Therefore, God is sending them a deceiving power so that they may believe the lie, that all who have not believed the truth but have approved wrongdoing may be condemned. (2 Thessalonians 11-12)The Likely Deception  

My journey from Islam, to atheism, to Protestantism—and finally home to the Catholic Church

St Jerome, priest and Doctor of the Church

She would have handed them over, but carpenter in Russia chops off hand, finger to steal watch, bracelet  and rings. Macerates hand to prevent reattachment...Max penalty 7 years...

O.J. wants in the low millions for first interview after jail Link

The Sword of St Michael

Elitist Starts Religion To Worship Artificial Intelligence As God

Satanic Temple Wants Followers to Force Christian Bakers to Make a Cake to ‘Honor Satan’

Florida teacher to ‘hail Satan’ in city park during Christmas time, pastor vows sledgehammer

Deadly plague  spreading in Madagascar

Yemen cholera cases could hit 1 million by end of year

FEMA Insists Containers Sitting In San Juan Port Aren’t Filled With Aid

Oklahoma man convicted of murder in Okla. 2014 beheading case

College Student Tells Story of Miraculous Intervention of St. Raphael

96% of transgender youth engage in self-harm

Alzheimer's test for recognition of these 5 common smells in order of - in order of increasing difficulty were: peppermint, fish, orange, rose and leather. The test is identifying the smell, NOT inability to smell  Daily Mail has the link

In the End Everyone Will Speak Hebrew  Reasonable since with Hebrew God spoke the universe into existence. The Word of God, Jesus Christ, must also be Hebrew.

Anal Cancer: The New Gay Epidemic the Media Won't Talk About)

Vatican diplomat also wanted in Canada on child porn charges


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A Guardian Angel Arrives in Answer to a Mother's Prayer

Personal Encounter with St. Michael The Archangel 

The Angelic Teacher Who Changed Her Life

Why witchcraft (casting spells) can never be used to accomplish good

If Pope Francis accedes to expert opinion now can he escape history's eponym of "heretic"?  What the next step is. What a responsible College of Cardinals must do.
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Last Week We Carried the Story of the Amazing Journey of a Stolen Rosary (Link)
This Week It's the Amazing Journey Of A Stolen Bible

In his encounters with heaven, he found relentless joy

Clergy and Lay Scholars Issue Filial Correction of Pope Francis  

The little-known exorcisms performed by John Paul II and Benedict XVI at the Vatican

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At least 50 dead, 400 injured in Las Vegas Strip shooting. Gunman in killed himself

'He was just a guy. Something happened, he snapped' -Las Vegas shooter's brother says family is 'dumbfounded' at massacre and have no idea of motive

Who is Stephen Paddock- Las Vegas shooter, 64, was licensed pilot and hunting enthusiast with no criminal record who owned a $400,000 home in nearby retirement community 

Baghdad pastor escaped car bomb, fireball, without any injuries or burns

Air France A380, biggest jet in the world  makes emergency landing in Canada after engine covering blows off

No sign North Korea is ready for talks, State Department says  Admits report that Site is talking directly to N.K.

Man gets 18 to 36 years in wrong-way DUI crash that killed 5

Foods that shouldn't be put in the fridge

TRUMP on Track to Make History! – Lowest Debt Increase of Any US President in 40 Years!

Lee and Maria deliver will assault assault Britain this weekend. Torrential wind and hurricane force winds expected. They are still tropical systems !

Gravitational waves roll in again, detected from both sides of Earth

Binary black hole structure discovered in Virgo

NASA's Hubble Observes the Farthest Active Inbound Comet Yet Seen It will take years to get here.

Pope Francis reappoints Cardinal Burke to Apostolic Signatura (Court)

Australian Catholic priest spat on, cursed on public street  for opposing gay ‘marriage’

Is Hugh Hefner in Hell?   A major donor to the porn epidemic but also judged mercifully and with justice. The best editorial and short.

US Slashes Cuba Embassy Staff, Warns Americans Not to Visit

NFL Players Have No First Amendment Right to Protest