceremony

Texas jury sentences former priest to life in prison for 1960 strangulation death of schoolteacher He killer her after confession.

20 Holy Hacks to Help You Get to Heaven

Nearly 80 prisoners baptized in Argentina

Franklin Graham- Trump best president as defender…

Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Our Lord Satan Will Destroy Donald Trump’


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10 biblical reasons behind Trump's Jerusalem decision

Firefighters start to contain California wildfires as governor warns of 'new reality'

California family loses 2 homes in 2 months to wildfires

When the elderly nuns at their nursing home were evacuated due to the oncoming fires ravaging California, the facility’s staff took the retired religious into their own homes

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Birth control pills still linked to breast cancer, study finds

Ohio demands Christian parents provide gender reassignment for daughter

Grace is nothing other than the bilocated life of God