Why the pro-life movement should support the filial correction

“Amoris Laetitia is not just about the one issue of Holy Communion for the “divorced and remarried” but about the nullification of the entirety of the moral law” as clearly stated in paragraph 303 which denies moral absolutes. (As we plunge to a world governed by deadly relativism)

Former Satan Worshipper- I’m Shocked Christians Celebrate Halloween

Americans warned- Recognize the reality of demons

Zacatecas, Mexico goes for world's tallest Virgin Mary statue

We are in our Battle of Lepanto

A million poles prayed the rosary on the border thanking Mary for the victory at Lepanto which stopped the Islamic invasion

Japanese Economist- Sweden Was Ruined by Immigrants

Sen. Feinstein: No law could have stopped Las Vegas shooter

Federal flood insurance may never be the same, flat broke and in hock

Knowingly exposing others to HIV no longer a felony in California

Man (in U.K.) accused of deliberately infecting lovers sent text saying 'I have HIV LOL'

Woman Credits Guardian Angel For Her Safety After Huge Tree Crushes Her Car

Christian pro-life group booted from coffee shop

Trump unveils strict 70-point immigration enforcement plan  Good luck on that in our sanctuary state, California

Trump- Immigration policies are price of DACA

Pence walks out of NFL game after players kneel

Trump Proclaims Monday as Columbus Day – Without Trashing America’s Founder Like Obama Did


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 Cora Evans: Mystic, Compelled By Our Lord To Write

Cora Evans: A Californian housewife and mystic on the way to sainthood

Can praying the Rosary drive out demons?

Delivered From Temptation, Sin, Bad Dreams

Amazing humility in the face of incredible gifts.
 Despite hardships, Padre Pio focused on his relationship with Jesus Christ

In WW II God's hand reached down, LITERALLY, from heaven and flipped this Kamikaze plane upside down to save all aboard.  This was witnessed by many

It’s Time to Talk About Satan

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Wildfires tear through California; 10 dead, thousands evacuated

The morning God spoke to me in the gas station

Miraculous Rose Petals From St. Therese

German bishop Prohibits Blessing of Same-Gender Couple as Marriage Equality in Germany Goes Into Effect

Legionaries of Christ admits being a father of two children; will leave priesthood

N.Y. diocese starts independent victim of priest abuse fund

Medical examiner quits as overdose deaths rocket to enter (Protestant) seminary

Need cash for a good cause? Turn to Our Lady of Good Remedy

Pope Francis Removes Anti-Communist Archbishop from Key Vatican Post to Pave Way for Deal with the Chinese Regime

Fullness of Sin: Evil Must Exhaust Itself

Man claims elderly father subjected to 'spiritual injury' after €200K payment to House of Prayer  (Christina Gallagher)

California hepatitis A outbreak on verge of epidemic

The Japanese princess who gave up her royal title for love and they are Christians