How the rise of Trump aligned with the fall of Baal  

October 28 marks the anniversary of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (AD 312) at which Constantine dreamed then  saw the sign in the sky and received a great victory, after painting the sign on the shields of the Roman Army

The global warning scam

ISIS Wipes Out 128 Christians in Syria in "revenge attack"

Scores Of Christians Massacred in Nigeria; Terrorists Break Through Doors, Burn Houses, Destroy Churches

Sexual abuse complaints snowball after Pope’s ‘zero tolerance’ pledge

Pope Benedict has black eye in new photos

Fatima Seer Sr. Lucia on the New Efficacy of the Rosary in These Last Times

Santa Rosa wildfire victims discover identity thieves claimed their FEMA benefits

Map of Britain reveals paranormal activity (demonic spirits) hotspots

The 3 Kinds of Ghosts

The spiritual danger of unworthy communions

Eucharistic Minister gets 5 years for offering 13 y.o. schoolboy  euros for sex

Catholic writer pens explosive letter to Priests  thx FR

Justice Department Agrees to Pay Tea Party Victims in Obama IRS Targeting Scandal

Long, undiscerning defense of Francis reign:  "The war against the Pope"  10th sequel to Screwtape Letters?

Pope’s sister- Jorge was my brother and best friend, always funny

Enormous glowing ball over Siberia stuns

Bus drives into river in Nepal, killing dozens

The promise and perils, (if not horror) of editing the human genome


A woman from Feliciano, Argentina, witnessed a mysterious phenomenon in the sky on October 24, 2017
Portal or two air masses meeting?

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Is It a Sin To Doubt God's Existence?

Teenager 75 minutes without pulse and comes back to life when mother prays
Restored to perfect health. Movie planned

Priest exorcises evil from Las Vegas shooter’s room
Chicago Reverend Clete Kiley felt something push him back as he stepped into the eerie hallway leading to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino room where Stephen Paddock fired off rounds of bullets
What about priests' consciences?

When a Satanist tried to steal the Eucharist

Rose Petals from the Little Flower Arrive Faster Than Humanly Possible

A saint for the persistent but discouraged: Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy
This story from 15th-century Ireland is a reminder of how being faithful is itself a success

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Cardinal Brandmüller demands Pope answer Dubia

George Washington's church to remove honorary plaque (because he owned slaves). Ridiculous. Christ came and left the earth with slavery intact. Should we remove the cross??

A NEW JPII Academy for Life launched independent from the Francis gut job which he changed last week to include immigration, environment, and poverty issues

Tropical Storm Philippe to slam Cuba, Florida with heavy rainfall

Large Earthquake Warning Issued For West Pacific and West Coast of US

Caught on tape: Late-term abortion facility offers to abort 37-week baby for $17,000

'I told you I was sick': Side-splittingly funny TOMBSTONE messages left by witty people to keep their loved ones - and passersby - laughing long after their deaths

True tales of people coming back to life during funerals and in mortuaries after being declared dead

Arab Muslim hears Jesus' voice and accepts Him.  The fact that Christ, Himself is working among Muslim peoples is an End Times sign, itself.

How the World Is Marking the 500th Birthday of Protestantism

Cardinal Müller- Reformation was ‘revolution against the Holy Spirit’

Augustinian General, “The Damage Done by Luther Was Enormous”

For you Luther:
Up A nun at a Italian Catholic convent school 5 centuries ago asked her students what they want to be when they grow up. Little Mary declares, "I want to be a prostitute."

"What did you say?" asks the nun, totally shocked.

"I said I want to be a prostitute," Mary repeats.

"Oh, thank heavens," says the nun. "I thought you said 'a Protestant!'"

Meet the young American woman who adopted 13 kids by the age of 23

Facts about Lucifer and His Acolytes Where does the devil exist in the human body? What does Satan look like?  Will temptations toward lust lessen when I am old?

Father Thomas said 80 percent of the people for whom he has performed exorcisms have been sexually abused  “The person may not be suffering from possession by ‘intelligent evil’ but may be suffering from “unforgiven sin or unforgiveness or rage or lust or hopelessness or fear. You can break those ties in confession.”