Card. Jozsef Mindzenty- Persecuted by Communism, Betrayed by Paul VI
Many Catholics today, especially the youth, do not recognize even the name of this intransigent defender of the Faith, who became an anti-communist hero throughout the world.  Like refusing to release the full contents of the Fatima Secret as requested by Heaven, this was another huge papal failure

Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash

Are you emotionally dependent? Here’s what you need to know  Thx TO

Child porn scandal brewing in the Vatican?  Thx FM

Spiritual Warfare Weapon- Gratitude

The Destructive Power of Grumbling and Complaining

North Korea sacks soldiers, South Korea awards medals after defector's border dash

Rushing Toward Gomorrah? Millennials are Abandoning Religion for Satanism and Astrology

Church of Sweden Tells Clergy to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns for God, Not 'He' or 'Lord'

Trump’s DOJ Stripping Citizenship From Child Molesters Obama Let Stay

Trump banishing Obama’s memos, regulations

50 HCW Employees Fired After Refusing Flu Shot  Completely justified. They are the first line of defense for the weak and sick.  Refusing vaccination while  working in health care makes HCW as bad as DUI offenders. FLU KILLS

The Lord describes Hell with powerful images. But we do well to understand its subtle horrors as well...

Man jumps into car to rescue baby after fiery wreck

Saint Columban, Abbot and Missionary



Thanksgiving and Eucharist
Among all ancient peoples, only the Jews believed that God entered into human history, manifested his love and power, and acted decisively to save his chosen people. So while the pagans thanked their gods each spring for the blessings of food and fertility, the Israelites thanked the Lord for food, but even more, for freedom. They remembered not only that creation comes from Him, but that salvation from slavery as well. This remembering happens each year in a solemn way in the Passover Meal that is the climax of the Jewish year.
The true miracle of “31 Knot” Captain (Arleigh) Burke
On a Thanksgiving long ago on a sea far away

Padre Pio and the Belfast chaplain who became one of his closest friend

Exorcist and Padre Pio on Angels

The Gift of Healing for a Thanksgiving Miracle Baby

Overt demonic activity coming, warns ‘Spiritual Warfare’ expert

Demons Believe and Tremble before the Real Presence

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My mom’s boyfriend raped me at 15. I never thought my baby would be my biggest blessing

Mother Wins $12 Million in Wrongful Birth Lawsuit, Wishes her Son With Autism Had Been Aborted

A giant pornographic mural of Cardinal George Pell and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott engaging in a homosexual act was painted over by outraged Catholics who called the mural a “direct attack on Christians or anyone who believes in a God.”

Philadelphia woman, 86, charged in armed bank robbery

Iran Sends Warships to Gulf of Mexico

Dublin priest blasts Church for lack of training in exorcisms

Laura Ingalls Wilder survived wildfires, malaria, blizzards and an invasion of 3.5 trillion locusts but she and her daughter romanticized her childhood tales as a pioneer girl to sell millions of Little House on the Prairie books

The Birth of a White Dwarf (Star)

21 regrets people confess on their deathbeds

45 Pennsylvania Teachers Resign over Students’ Violent Behavior

Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary