Is It a Sin To Doubt God's Existence?

Polish bishops' united rebuke of Amortis Laetitia is source of huge papal anger

Enormous glowing ball over Siberia stuns

Most Think Only 6 of the 10 Commandments Are Relevant Today- Poll

The promise and perils, (if not horror) of editing the human genome

Exorcism Manual Released by US Catholics Details Ritual Ridding Demons, Prayers Against Darkness

Georgetown Univ. Students Accused of 'Hatred,' 'Intolerance' for Not Supporting Gay Marriage

College- 'You need Jesus' may be hate speech

Gay Icon Little Richard Renounces Homosexuality

Iowa parents charged after baby found rotting in swing

Guam archdiocese adopts more stringent child protection policies a year after new bishop takes over

New shingles vaccine NOT produced using aborted fetal cells

Severe hailstorm strikes Argentina damaging thousands of buildings and cars

Israel warns it will take military action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons

A large earthquake is looming in the Pacific, maybe within two weeks

Tectonic Tremor Detected In Calif. Raises Risk of Massive Earthquake

Mike Pence- US to stop funding ‘ineffective’ UN aid for Christians


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Priest exorcises evil from Las Vegas shooter’s roomChicago Reverend Clete Kiley felt something push him back as he stepped into the eerie hallway leading to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino room where Stephen Paddock fired off rounds of bullets
What about priests' consciences?

When a Satanist tried to steal the Eucharist

Rose Petals from the Little Flower Arrive Faster Than Humanly Possible

A saint for the persistent but discouraged: Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy
This story from 15th-century Ireland is a reminder of how being faithful is itself a success

NASA Confirms Existence of Mysterious “Niribu", October 4.
Estimated to be 10 times the Earth's mass, but 'no chance' it will ever collide with Earth but discovery is prophesized for centuries to preceded pre-messianic disasters

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Arab Muslim hears Jesus' voice and accepts Him.  The fact that Christ, Himself is working among Muslim peoples is an End Times sign, itself

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Cardinal Müller- Reformation was ‘revolution against the Holy Spirit’

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Facts about Lucifer and His Acolytes Where does the devil exist in the human body? What does Satan look like?  Will temptations toward lust lessen when I am old?

Exorcism Manual Released by US Catholics Details Ritual Ridding Demons, Prayers Against Darkness

Lucifer, fallen angel and evil

Exorcist says there's a demon that targets the family

Father Thomas said 80 percent of the people for whom he has performed exorcisms have been sexually abused  “The person may not be suffering from possession by ‘intelligent evil’ but may be suffering from “unforgiven sin or unforgiveness or rage or lust or hopelessness or fear. You can break those ties in confession.”

An in-depth study of exorcism and how Catholic priests battle Demonic possession presented Format is film

Saint Robert Bellarmine, bishop and doctor

He overcame prison and drug addiction - thanks to the rosary

Iranian Christian Convert Arrested, Believers Told They’ll Be Beaten to Death for Faith in Jesus

The universe shouldn’t exist, scientists say after finding bizarre behavior of anti-matter

New Book Brings Powerful Case Against Darwin’s Theory of Evolution