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The Jubilee Year is all about LAND restorations. A man to his tribal land, homes to be reclaimed, debts to be forgiven, slaves to be released....

Amazing LAND restorations occurred this century on past Jubilee years. This was the  year after a "week" of 7 Shemitahs  (49 years) . The 50th year,  is the Jubilee year.

1. In 1917 (also the year of the Fatima apparitions) British General Allenby entered Jerusalem and declared Israel should be returned to the Jews as a homeland and signed a decree (Balfour Declaration) . The Ottoman Turks controlled the area for centuries. Their military intelligence misspelled/mispronounced Allenby's name so that they thought Allah was coming in judgment against them and fled before Allenby.  From his earliest days as a small boy Allenby, a devout Christian, wanted to wrest Israel from the Muslims. His mother taught him to pray for it daily. He grew into the leader that would do it!

1947 Dead Sea Scrolls found and UN declares Israel a permanent home for the Jewish people. Scroll contained 2 Kings passage that Jerusalem Temple Mount was bought by King David for a future temple. (LAND contracts have to be in writing). Yet, last week the U.N. with a vote of 157 nations, declared that Jerusalem has "No connection to the Jews".

2.  The next Jubilee is 1967 in which Jerusalem was restored to the Jews after 2,000 years. Again, through guile and divine intrigue the Egyptians falsely thought  that Israel would soon be attacking them and convinced surrounding Muslim nations to join them in an offensive  "to drive them into the sea". Israel received an overwhelming victory in 6 days. A Jew born in Poland in 1917 became an ordinary army chaplain and liked to carry a shofar. He was there when the Israeli Army swarmed the Lion's Gate of Jerusalem.  He blew his  shofar (ram's horn)  repeatedly from the Temple Mount as required in Leviticus.  He later became the chief Rabbi of Israel.

So we are left to MARVEL as we contemplate what restoration God has in mind for Israel on this Jubilee year...

3.  The latest LAND restoration is this Jubilee year, 2017,  Jerusalem recognized as the capital of Israel, 70 years after Israel declared a homeland for the Jews.   The Vatican cautions God's perfect timing. But where is the Vatican embassy?  Jerusalem, along with several others. God want's His Church's embassy on His land.

Move the Embassy to Jerusalem  The "cup of trembling" prophecy must be fulfilled. You can see another reason why God chose Trump for President as no other politician would consider it.  

Confirmed- Cardinal Sandri is the one who yelled at the Francis for wrecking everything



The dogma of the Immaculate Conception has this as its sole significance: that no human being can set in motion salvation by their own powers alone, but that their Yes is wrapped around and supported by that divine love which comes first and before all else.

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