Amazing story of how a Japanese diplomat and his wife saved Lithuanian Jews during WW II

Russian Orthodox Church Revives Blood Libel, Claims Romanov Royals Killed in Ritual Jewish Sacrifice

Jerusalem Is About To Become A Cup Of Trembling? 151 UN states vote to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem Add to this the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem (2 links)

Assad Offers Israel 25-Mile Buffer Zone on Syrian Border for promises that Israeli military will not overthrow Syrian government

German Christmas market evacuated after device found Last year, 12 people died when Islamist attacker hijacked lorry, drove into crowd.

Islamic threat against San Diego Mormon Temple

Prophetic Visions of Coming Terrorism Prompt Urgent Call to Prayer

African slaves 'mutilated and cooked like kebabs' by Libya gangs

Just when you think California can't get any worse...

You have heard of Blade Runner? Well this is Blade Dumber

Yemen diphtheria cases soar amid dire vaccine shortage- WHO

Iranian Woman Has 50 Operations to 'Look Just Like Angelina Jolie & Join the Illuminati'  Results are horrifying...So bad that this may be a future suicide victim.

The site of  the Holy Veil of Manoppello to be declared a shrine on December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception The veil is 17 centimeters long and 24 centimeters wide, and made of rare, sheer “sea silk” fiber from mollusk called “byssus,” usually found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The most striking thing about the veil is its transparency. The image remains perfectly visible from either side, yet under certain light, the image disappears.

So You Just Bought a $450 Million Leonardo da Vinci Painting Now What?

Giant 8th century bible created by Northumbrian monks returns to Britain on loan after 1,300 years in Florence

Woman with long bus commute surprised with car

Parents of Pastor Killed in Texas Church Massacre Sue US Air Force

Norwegian bishop hails ‘victory for freedom of conscience’ as pro-life doctor wins appeal

How an apostle’s death, (St. Andrew), shaped the flag of Scotland

University demands people be warned about seeing a cross

Picture of a tropical storm, "Ockhi", which hit Vietnam yesterday.
Sign of upheaval in this distortion of nature. Ever seen a corkscrew like this in a cloud? Sin is winding nations so tight, the world quivers for a release.


'From Slave to Priest', The Augustus Tolton story

Detroiters share their miraculous memories of Father Solanus Casey

The New Phariseeism is preparing the way for Antichrist to arise

St. Anthony Messenger Supporting Pro-Gay Priests?

Meet Maria Agnesi: Devout Catholic and world's first female mathematics professor

The curious case of the Lipa Marian apparitions

The Crown of Thorns in the lives of the Saints

Card. Jozsef Mindzenty- Persecuted by Communism, Betrayed by Paul VI
Many Catholics today, especially the youth, do not recognize even the name of this intransigent defender of the Faith, who became an anti-communist hero throughout the world.  Like refusing to release the full contents of the Fatima Secret as requested by Heaven, this was another huge papal failure

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Sentinel 5P satellite images reveal extent of Earth's pollution

6 or higher EQs yesterday
Mid Atlantic Ridge 6.3
Iran  6.0
New Guinea 6.0

Experts warning of increased EQ risk with coming supermoon

‘Perhaps we have arrived at the End Times’: an interview with Cardinal Burke

Prominent Anglican cleric Prominent Anglican cleric urges prayers for Prince George to become a homosexual, "find the love of a fine young gentleman" Totally unconscious to depravity.  Why Cardinal Burke's musing are on target

Original Gerber baby celebrates 91st birthday

The man who knew evil: Former prison counselor recalls relationship with Charles Manson in wake of cult leader’s death

Cops identifying criminals through voice recognition

One in a billion baby! Little girl born with ultra-rare syndromes never seen in one patient starts marathon surgery list.  Will need yearly surgery until she is 18

Convicted sex offender who was being tried for raping a baby attacked in courtroom by another prisoner

Missouri couple accused of putting infant son in microwave

First Poland, now Irish encircle the country with the Rosary, mindful of threats to life

Over 100 Churches to Join in Prayer Walk Outside Charlotte's Busiest Abortion Clinic

Hand of God thought to be at work in the resignation of Mugabe

New beating heart patch can repair a human heart

The Yeti of the Himalayas is probably an Asian bear, DNA shows

Padre Pio's Christmases (Book). But there are many other events concerning Padre Pio’s Christmases.

Four factors involved in the feeling of loneliness: depletion, isolation, agitation, and dejection.

Practical Prayer Tips from the Carmelite Sisters