When a Satanist tried to steal the Eucharist

Parents of year-old quads see four times the sacrifices, but four times the smiles

The Art of Making Altar Linens - As Described By A Marian Sister of Santa Rosa

Cardinal Sarah- every nation has a right to distinguish between refugees and economic migrants

Effect of Massive Importation of Refugees on Public Safety in Germany and Sweden

Bishop Morlino (Wisc.): Deny funeral rites for manifest sinners Pastors Can Deny Funerals to Married Lesbian and Gay Catholics

The danger of the ‘seamless garment’ mentality

Pro-Life Redefined at the Vatican

Todd Burpo has something profound to say about evil

Can Catholic couples choose childlessness? Ans: No.  

Principal sorry for Trump tombstone at Halloween

Swimmers run for shore when killer whale surfaces feet away It was a good idea; they don't discriminated about live food.

Forensic profiler zeroes in on what triggered Vegas killer

It appears that  Pope Francis is spreading heresy in the Church Manila Times lowers the boom on Francis

A man is in a dispute with a Roman Catholic diocese over his efforts to install a marker at his mother's gravesite at a suburban Chicago cemetery that proclaims her support for victims of "rapist" priests. ... The archdiocese will not allow it

When Pirates Kidnapped Julius Caesar He Laughed at Their Ransom Demands Told Them To Ask for More

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Rose Petals from the Little Flower Arrive Faster Than Humanly Possible

A saint for the persistent but discouraged: Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy
This story from 15th-century Ireland is a reminder of how being faithful is itself a success

NASA Confirms Existence of Mysterious “Niribu", October 4.
Estimated to be 10 times the Earth's mass, but 'no chance' it will ever collide with Earth but discovery is prophesized for centuries to preceded pre-messianic disasters

Binding Evil Spirits

The miracle that saved a priest from a jihadist’s knife

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Why happiness is the wrong goal

From Fear to Fear

UK weather to bring winter HELL as 11 storms to batter Britain with high winds and SNOW

Death toll rises to 42 as California anticipates much-needed rain this week after catastrophic wildfires

Informant claims right to reveal secrets of true Russian collusion during Obama years Threatened with prosecution by Loretta Lynch if matter revealed

Judge Gives Convicted Rapist Custody of Woman’s Son After She Refused Abortion

California- A constitutional right to engage in prostitution?

45 Years Later, Vietnam War's 'Napalm Girl' Shares Her Journey to Christ

Woman who  sweats blood when stressed

Jong-un thought to be preparing to unleash plague, cholera, small pox, anthrax and deadly viruses in shock biowarfare attack

How many people escape North Korea and why don't we hear more about them?

Flesh-eating bacteria, cancer-causing chemicals, and mold: Harvey and Irma's lingering health threats as doctors find giant health problems after giant storms

Rare Infectious Disease Spreading in Puerto Rico

Meet the Man Who Has Put Up 1,000-Plus Pro-Life Billboards in Florida

Irish Catholics plan mass-rosary prayer along coast for pro-life

Most Americans believe in paranormal Occultism is growing