Hilarious moment a parrot orders Alexa to turn on the lights and then CHUCKLES in satisfaction when it does so

Hilarious finalists of the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Seven Sorrows Rosary Miracle experienced by woman who could not conceive

Thanksgiving All Year Long  Be thankful for a validly consecrated  Eucharist, and a worthy, godly, celebrant because of what is coming upon the world. Your only consolation then will be your rosary.

A shocking miracle in the Egyptian desert

AC/DC founder Malcolm Young dead at 66 of heart attack  

A jury has found that a businesswoman must pay $5 million to singer Katy Perry and the archdiocese of Los Angeles, finding that the woman intentionally interfered with the sale to Perry of a hilltop property that was once a convent.  Link

Priest- Why holy water comes with me whenever I travel Evil is real. The presence of evil can remain in a room long after whatever might have taken place within it. You don’t know who was the previous occupant of your hotel room and what kind of baggage they brought with them. You don’t know what has occurred in your room. Holy water is a powerful tool in protecting against evil and can help dispel any remnant of evil.

The sweet-smelling miracle that saved a princess who became a saint

Girl With Down Syndrome Beats The Odds To Graduate From High School… With Honors

Hunter bags two 'bucks of a lifetime' in same week  Greedy killer had to have both of them 

Seattle Police Foil Church Massacre Plot Days After Texas Attack

Church sign warns- ‘This is not a gun-free zone — we are heavily armed’ and will use ‘deadly force’

Shooters see 'gun-free' churches as 'soft targets'

Good Guy with Gun Stops Sex Assault on Hiking Trail

Swedish Woman Raped by Refugee Commits Suicide After Prosecutor Claims ‘Lack of Evidence’

For the first time oil from designated olive trees in Israel on lands from which Jew were forcibly removed is hand crushed (not pressed) to prepare oil for the Menorah

Pastors plead not guilty to sex trafficking

Rare genetic mutation found in Amish community could combat ageing So what?  Powerful forces working hard  to limit human lives and life spans. See below.

Doctors and Hospitals are Placing Secret DNR Orders in Patient’s Files

Speaker tells Vatican conference: Reducing population is best solution to climate ‘crisis’

A Desert Refuge for People Allergic to Many Substances

Souls Guided Safely Past Hell



“Nibiru will come, since it says so in the Torah. After Nibiru arrives, the Messiah will be revealed in the Galilee. How it acts depends on how we repent” Rejects reports Nibiru is due November 20.
Egyptian and Hindu Gods Appear on Washington Mall

Medjugorje, and the Smoking Guns

A Detroit miracle: Did Father Solanus Casey help cure a Panamanian woman?

BOMBSHELL science paper documents the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into World Health Organization vaccines

Scientists Trace Humanity Back to Single ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’, Strengthening Creation Story

‘It’s all God’: Dancing with the Stars contestant’s miraculous recovery from a ‘vegetative state’

Scientists attempting cloning procedure to make Jurassic Park a reality

What is it like to be a religious brother?

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Solanus Casey

Prayer for the Canonization of Fr. Solanus Casey

Venerable Solanus Casey: the priest who answered the doorbell.  Details of the miracle that made his a saint was carried on this webpage on Monday. Look in the middle of the page for "A Detroit miracle"

Two saints, both porters,  actually met. Fr. Solanus and Fr. Andre Bissette

Trump to delay decision on importing elephant trophies

For the past two years, students have been excavating nearly every closet in the 100-year-old school

North Korean defector had "enormous number" of intestinal parasites  So many he needed surgery

Your house is a gigantic bug habitat, and there’s nothing you can do about it - The Washington Post

What NASA's 20-year time-lapse of Earth shows

Adult Stem Cells and Gene Therapy Save a Young Boy With Horrible Skin Condition

Fussy eggs actively choose sperm with the best genes suggesting that fertilization is NOT random 

Navy officials issued an apology after a pilot created obscene drawing contrails in the skies over Washington state

 A Rare ‘Medicane’ Is Forming in Europe Right Now

Pope Francis says those who deny climate change have 'perverse attitudes'

Italian Bishops exclude public funerals for Mafia Boss

The story of an underground Catholic priest in China

Israel Offers Earthquake Aid to Iran, Is Immediately Rebuffed

Trump the most pro-life president in history

Indiana priest shares exorcism knowledge with Seton Hall

The Last Time These 3 Ominous Signals Appeared Simultaneously Was Just Before The Last Financial Crisis

Family’s Home Burns to the Ground — One Item Left Totally Unscathed