Your Soul, the Devil, and You

Our Lady of Sorrows especially potent in spiritual warfare

Parents describe emotional reunion with missing teen daughter

Coworkers chip in to surprise hardworking teen

Man arrested for reportedly drawing on child's homework- It's what he drew

In this story from December 2007, bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark shares the joys—and some sorrows—that she has experienced during the Christmas season

N. Korean nuke tests sickening residents with 'ghost disease,' defectors say

Dengue vaccine program halted in Philippines after study shows it could worsen outbreak

Study shows Guadalupe devotion lessens health issues caused by stress

Children of slain NYPD detective-mom receive free home

U.S. withdraws from U.N. migrant pact

Las Vegas homeless man saves 2 children from burning apartment

Convicted rapist Brock Turner files appeal for his conviction of raping an unconscious woman. He received a very light sentence that caused protests. Now he wants the conviction reversed.

CEO who appeared on "Undercover Boss" kills himself in NYC factory

Just when you think California can't get any worse...

The site of  the Holy Veil of Manoppello to be declared a shrine on December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception The veil is 17 centimeters long and 24 centimeters wide, and made of rare, sheer “sea silk” fiber from mollusk called “byssus,” usually found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The most striking thing about the veil is its transparency. The image remains perfectly visible from either side, yet under certain light, the image disappears.


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The best Christmas present Ever, the return of my dear, dear brother

Amazing story of how a Japanese diplomat and his wife saved Lithuanian Jews during WW II

'From Slave to Priest', The Augustus Tolton story

Detroiters share their miraculous memories of Father Solanus Casey

The New Phariseeism is preparing the way for Antichrist to arise

St. Anthony Messenger Supporting Pro-Gay Priests?

Meet Maria Agnesi: Devout Catholic and world's first female mathematics professor

The curious case of the Lipa Marian apparitions

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Angel figurines deliver message of love at Ohio senior care facility

A letter from Pope Francis to Argentine bishops  allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion while living in a state of objective grave sin has  been added to the official acts of the Apostolic See. This confers official status on the controversial exhortation (Before, it was an papal opinion/ recommendation).

Cardinal Burke: Please protect God's Church with the filial correction now so it cannot be said a formal objection with proof was never made.

Reasons critics say that is very close to a formal act of heresy

Magnitude-6 earthquake rattles Ecuador

Experts warning of increased EQ risk with coming supermoon

More bodies likely from N. Korea found in grisly condition

Prophecy of David

Final blow how Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters were destroyed by humanistic psychology

American Atheists Calls Birth of Jesus Christ 'Fake News' in Billboards Attacking Christmas 

World's Longest-Lasting Rainbow Seen Over Taiwan for 9 Hours

The Blessed Mother, according to seer,  Ivan Dragicevic, says “The world has decided to go into the future without God.”  Link

Tough love from a judge helped heroin addict turn her life around

Go to Mass on Sunday and on Christmas, bishops say

Trust in Clergy Hits All-Time Low- Poll

‘Perhaps we have arrived at the End Times’: an interview with Cardinal Burke

Prominent Anglican cleric urges prayers for Prince George to become a homosexual, "find the love of a fine young gentleman" Totally unconscious to depravity.  Why Cardinal Burke's musing are on target