BOMBSHELL science paper documents the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into World Health Organization vaccines

Huge quake slams Iraq (7.3) and the earth shudders  Felt in Israel-- Thx JS

Costa Rica hit by preliminary magnitude 6.8 earthquake

10 Quotes from the Saints on What Heaven Will Be Like

How to Shine Bright in Dark Times

Judge Roy Moore Announces Plans to Sue Washington Post: ‘We Expect the People of Alabama to See Through This Charade’

According to pope's sister Benedict XVI Wanted Bergoglio to Be Pope Benedict told Bergoglio that he must accept if elected. He did not choose him or anyone else.

Vision of the Blessed Mother to St. Brigit: The pope who lifts celibacy for priests will go to hell. This may only be a marker for this unknown pope's destiny. He may go to hell for other things.  Lifting celibacy is within the powers of the papacy and not a sin, itself.

US, Russia commit to expelling Iranian forces from Israeli-Syrian border

A Pentecostal church in Central New York state warns aspiring mass shooters, : ‘We are NOT a gun-free zone’

The remarkable life of actress Hedy Lamarr  who pioneered groundbreaking scientific inventions that paved the way for wifi and Bluetooth will be told in a new film. She was also a brilliant scientist who helped devise a frequency-hopping system which eventually formed the foundation for modern technologies such as wifi, GPS and Bluetooth..   Link



Scientists Trace Humanity Back to Single ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’, Strengthening Creation Story

‘It’s all God’: Dancing with the Stars contestant’s miraculous recovery from a ‘vegetative state’

Scientists attempting cloning procedure to make Jurassic Park a reality

What is it like to be a religious brother?

The birth of Abram in 1948 A.C. (after creation)
Heavenly signs proclaimed the birth of a great man terrifying the king, Nimrod, who ordered all male children slain. Read how Abram escaped death.

 Italian bishop “Don't allow these enemies Francis into your parish.”
Bishop also bans filial correction signatory

Is this what we're heading for? As sickening, anti-filial, anti-Christian display as you can get.  The only thing that comes close in Christendom is the trial by the Sanhedrin 2,000 years ago. By the way, that magnificent chamber of hewn limestone built for the exclusive purpose of deciding affairs of the Jewish state was destroyed by the earthquake the next day and the Sanhedrin never met there again.

The Artie Boyle Story

Saudi Arabia  to build a mega city on the Red Sea
Will this be the fabled Mystery Babylon prophesized in Revelation 17?

Five-year-old Australian boy dreams of heaven, confirms ‘Heaven is for Real’

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Israel’s Bountiful Wine Harvest Fulfills Joel 2-24 as World Production Drops (especially in California)

Pope reaffirms conscience as critical to the decision to forsake marriage vows.  When will 'conscience' be the principle reason to break any other of the Ten Commandments?

The rattled thinking of Chicago Cardinal Cupich paving the way for the New World Order

Horrifying tales of guardianship for the elderly depriving them of lawyers, access to family members and their possessions Most prevalent in Las Vegas.  

Judge Gives FEMA 3 Weeks to Change Policy Banning Churches From Receiving Disaster Relief

Tillerson- U.S., Chinese Officials Had ‘Frank’ South China Sea Exchange in Beijing

3 lessons from Martha and Mary on how to host a great party

Solanus Casey—Model for Our Times

A flood of Muslims converting to Christianity in Finland, as they claim they no longer need Islam

Tens of thousands of Polish patriots march on independence day shouting "We Want God"

Mystic Leader: God Soon to Reveal Messiah’s Identity in Dream Message to Rabbis WorldwideIf he is anyone but Jesus Christ, He is an anti-Christ candidate.t’

Have souls in Purgatory visited people on earth?   Thx DR