Citing Bible, Netanyahu Reminds UN Israel Has Divine Ally Against Enemies

Honey bees dying off everywhere else, but not in the Land of Milk and Honey

Blood-Red River, Pillar of Cloud, Plague of Locusts: Top 5 Biblical Scenes Unfolding in 5777 (2017)

REPORT CARD- Univ. of Mary Hits Record Enrollment; Confession for Teachers; Dissenting Priest Disinvited

Mathematics of the Kingdom of God

Fr. James  Martin, implies that the Mother of God was a lesbian. In referring to the Holy Spirit, Mary's spouse, he uses the female pronoun, "she"  Link.  This priest is a master of how to manipulate with language.  He is well aware of the image he is creating.

Father Martin: Homosexuals Not Bound to Chastity. Claims Church teaching on chastity not authoritative if not "received" by LGBT

Blood of St. Januarius liquefies in Naples on his feast day.  Info only. Have to wait for translations from the Italian

An exorcist (Amorth) who performed 70,000 exorcisms recommended these powerful prayers to drive out evil

6-month-old injected with acid in eyes by relatives over family feud

French cardinal to stand trial for alleged paedophilia cover-up

Parish removes priest who asked middle school students during confession if they masturbated or watched porn

Winner of $338M Powerball jackpot charged with child sex abuse

New surge in migrants crossing US-Canada border

“I am a same-sex attracted man who recognizes the danger inherent in Fr. Martin’s message to same-sex attracted Catholics.  

Despite what some academics might say, it is reckless and irresponsible to give folks like Fr. Martin–who openly contradict Church teaching–a platform to speak at Catholic institutions.”   Link

So what will be done about it?  Ans: Getting ready to change the Church's teachings.  The next two links will do just that.

Pope replaces John Paul II Institute with new school focused on Amoris Laetitia

Has  the Pope answered the dubia by abolishing the John Paul II Institute?

On the feast of Our Lady of La Salette

UN audience audibly shocked when Trump calls socialism a 'discredited ideology'

Extra-terrestials are REAL but demonic entities and the experiences can be stopped by calling on Jesus Christ. Experts weigh-in 

This is not "possession" but another form of spiritual warfare known as demonic oppression often taking the form of harassment. It is performed by less powerful demons; the more powerful demons are into possession. Like all spiritual warfare, abduction experiences are brought on by tinkering with the occult.

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Never Say Never, A Padre Pio Miracle

New Book Applies Ancient Biblical Settings and Characters To Today's Desperate Times Giving Examples

Two Caribbean Islands 30 miles apart, one 90% destroyed, the other spared

What was the difference?
Satanists' after-school club flops, closed down

Why is this man, (Fr. James Martin), given free rein in the Church?
The answer is in the Third Secret of Fatima.  

Are you ready to answer Our Lady of Fatima?
In 1915, Pope Benedict ordered all the churches to pray for the Sacred Heart for peace. Germany, France and Spain refused to pray for peace On May 5 Benedict ordered all Catholics to say the rosary to end the war.  The first Fatima apparition occurred 8 days later

Fatima, and the Great Shaking

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Mexican family mourns 11 dead after church falls at baptism

A retired Catholic priest died Sunday following a four-car wreck last week that injured two paramedics

Deadly volcano (Popocatepetl) erupts in Mexico after quake

Puerto Rico Could Be Without Power For 6 Months

Hepatitis A Outbreak Reaches Los Angeles

Is this the face of Mary Magdalene?

Congress seeks to defund Planned Parenthood one last time

Navy Hospital Fires Nurses After They Put Newborn Babies in Disturbing Poses and orders a review at all commands across the nation for violation of oaths of patient care.

Latest sick obsession at art museums, galleries: Over-the -top recognition of homosexuality and transgenderism

Judge Roy Moore: We Removed God from Schools, Shootings and Death Filled the Void

100-Year-Old Woman Continues Using Gift The Lord Gave Her

In Jonathan Cahn's new book, President Trump's paradigm is that of the ancient figure of Jehu. Who was Jehu?

16th Century Scholar Warned of Hurricane Irma Through Hebrew Riddle

A cotton that can kill germs and viruses on contact

'Gay conversion therapy' is approved in Brazil as court rules homosexuality is a disease, sparking national outrage 

Chinese construction  worker survives after a six-foot-long metal rod is speared through his torso from the groin to the shoulder

Fatima fulfilled- Archbishop celebrates return of Russia to Christ

Top 5 biblical prophecies fulfilled this past year (5777)

So often, my prayers take a line: “Lord, I’ll never be a saint but I might be a martyr if they can kill me quickly!”

Scientists Invent a Pen That Can Detect Cancer in Seconds

Severely handicapped woman plays incredible love song on violin