“The Fatima revelations have a great deal to say about sin, beginning with the apparitions of the “Angel of Peace” to the children, and going right through Our Lady’s six apparitions and subsequent private revelations to Saint Jacinta and Sister Lucia. The effects of sin, both on God and on man, left a deep impression on the innocent little shepherd children, especially after their vision of Hell.”  Brother Andre Marie @ Catholicim.org  (no link)

Does Pope Francis Believe In Hell?  This was a key feature of the Fatima apparitions 100 years ago today.  Thx FM

Da Vinci Painting of Jesus Christ Expected to Sell for $100M

C. auris ‘in the category of a superbug’  (It is a highly resistant new parasitic yeast or fungus). Fungi live off of decaying matter. Since this is an invasive parasite it represents life off of our enormous global spiritual decay. So it is the perfect disease paradigm for our time! (See next link)

Four more U.S. bishops endorse Fr. James Martin’s gay book

25th Anniversary of the release of the Catechism of the Catholic Church Ironic?

Goodell sends letter to all 32 teams: Stop kneeling for the anthem, it's killing the NFL (No link)

More Men Regretting Sex Change Surgery, Suffering Crippling Depression- Surgeon

UK Catholic Girls School Tells Students to Use Transgender Pronouns

A feathered friend becomes a source of comfort

New Fingerprint Technology Can Detect Lifestyle of Criminals

Dead Imam has his departed soul snatched from demons coming for him by Christ, reverses his life and now is heading up a newborn Christian church!  Thx PC

4 Ships Banned by U.N. from All Ports In the World  for Violating N. Korea Sanctions

Renowned climber kills himself after girlfriend killed in avalanche

Concerned citizens in St. Cloud, MN ask for a moratorium on refugee resettlement to their city

Man spent year in church to avoid deportation

Pigging - the cruel new dating trend you need to know about



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Six months before, during his morning prayer time, God gave him a message. Alone in his room, Perry felt a hand touch his shoulder and a voice say, Son, you're going to have to die on my behalf

Devotion to the Church, not the pope, is why I signed the Filial Correction Why the pro-life movement should support the filial correction

“Amoris Laetitia is not just about the one issue of Holy Communion for the “divorced and remarried” but about the nullification of the entirety of the moral law” as clearly stated in paragraph 303 which denies moral absolutes. (As we plunge to a world governed by deadly relativism)

Cora Evans: Mystic, Compelled By Our Lord To Write

Cora Evans: A Californian housewife and mystic on the way to sainthood

Can praying the Rosary drive out demons?

Delivered From Temptation, Sin, Bad Dreams

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How the Miracle of the Sun dazzled the skeptics

A Tale of Two Countries In Poland: A million pray the Rosary for a new victory over Islam

In the Vatican: A call for the Church to join "the cultural revolution" by Christopher A. Ferrara October 10, 2017

"But the Vatican’s resounding silence in the face of this inspiring manifestation of Catholic action is easy to explain in light of the Third Secret of Fatima: the Vatican is not interested in Catholic action because it is embroiled in the apostasy “that begins at the top,” to quote Cardinal Ciappi, the personal theologian to Pope John Paul II".

California Wildfires Among Most Destructive Fire Events In US History’ And They Are About To Get Even Worse.  The catastrophes this year have now become extreme. Hurricanes coming ashore at cat 5.  Maria totally devastating Puerto Rico, 50+ inches of rain from Harvey, Communion for practicing homosexuals, assertions that Christ was a homosexual by a Catholic priests, An entire nation joined in a Rosary against Islamic invasion, 58 murdered in mass shooting. Candida auris as super resistant.  Out of control plague in Madagascar, 100 hippos dead from anthrax, the world's biggest cholera epidemic ever in Yemen and  a deadly spreading hepatitis A epidemic in San Diego. Finally, established doctrines of the Catholic Church, thousands of years old, totally eclisped...just to name a few.

Plague outbreak in Madagascar spikes to almost 400 cases  This plague is the pneumonic form--which is the most contagious since it is borne on respiratory droplets.

California couple finds wife’s diamond ring in ashes of their charred home

River in Ghana turns blood red overnight and nobody knows why

Mysterious hole size of South Carolina has opened in Antarctica’s ice

As the Fatima Centennial draws nigh.. Tsunami fears in Spain as HUGE active volcano experiences 40 quakes in 48 hours  Experts called in to examine tremor because volcano collapse would be catastrophic

This is the site of the Cumbre Vieja volcano as feared by mystics and possibly seen in Revelation as a mountain crashing into the Atlantic (sending a tsunami to U.S. East Coast).   

Family Mother of 6 Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver After Visiting Premature Twins in Hospital