Weinandy letter to Pope So Masterful That USCCB Fired Him Within Hours of Publication

Sign from God moved Theologian to write letter to pope

"Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist... The Church will be in eclipse..."
(Words spoken by Notre Dame de La Salette Our Lady of La Salette to Melanie Calvat in 1846 A.D., a fully approved Church Apparition) .
This implies that temple of the Most high God which the The Anti-Christ enters to declare himself God may be in Rome, not Jerusalem

The Injustice of Social Justice  Short, a must read

Francis-appointed U.S. Cardinal Blase Cupich said that if Catholics want to engage in “discernment” like Pope Francis does, they must let go of “cherished beliefs.”   What beliefs are those Cardinal Cupich?

Pope Francis has asked that Brazilian bishops discuss married priests  to make up for a shortage  (Note: only in Brazil)

Twitter silences Trump! President's account is DEACTIVATED for 11 minutes by a rogue employee on their last day

No DACA deal without a border wall says Trump as he warns Democrats will have to give up 'chain migration' too if they want to keep 'Dreamers' in the U.S

How did St. Joseph die?

Obamacare costs for 27-year-old nearly double

Madagascar plague over peak and quieting down

Catholics and Protestants do not have enough in common to celebrate a so-called ‘ecumenical Mass’, a German cardinal has said

Billy Graham Set to Mark 99th Birthday; Son Franklin Gives Update on Health, Plans for 100th Year

4 Tips to help you fall in love with books all over again

Four tools of the Devil all start with the letter "D"

Christ’s Power Shines Even in “Creepiest” Exorcism Case

Dangerous thinking that anyone can perform exorcisms

Former Satanist and high wizard: fight abortion with spiritual weapons

United Nations Committee Says “Right to Life” Means a Right to Abortion


Actual apparition image in the Philippines (not recent)
Notice God the Father image in the upper left looking on

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Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy explains his critical letter to Pope Francis Text of letter and explanation.

Those who freed man from tractor say it was divine intervention that lifted the tractor

After a long time of saying things that are of ambiguous interpretation, we have now passed to unambiguous declarations  against the Catholic faith, against Jesus Christ, against the Immaculate Virgin
Rapprochement meetings with Masons planned?

Satanist-Turned-Evangelist Says Halloween 'Honors the Devil,' is Full of 'Dark Power'.  As soon as your kids dress up for Halloween you loose your legal rights over them

How the rise of Trump aligned with the fall of Baal

Is It a Sin To Doubt God's Existence?

Teenager 75 minutes without pulse and comes back to life when mother prays
Restored to perfect health. Movie planned

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USCCB criticizes Weinandy's making public his letter to the pope Thank you Fr. Weinarndy. The faithful need to know that true God-fearing men have conveyed their confusion and concerns directly to the pope.

 FBI Apprehends Second Man Connected to NYC Terror Attack

Suspect arrested in deadly Walmart shooting

London exorcist discusses his work: “All of society is subject to a demonic deception”

Ghosts Drive Brazil's President Michel Temer Out of His Palace, Calls Priest to Fight 'Evil Spirits'

Appalling new video shows Planned Parenthood gave patient info to baby parts harvesters  This is a VERY serious violation of medical privacy law (HIPPA) and subject to Huge federal fines aside from trafficking  in body parts .

Diversity is Our Terror. (Chechens, Pakistanis, Arabs, Iraqis, Somalis, Palestinians). Islam unites diverse Muslims from around the world for their high purpose of killing non-Muslims

Woman who scammed $180,00 from Australian nun and priest jailed

Chicago-area priest charged with sexually assaulting paralyzed, intellectually disabled man

Bucks with antlers locked together rescued in Nebraska  Thought one was dead but it was just exhausted.

Navy details the faults killing 17 sailor on US warships in summer collisions

Grieving girl witnessed her father travel from purgatory to heaven

St. Catherine of Genoa on the Souls in Purgatory

53-year-old nuclear-missile accident revealed

Saint Martin de Porres on Prayer

Japanese marketing firm is giving their non-smokers an additional six days of paid-leave to make up for their employees who take periodic cigarette breaks.

How About Yellowstone Super-Earthquake (not eruption)?