Scientists attempting cloning procedure to make Jurassic Park a reality

Ohio man, 37, is indicted for raping and murdering his girlfriend's one-year-old daughter' and could face the death penalty  Death penalty is a poor response but the only one we have for this revolting crime.

The most armed man in America says he's sold MORE guns in the last three weeks than the last eight months after two of the worst mass shootings in US history

‘Where is Your God Now-’ The Atheists Sneer as We Mourn Our Dead

 ‘I Promise You, My Prayer Did More Than Your Tweet’- Ben Shapiro’s  Response to Those Mocking Prayer

Why So Much Hatred Against Christians in America Today?

Bible Miraculously Saves Life Of WWII Veteran  Have you ever heard of the Koran saving anyone's life?

Catholic WWII vet recalls ordeal inside German prison camp

India court sentences man to life in jail for raping nun

Melania who? Delightful

Hundreds of dead sea turtles found floating off San Salvador--thought to be dead due to toxic algaety

The Value of Suffering: A Cult of Entitlement Has Led Us To An Epidemic of Opiates

A look back at Boeing's revolutionary jumbo jet, which has make its last domestic passenger flight today to Hawaii (Not energy efficient and too expensive to keep running)

Pope Pius XII said he was the "last Pope"  Thx FM

Promising breath test for malaria!

First In Israel-NON-INVASIVE Surgery That Removes Shaking Due To Parkinson’s Disease

Red Cross says $6 million in Ebola funds stolen in multiple fraud cases

Father James Martin, homosexual activist giving a workshop on "Ignatian spirituality and yoga" Link

What happened when the author of ‘The Exorcist’ played with a Ouija board A return to the faith

Ouija Making a Comeback This Christmas

The little-known but incredible story of the Holy Face of Manoppello


What is it like to be a religious brother?

The birth of Abram in 1948 A.C. (after creation)
Heavenly signs proclaimed the birth of a great man terrifying the king, Nimrod, who ordered all male children slain. Read how Abram escaped death.

 Italian bishop “Don't allow these enemies Francis into your parish.”
Bishop also bans filial correction signatory

Is this what we're heading for? As sickening, anti-filial, anti-Christian display as you can get.  The only thing that comes close in Christendom is the trial by the Sanhedrin 2,000 years ago. By the way, that magnificent chamber of hewn limestone built for the exclusive purpose of deciding affairs of the Jewish state was destroyed by the earthquake the next day and the Sanhedrin never met there again.

The Artie Boyle Story

Saudi Arabia  to build a mega city on the Red Sea
Will this be the fabled Mystery Babylon prophesized in Revelation 17?

Five-year-old Australian boy dreams of heaven, confirms ‘Heaven is for Real’

Weinandy letter to Pope So Masterful That USCCB Fired Him Within Hours of Publication

Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy explains his critical letter to Pope Francis Text of letter and explanation.

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Have souls in Purgatory visited people on earth?   Thx DR

Why mushrooms may be the best food to help fight aging

First luxury Perigord truffle is cultivated in Britain

Tips to avoid the onset of Alzheimer’s

Family 3-Year-Old Boy with Food Allergy Tragically Dies After Being Fed Sandwich at School

Evangelical Couple Denied Application to Adopt Child Because They Disagree With Gay Marriage

Anonymous donor to demolish, rebuild Sutherland Baptist Church where dozens were massacred

Our profound ignorance of the crimes of Communism

Doctor's final fix for mother's depression: Death 'We have apparently lost the meaning of taking care of each other'

Germany passes Japan to have world's lowest birth rate

Facing Huge Underpopulation Crisis, Poland Urges People to Have More Children (Multiply like rabbits)

Revolting Harvard hosts workshop on anal sex

Cupich praises pro homosexual priest as foremost evangelizer of youth Re-think sending your child or contributing to your parish's fund to send kids to World Youth Day!

German Catholic archdiocese promotes fornication, abortion, to 15-year-old girls

The devil's open war against celibacy, marriage, and the Eucharist

Hawaii 'lost sailors' say rescuers wanted to 'kill us'. Story continuing to unravel

In-law problems? Here’s your patron saint

Muslim convert looses fear after Jesus bring him a blanket in jail

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