The New Phariseeism is preparing the way for Antichrist to arise

St. Anthony Messenger Supporting Pro-Gay Priests?

Strange Aspects, Allegedly, Of Demonology. After the initiating event the demon(s) remains attached to an object or in an area. In addition to the examples Perry Stone gives, is this one: Maury Travis was a serial killer of many women and sexual sadist in Ferguson, Missouri. He turned his mother's house into his private torture chamber.  Finally apprehended he killed himself in jail while under suicide watch.  Most of us are familiar with the months of roiling upheaval, fires, riots, in Ferguson after the shooting of teen, Michael Brown in 2014.

Woman shocked to learn her house was once serial killer’s (Maury Travis') torture chamber (Demanded to be release from lease; owner finally relented)

Former Satanic ‘high wizard’: We must fight abortion with spiritual weapons

School Children in India Claim to See Blessed Virgin Mary and to have experienced miracles

My Serious Lacking of a Relationship with the Mother of Jesus
and How my two encounters changed it

'Like a miracle': Virgin Mary statue spared

Virgin Mary statue is all that's left after family's home burns down ...

"It Can Reach Washington, DC"- Latest North Korean ICBM Can Hit Anywhere In The Continental US  The U.S. has never struck pre-emptively. That will not change under Trump. The likely next step will be a no fly missile zone. Those that cross it will be shot down. If North Korea goes to a hot war, U.S. and allies will be ready.

'Iron Dome of the Seas'n (Israel defense system)  Now Fully Operational

Lost Bible on WW II Battlefield Returned 70 Years Later

Argentine sub's battery short-circuited: Navy

Priests should be compelled to break the Seal of Confessional in cases of child abuse, lawyers have told a national inquiry

Why priests can’t break the seal of confession, despite UK lawyers’ recommendation

Activist group apologizes to priest after lawsuit dismissed

The President of the USA acknowledges Our Lady of Fatima

Trump’s Christmas card says ‘Merry Christmas,’ Obama’s never did


Meet Maria Agnesi: Devout Catholic and world's first female mathematics professor

The curious case of the Lipa Marian apparitions

The Crown of Thorns in the lives of the Saints

Card. Jozsef Mindzenty- Persecuted by Communism, Betrayed by Paul VI
Many Catholics today, especially the youth, do not recognize even the name of this intransigent defender of the Faith, who became an anti-communist hero throughout the world.  Like refusing to release the full contents of the Fatima Secret as requested by Heaven, this was another huge papal failure

Thanksgiving and Eucharist
Among all ancient peoples, only the Jews believed that God entered into human history, manifested his love and power, and acted decisively to save his chosen people. So while the pagans thanked their gods each spring for the blessings of food and fertility, the Israelites thanked the Lord for food, but even more, for freedom. They remembered not only that creation comes from Him, but that salvation from slavery as well. This remembering happens each year in a solemn way in the Passover Meal that is the climax of the Jewish year.

The true miracle of “31 Knot” Captain (Arleigh) Burke
On a Thanksgiving long ago on a sea far away

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Man arrested in connection with string of murders in Tampa

Air Force finds more cases like church shooter

Disney Introduces Its First ‘Boy Princess’ on Show That Also Featured First Gay Kisses

New gay Barbie

Two homosexual Joseph's at California Nativity scene

Senior Pastor warns that self-promotion can become a dangerous trap for Christians, as it prevents reaching their God-given potential

St. Catherine Labouré on Why God Uses the Lowly

Pastor Charged With 8 Felonies After Impregnating 14 Y/O Girl Told Wife He Was 'Full of Lust'

Gorgeous 2017 award winning landscape photos

Iranian Wrestler Throws Match to Avoid Facing Israeli Opponent

Padre Pio's Christmases (Book). But there are many other events concerning Padre Pio’s Christmases.

Four factors involved in the feeling of loneliness: depletion, isolation, agitation, and dejection.

The radical transformation of religious life that affected the majority of religious orders of during the 1960s -- 1970s a serious reason for the decline in vocations

Practical Prayer Tips from the Carmelite Sisters

Francis Asks Chicago's Cardinal Cupich to Visit Puerto Rico

He drifted from the faith, married, ‘lived like a rock star’—and last week, he was ordained a priest

Researchers Find Infectious Prions in Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Patient Skin   The biggest issue here is sterilization of surgical instruments. This thing has been transmitted via eye surgical instrument--now comes ordinary skin. Thankfully, the risk is minimal and the incidence low.