I believe in Christmas miracles — one happened to us!

WORLDWIDE STUDY- Nearly 50% of Muslims Marry Their First Cousin, and it Leads to Devastating Defects

5 natural disasters that devastated the US in 2018

Scholar does not deny Christ's humble birth but questions whether or not it was a stable  Webmaster believes it was a stable or a cave used for animals. Angels told the shepherds that they would find their new born king wrapped swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. Swaddling clothes were towels uses to wipe off lambs after birthing. There could be no more of a humble place for a birth than a stable.  Finally, St Francis of Assisi's wealthy mother was in labor three days before she consented to going to the stable to birth Francis.

Eleven names of predator priests with ties to Jesuit Dallas, a prestigious all-boys private Catholic prep school, were made public Friday

New list of Catholic priest abuse on West Coast includes dozens of Jesuits with Spokane-area ties

New list of abusive Jesuit priests begs question: How many more are out there?

Jesuits name 153 sexually abusive priests and brothers; more names expected to be released

Catholic Church names 29 accused of sexual misconduct in Alabama

Dozens more California priests accused of child sex abuse

Vatican investigates Chilean order after nuns report abuse

Ebola spreads to major Congo city

Australian researchers develop 10-minute cancer test. The test was developed after researchers from the University of Queensland found that cancer forms a unique DNA structure when placed in water. Link

Examination of brain tissue showed  patient was unconscious due to a deadlier attack, one that had been underway for about a year and was literally eating her alive

Principal banned candy canes because 'J' shape stands 'for Jesus.' But that was just for starters 

Brain-dead woman survives and is almost fully recovered after being removed from life support

Green neighborhoods could lead to fewer cases of heart disease.

Democrats Arrested for Voter Fraud and Vote Buying in Mississippi

Eucharistic Miracle in Buffalo Diocese. Buffalo Bishops Throwing Away Possible Immense Grace With Both Hands ?

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7 True Christmas Miracles That Will Restore Your Hope for the Holidays

The Apparitions of the Child Jesus to Padre Pio

Behind Pope Francis saying he doesn’t want gays to become priests remember, actions always speak louder than words

A Pair of Concurrent Miraculous Christmas Rescues

Eternal darkness of the leftist mind

Exorcism or deliverance: Priest who needed deliverance reflects on the differences

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The Pope calls on the Jews in Israel to hand over a large part of their country to Muslims, so ‘Palestine’ can be created  Absolutely contrary to the Bible

Tanzanian Cardinal: Better to Starve Than to Embrace Homosexuality

Top 10 Amazing Real Life Christmas Miracles

After Near-Death Collision, Doctor Experiences Amazing Holy Spirit Awakening

Porn is causing shocking trend of children sexually assaulting other kids, medical experts warn

A homeless man is in jail after police say he walked into a Phoenix church and damaged several century-old statues

When St. Thomas Aquinas had a foretaste of heaven on St. Nicholas’ feast day

Italian government reduces migrant landings by 96% in two years

'Beats being on death row'- Tennessee killer's final words before he is executed by ELECTRIC CHAIR after requesting it instead of controversial lethal injection

Could the world's first bee vaccine save honeybees- Edible drug can protect the insects from killer infections

‘No evil can overcome the spirit of the Jewish people’

U.S. Military Plane Flies Over Ukraine in Warning to Russia

Playing On Fear And Fun, Hospitals  Starting Direct-To-Consumer Advertising