Scientists Trace Humanity Back to Single ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’, Strengthening Creation Story

Huge quake slams Iraq (7.3) and the earth shudders  Felt in Israel-- Thx JS

Costa Rica hit by preliminary magnitude 6.8 earthquake

Pope Francis- The future of the world depends on the family

A powerful exhortation from FDR in a WWII Bible given to soldiers

7th grade teacher suspended after parent reveals fury over graphic lesson on transgender surgeries given to 11-year-old children

UK- School forces 12-year-olds to write letter about converting to Islam, stepfather slammed as “racist” for complaining

After saying Communion for remarried is possible then denying it, Cardinal Muller says Amoris Laetitia not heretical

Tens of thousands of Polish patriots march on independence day shouting "We Want God"

French say cloud of radioactive pollution over Europe came from nuclear accident in Russia or Kazakhstan

Arizona professor and former Catholic priest fired when his past history is revealed

Kansas priest removed from parish after hiking trip with children  In this diocese clergy cannot be alone with minors --no charges of assault,  just  violation of policy.  (2 links)

Georgia School District Orders Coaches to Stop Bowing Heads in Prayer

Virginia lottery player wins $5,000, $500 and finally $5 million (in separate draws)

Muslim convert looses fear after Jesus bring him a blanket in jail

Border Collie showing amazement


‘It’s all God’: Dancing with the Stars contestant’s miraculous recovery from a ‘vegetative state’

Scientists attempting cloning procedure to make Jurassic Park a reality

What is it like to be a religious brother?

The birth of Abram in 1948 A.C. (after creation)
Heavenly signs proclaimed the birth of a great man terrifying the king, Nimrod, who ordered all male children slain. Read how Abram escaped death.

 Italian bishop “Don't allow these enemies Francis into your parish.”
Bishop also bans filial correction signatory

Is this what we're heading for? As sickening, anti-filial, anti-Christian display as you can get.  The only thing that comes close in Christendom is the trial by the Sanhedrin 2,000 years ago. By the way, that magnificent chamber of hewn limestone built for the exclusive purpose of deciding affairs of the Jewish state was destroyed by the earthquake the next day and the Sanhedrin never met there again.

The Artie Boyle Story

Saudi Arabia  to build a mega city on the Red Sea
Will this be the fabled Mystery Babylon prophesized in Revelation 17?

Five-year-old Australian boy dreams of heaven, confirms ‘Heaven is for Real’

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Mystic Leader: God Soon to Reveal Messiah’s Identity in Dream Message to Rabbis Worldwide  If he is anyone but Jesus Christ, He is an anti-Christ candidate.

Physician: American Children ‘Immersed in a Culture of Disrespect’

The rattled thinking of Chicago Cardinal Cupich paving the way for the New World Order

A widow has made a miraculous recovery from the disease that claimed her husband's life four months ago

'He just had a lot of demons'- Ex-wife of Texas church massacre gunman says he was filled with 'hatred' and threatened to kill her entire family repeatedly before slaughtering 26

Saint Martin of Tours and His Visions of the Devil At His Death

German nurse Euthanized 100 Patients, Maybe More But He Can’t Remember How Many He Killed

Have souls in Purgatory visited people on earth?   Thx DR

Why mushrooms may be the best food to help fight aging

First luxury Perigord truffle is cultivated in Britain

Tips to avoid the onset of Alzheimer’s

Germany passes Japan to have world's lowest birth rate

Facing Huge Underpopulation Crisis, Poland Urges People to Have More Children (Multiply like rabbits)