Thanksgiving and Eucharist

Among all ancient peoples, only the Jews believed that God entered into human history, manifested his love and power, and acted decisively to save his chosen people. So while the pagans thanked their gods each spring for the blessings of food and fertility, the Israelites thanked the Lord for food, but even more, for freedom. They remembered not only that creation comes from Him, but that salvation from slavery as well. This remembering happens each year in a solemn way in the Passover Meal that is the climax of the Jewish year.

President Trump thanked God for his providence and asking God to continue to bless the nation.

The Destructive Power of Grumbling and Complaining

50 HCW Employees Fired After Refusing Flu Shot  Completely justified. They are the first line of defense for the weak and sick.  Refusing vaccination while  working in health care makes HCW as bad as DUI offenders. FLU KILLS

The Lord describes Hell with powerful images. But we do well to understand its subtle horrors as well...

Why Damnation Is Eternal and Other Teachings on Hell

45 Pennsylvania Teachers Resign over Students’ Violent Behavior

Man jumps into car to rescue baby after fiery wreck

Saint Columban, Abbot and Missionary

Saint John Paul II’s feast day is on October 22, the anniversary of his papal inauguration  Read this xint detailed bio.

A never-before published prophecy attributed to Pope John Paul II has been revealed by a close confidant of the former pontiff during a memorial lecture on his life, the contents of which could cause scandal within the increasingly liberal and politically-correct Vatican

Shaking and baking in Calif. San Andreas Fault rocked by 134 earthquakes in past 7 Days; San Diego County with hottest spots in the nation

Hell is no laughing matter: How behavior worsens when eternal judgment is denied “It is the lack of belief in a God of vengeance that ‘secretly nourishes violence.’” Although the author does not mention purgatory as a destination for fortunate souls, the article has excellent content.

The names of prominent demons and what they control on earth

Greedy N. Korean woman became generous in Christ, was tortured for her faith

Kim bans fun- North Korean dictator outlaws drinking and singing in bid to tighten grip on population 

'I was so cold and hungry that I thought I was dead'- North Korean gulag survivor reveals horrors of life inside Kim's labour camps where he was forced to make false eyelashes s



The true miracle of “31 Knot” Captain (Arleigh) Burke
On a Thanksgiving long ago on a sea far away

Padre Pio and the Belfast chaplain who became one of his closest friend

Exorcist and Padre Pio on Angels

The Gift of Healing for a Thanksgiving Miracle Baby

Overt demonic activity coming, warns ‘Spiritual Warfare’ expert

Demons Believe and Tremble before the Real Presence

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But none of the wicked shall understand that the End of the Age is upon them." [Daniel 12:10]

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam


Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

The Act of Reparation taught by the Angel of Fatima

Begone Satan Online Book

Jesus and Muhammad, Islam and Christianity: A Side-by-Side Comparison

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A friendly and tasty annual reminder that there is no required abstinence from meat this Friday for our American readers.

Five craziest questions and answers provided to Breitbart News by Butterball

At least 235 killed in blast, shooting at Egypt mosque

US Navy calls off search for 3 missing sailors

Iran Sends Warships to Gulf of Mexico

Dublin priest blasts Church for lack of training in exorcisms

Two Years After Wife's Murder, Pastor Davey Blackburn to Marry Single Mom He Met at Gym

Dealing with grief, loneliness, and the holidays

4 Caregiver Tips to Navigate the Holidays

Nun shares heartbreaking story to lead youths closer to God

Woman Wanted to Join ISIS, Met Jesus Instead

Laura Ingalls Wilder survived wildfires, malaria, blizzards and an invasion of 3.5 trillion locusts but she and her daughter romanticized her childhood tales as a pioneer girl to sell millions of Little House on the Prairie books

The Birth of a White Dwarf (Star)

Curcumin and Mental Health It works for depression. Based on the state of the world, we could all use some

21 regrets people confess on their deathbeds

Just as evil and demons can attach to objects, so can graces such as in the case of scapulars and this story

Point from Nebraska Protestant Pastor: Why Purgatory Is a Dangerous Doctrine that denies the redeeming blood of Christ. It is completely unbiblical

Counterpoint: Purgatory – Biblical and reasonable and based on a promise of  Jesus, Himself

Purgatory is therefore a manifestation of God's great love and mercy.

25 Descriptive and Clear Bible Passages About Purgatory

Praying for the Church Suffering: A Method of Reciting the Rosary for the Poor Souls in Purgatory

Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary