Sign from God moved Theologian to write a letter to pope

He is an expert theologian consultant to USCCB. The USCCB has asked him to resign which he did.

Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy explains his critical letter to Pope Francis Text of letter and explanation.

"The Black Death Is Now In 9 Countries And Spreading Like Wildfire…" Absolutely false. There is NO report that it has spread beyond Madagascar. Unlikely to cause a epidemic elsewhere  because of short incubation period, lack of human carrier state, animal vector known and can be controlled, dramatic symptoms in victims easily identified, effective antibiotics and no resistance to them. Other measures could include a quarantine system for passenger coming from Madagascar which has NOT been implemented.

US Blackout Drill Coming This Week To Prepare For Future EMP Attack thx J.S.

Billy Graham Set to Mark 99th Birthday; Son Franklin Gives Update on Health, Plans for 100th Year

Cardinal on Medjugorje: “The Holy See wants to regulate the phenomenon”

Top 20 ‘Crazy’ Conspiracy Theories That Were Proven to be Fact

Four tools of the Devil all start with the letter "D"

Christ’s Power Shines Even in “Creepiest” Exorcism Case

Dangerous thinking that anyone can perform exorcisms

Former Satanist and high wizard: fight abortion with spiritual weapons

Feast Of Miracles-A Touch Of God’s Supernatural Hand

Court Rules UK Brain Damaged Woman’s Daughters Can Starve Her to Death

This Native American is officially on the path to sainthood

Biblical Joshua ‘Stopped the Sun’ With Earliest Recorded Solar Eclipse

US Economic Growth Hits 3 Percent, Despite Two Hurricanes

Vice President Mike Pence announced a new policy at the In Defense of Christians annual summit in Washington, promising direct aid to persecuted Christians in the Middle East One reason God made him the president.

Why Catholics should defend indulgences


Past Headlines

Those who freed man from tractor say it was divine intervention that lifted the tractor

After a long time of saying things that are of ambiguous interpretation, we have now passed to unambiguous declarations  against the Catholic faith, against Jesus Christ, against the Immaculate Virgin
Rapprochement meetings with Masons planned?

Satanist-Turned-Evangelist Says Halloween 'Honors the Devil,' is Full of 'Dark Power'.  As soon as your kids dress up for Halloween you loose your legal rights over them

How the rise of Trump aligned with the fall of Baal

Is It a Sin To Doubt God's Existence?

Teenager 75 minutes without pulse and comes back to life when mother prays
Restored to perfect health. Movie planned

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Grieving girl witnessed her father travel from purgatory to heaven

St. Catherine of Genoa on the Souls in Purgatory

Over the past 24 hours, a very serious seismic situation has developed across the Pacific. Day 8 of the 10 day earthquake warning... Link

How About Yellowstone Super-Earthquake?

Hurricane season usually winds down in November, but this hasn’t been a normal season

Sloshing of Earth’s core may spike major earthquakes

French Alps hit by 140 tremors in days, BIG ONE feared in France soon 

Iranian leader says his country will produce weapons any time they want, and there is nothing the world can do to stop them

An Egyptian lawyer:   it is his “patriotic and national duty” to  rape young girls who wear revealing clothes including ripped jeans.

Shackled and shameless- Uzbek terrorist appears in court in a wheelchair after it emerges he had thousands of ISIS videos on his phone and asked to fly terror flag in his hospital room

NYC terrorist conducted a test run- Neighbor spotted the Uzbek immigrant wearing a traditional 'robe' and driving around in a Home Depot truck for weeks as another says he often saw him with his burqa-wearing wife

MSNBC Terror Analyst: NYC Attack ‘Not Islam,' Could've Been 'Radicalized Catholics'

Donald Trump Jr. Takes Half His Kid's Halloween Candy to Teach Her About 'Socialism'

Christian Woman, Teen Daughter and Son Murdered by Muslims in Nigeria, priest slain after being kidnapped

“You infidel! You pig!” Muslim attacks priest in German supermarket

United Nations Committee Says “Right to Life” Means a Right to Abortion

Polish priest apologizes after becoming bodybuilding sensation

Retired Priest, 96, Arraigned on Child Pornography Charges

Plot to Assassinate Half-Nephew of North Korean Leader Exposed

The 12 jobs people find most satisfying all have an important characteristic in common