Satanist-Turned-Evangelist Says Halloween 'Honors the Devil,' is Full of 'Dark Power'

Claims as soon as your kids dress up for Halloween you loose your legal rights over them

Priest becomes one of only a handful of Roman Catholic priests nationally who have spoken about their own clergy sexual abuse  In this case, the abuser was and remains an icon of Catholic charity.

Vatican Priest Claims 12-Year-Old Victim Was Impregnated By Holy Spirit

Did the devil try to keep this “eternal biography of Mary” from airing this week?

The St. Benedict Medal Prayer of Exorcism 

The one kind of sugar that can actually make cancer spread

St. Mary of Edessa: A saint for those who have loved Jesus but have fallen away

Will God punish us with nuclear war and meteor?
“And let us not say that it is God who is punishing us in this way; on the contrary, it is people themselves who are preparing their own punishment. In his kindness God warns us and calls us to the right path while respecting the freedom he has given us”  Fatima seer, Lucia Thx GR

Fatima Seer Sr. Lucia on the New Efficacy of the Rosary in These End Times

A Heaven-Sent Dream Come True

Miraculous conversion: The Don Calloway story

British Couple Seek Nanny Who'll Raise Kids Gender Neutral; No Barbie or He, She Pronouns  When be grow up they will have a good case for child abuse against both the nanny and parents

The Least Religious Generation in U.S. History

JPII's amazing ability to connect and remain connected to people

The global warning scam

Past Headlines

How the rise of Trump aligned with the fall of Baal

Is It a Sin To Doubt God's Existence?

Teenager 75 minutes without pulse and comes back to life when mother prays
Restored to perfect health. Movie planned

Priest exorcises evil from Las Vegas shooter’s room
Chicago Reverend Clete Kiley felt something push him back as he stepped into the eerie hallway leading to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino room where Stephen Paddock fired off rounds of bullets
What about priests' consciences?

When a Satanist tried to steal the Eucharist

Rose Petals from the Little Flower Arrive Faster Than Humanly Possible

A saint for the persistent but discouraged: Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy
This story from 15th-century Ireland is a reminder of how being faithful is itself a success

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Massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes French New Caledonia Islands No tsunami warning

Former Trump campaign adviser pleads guilty to making false statements to FBI in Russia probe Pled guilty for lying to the FBI but not guilty to charges on the Russian probe

Tropical Storm Philippe speeds away into Atlantic easing conditions for Florida

Vatican aims to head off US-N. Korea standoff

Canadian bishops call on Catholics to "celebrate" Luther

500 years of Protestant Revolution: Must-read account of the Life and Errors of Luther (by Bp. William Adrian)

Catholics praying Hail Mary removed by Police from Brussels Cathedral during "Reformation Celebration"

Was the last 'witch' of Boston actually a Catholic martyr?

Lessons from a Viet Cong prison

Priest wins human rights award for genocide research

What is the difference between a basilica and a cathedral?

ISIS  threatens to attack Prince George l with chilling web message warning: 'Even the royal family will not be left alone'

Kim Jong Un’s Siblings- Politburo Member, Assassination Victim, Eric Clapton Fan, Mystery Woman

Mom Who beat daughter for not memorizing Bible verses correctly Sent up the river

Full recovery from deadly California wildfires will likely take years

Santa Rosa wildfire victims discover identity thieves claimed their FEMA benefits